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  1. The Yankees game yesterday took 3:07. Last years average game took 3:05. The clocks, mound visits, stepping out of the batters box etc. are a joke. I do like 2:05 (local) between innings though. That should be maintained for national and post-season as well. I'd wouldn't mind 90 seconds between innings unless the catcher made the last out. The beauty of baseball was no clocks, no ties. What's the hurry anyway? I sure am looking forward to seeing if Sonny Gray can get his stuff together tomorrow night.
  2. I have a 3,000 pound slide in on my F-350 and they fit the bill.
  4. I would like to see a Gray/Price match up to see if this record can be broken: On August 25, 1922, the highest scoring game in major league history took place: the Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 26–23, a total of 49 runs.
  5. I've given up on using E10 in my small engines and have been going to my local airport and buying LL110 fuel for a few years and have no regrets. The engines run great and I don't need to replace needle valves any more. And, it holds over all winter if need be. No need for Sea Foam or Sta-Bil either. Don't run it in a motor that has a catalytic converter though because it has lead in it.
  6. Since he's cross-eyed he must see about 8 or 10 of them cubes. Plitty implessive. Fank you. Did KJU lend him that jacket? It fits perfectly.
  7. Phils won't cut any slack this week. Maybe Mike will carry the Yanks for a few days.
  8. destruction
  9. burgers
  10. I thought I was seeing double. I thought I was seeing double. Any word on tariffs?
  11. leviathan
  12. large
  13. galvanic
  14. acid
  15. i hope someone finds a video...
  16. If you think your gf might have a trace of of that same abhorrent attitude and her sis is a looker, you should have offered her a tube steak.
  17. A-Rod
  18. left hander
  19. Thanks for the heads up.. What a travesty of "ecology". Does anyone know what impact the extinction of the PP will have on the environment? I'm thinking none.
  20. Prolly just the aids.. But don't worry, the first time you get it is the worst. Just try to stay away from bad meat in the can.
  21. Tinkerbelle
  22. The first thing I do at first meet is check her teeth. Don't matter to me the breeding.
  23. cantaloupes
  24. Wilbur Harding on trumpet and flugelhorn.