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  1. Sure hard to find those vision sand eels for sale
  2. Vision sand eel vs. visions surf eel ? recommendations ??
  3. What size tsunami Sand eel do you guys preferring throwing from the surf ? 6” unweighted or 7” weighted ??
  4. I like the 5” storm shad in pearl
  5. Anyone fishing Ocean county tomorrow, I’ll be out there in the am Wonder if the water cleared up ?
  6. Was the water dirt ?
  7. Looking to purchase youth waders , anyone have any for sale ?
  8. WTB a power knob for a VS150, preferably BLACK. Anyone have one for sale ?
  9. Anyone selling a power knob for VS150 in BLACK ?
  10. It's sold, payment was already sent
  11. I'll take it for $350
  12. Where are you located ?
  13. Can you send me more photos of the silver VS
  14. Thanks , but I'm gonna have to pass. Really looking for a silver VS.