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  1. fugazie
  2. Awful. A Weather Channel guy said that some fire fronts are so hot that hurricane force winds get sucked into it. Crazy...
  3. Yes. He recused himself from the Mueller's Roosha Follies! Other than that, he just drew a paycheck and benefits.
  4. Enjoy the red tide!
  5. okra
  6. Please tell me this is: FAKE NEWS
  7. I used to dream about retiring somewhere near Bonita Springs. I'm about 4 years away from my last working day and Florida doesn't even cross my mind anymore when I think about relocating. That state is so muffed up I won't even visit there anymore.
  8. da Vinci
  9. He has some great ideas but is his own worst enemy. He makes a lot of people laugh though!
  10. They don't, or didn't in one case, have any ba!!s nor do they stoke fear and intolerance.
  11. morphine
  12. king
  13. So true... This is a sad state of affairs we are in. I hope the good guy gets well soon. God bless him.
  14. Yup. Agree. The best we've seen since 98 Yanks. If the Yanks don't learn how to play baseball, they will be chasing the Red Sox for the next few years.
  15. fart
  16. 4 or 5 flu's 10x! LOL
  17. clown
  18. Aw, Shilling must have said something that hurt somebody's feelings within the Red Sox organization. I hope they don't sue him in 30 years.
  19. zap
  20. I'll chuck with my Mojo 10'6" 2-4. If I get tired I'll go to a 9'.
  21. If you want to get someone's attention, show up with a 9MM in your waistband after lunch. You will have plenty of folks to chat with all afternoon.
  22. You don't have to worry about being "that guy" if you have tires that have some side wall and let the air down to 15 PSI or so. Before 4WD, my grandfather and his gang used to drive/fish the beaches. They would let down to 8 PSI, and yeah, on sugar they would struggle, but they didn't have 4WD or radial tires.
  23. is the No-contact Football League is feeling pain like it has never felt before. And it ain't from dame bramage.
  24. The only reason I buy lotto tix is because if I hit, I'm buying an Earth Roamer for IBSP. One of these gizmos parked next to me for a few days in Montauk's lower lot 3 or 4 years ago. Built on a Ford.
  25. Not the cutest, but definitely built for speed! Oh yeah! Built for speed!