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  1. 2 hours ago, JoeyZac said:


    I pray we make it to Houston.


    Wild Card game will be home against Oakland, and if we win, we'll face Boston, the #1 seed.  


    We won't get till the winner of Cleveland/Houston until/unless we get past Boston.



    Come on, the Wild Card game is a lock.  We've got a 9 game lead on Seattle.

    Well I guess if you consider losing a best of one, technically, it is in the postseason. But if you can't move runner's, there probably won't be anything beyond that.

  2. 7 hours ago, robtf said:

    Houston is getting into prime time shape. The Yanks better figure out a lineup and their pen and stick with it, or it's going to be a very short post-season.


    All this talk of potentially having the highest-HR season is just fluff.

    Yankees postseason? I'm thinking there won't be one for this  squad.

  3. 12 mins ago, Hook I said:

    what troubles me is the Yankees allowed A Rod to uniform up teaching future players , he reminds me of Lance Armstrong 

    A-Rod should be banned as Rose is.  A-Rod was an enabler, not just a juicer.  The Yankees shouldn't let him anywhere near their players.  And that's beside the fact that he's a dick.