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  1. I have live lined scup a few times since my mystery fish. No takers. I'm looking in to one of those underwater fishing cameras. I'd love to get a look at what is down there. And I'm not going to put on a mask and fins. Fish belong in the water not me!
  2. HA! I have caught plenty of those. Occasionally I can pull them up to my kayak and get my hook back. Braided line is amazing stuff.
  3. The bsb looked like it had a bad day, it was missing some scales but it did swim away when I put it in the water. Whatever it was it was heavy. I was able to see it on my fish finder. I would pull it up about 10 feet and it would head straight back to the bottom. I wish I had been able to see the Leviathan. I may have to go back out and liveline a scup in that area and see what I can bring up.
  4. I was out bottom fishing in Narragansett yesterday and had something eat a 10in black sea bass. I fought it for 10 minutes and it came off the hook. When I brought the sea bass up there were no teeth marks on it it had just been swallowed and puked back up. My leader wasn't even chewed up. What the heck could it have been? Are there big rays in the bay? It didn't fight like a striper. What do you think?
  5. Thank you. I'll get on the phone in the morning.
  6. I need some recommendations for a boat to go on. My dad's 60th is coming up and my mom wants to have a surprise fishing trip with the kids. There will be 12 or 13 of us. So who can recommend a good boat to spend the day on and catch some fish?
  7. Definitely quit now. This will save you money and heartbreak. Take up photography and birdwatching. Thank me later.
  8. Welcome to the party! But keep that flyswatter off my jetties. I can hook myself.
  9. I think those two are the best places to start. I think if a fish is going to hit a color plug it will probably hit a black or white one just as enthusiastically. But on the occasion they are focused on one thing... Good luck!
  10. Don't believe what you see on the internet. No AAA discount on admission. $5 at the door and plenty of parking. Several guys selling freshwater stuff and I had a good conversation with "the guy in the fish hat LLC" about shad fishing in the CT river. A few guys selling wood plugs and some cool art. I will definitely be going to the next one!
  11. I had to Google the GT version. Not much of an explanation on the websites I looked at. But I did see that the Tsunami comes in 4" - 8"!!!! The 8" is allegedly 4.5oz??? I'd like to get my hands on one and see how it compares to other poppers.
  12. Allegedly $3 to get in if you have AAA. Hopefully there will be some interesting stuff. Maybe some local guy selling custom plugs.
  13. I keep both in my bag. But if I was going to walk the beach with the wife and could only take 1.... I'd clip the SS on. And slip a few bucktails in my pockets :-)
  14. I spent the extra money and got a second set of boots. I have gripstuds in my "canal" boots and normal rubber on my everything else boots. I like having options
  15. I have never targeted tog before. I normally just focus on bass. Anything special I should be looking for? Or just toss a crab at every rock I come across.