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  1. I spend about the same... Today, I just gave her a new bag and a belt. The old vacuum cleaner will run like a new one!
  2. Amazing how times change. When I was a kid, blackfish were considered garbage fish.
  3. Lobsters were once considered the poor man's chicken.
  4. Celebrating our eldest grand daughter's 9th birthday! Her grand mom immigrated from Ireland, so it's a rip roaring affair. I Shenanigans!
  5. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
  6. Latoya and Michael Jackson ARE the same person.
  7. LEO + Military + FD (apologies for the concurrent jam up)
  8. All balls AND brains.
  9. Manhattan
  10. crazy
  11. 8 billion people on earth. 28,000 fru cases makes it .00035% A million more 1,028,000 makes it .0129%. Much ado about nothing. Unless you have pulmonary issues and catch it... Confucius say: Basebarr wong. Man who have 4 barrs can no wark.
  12. hotties
  13. kung fu
  14. Divine inspiration by popes is the reason for that. "Kill'em all. Let God sort them out."
  15. I visited the Frisco Native American Museum last year and learned that the natives didn't have/use the wheel.
  16. It goes directly against nature. The buzz word is racism/racist because it stirs emotions. However, it is really bias. Everyone is biased. I prefer lager over pilsner, to be hot rather than cold, etc.
  17. vote count
  18. A guy I work with got leveled by a 2" ball a few weeks ago. Quite a story... We all were being caring and sympathetic -NOT!- regarding his mishap and someone mentioned that in The Communist State of NJ, there is actually a law in the books that prohibits leaving a mount in a hitch receiver.
  19. nut
  20. I always liked to see him run well. He seemed like a real good guy and raced clean. God bless him and his loved ones.
  21. Ah ha! I never thought about that. I a m s l o w... My grand kids love this gizmo on the beach at night.
  22. Hell, it sees through the earth and buildings. Clouds don't affect it.
  23. I am s l o w...
  24. This may be of interest: I have no idea when the 2018 numbers will be published.
  25. THAT'S impressive!