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  1. I lament the times when "men were men and sheep were nervous".
  2. Through technology, our vision will eventually deteriorate so badly everyone will be ugly.
  3. About all I can contribute to Haskell Day is, the field of 18 - 21 year old fillies was outstanding!
  4. bird dog
  5. No one in the AL will get past Houston in a 5 or 7 game series.
  6. Sanchez was totally surprised that Bauers kept on running. Heads-up by Bauers, Bush by Sanchez.
  7. Gary had a BAD night. He should be well ripped for crawling to first, no doubt. Very Cano-like. He had better wake up. "The Curse" is only sulking. I'm going to do some voodoo snake oil smoke and mirror ritual to resurrect it next month.
  8. No worries... "The Curse" will prevail! Eventually.
  9. lackey
  10. jackass
  11. ^ Ditto for tonight. But definitely go watch Sonny G. melt down tomorrow. It will be a hoot.
  12. communists
  13. My Prayers and condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Officer Chesna.
  14. hop fish
  15. dragster
  16. Yup. And, the game Sanchez calls ain't too shabby either; knows hitters. He's pretty slick behind the plate.
  17. I'm no headshrinker, but, i think it's obvious that Mercado is not mentally fit to be a cop.
  18. My guess is, things are going well for the Yanks and Cashman probably doesn't want to disturb the mix by adding Machado. He is painfully aware that starting pitching is in need of improvement and I'm thinking that will be his focus this month. Keep It Simple...
  19. I know it was a knee jerk reaction, but when I saw this, I immediately scanned the room for a roll of toilet paper.
  20. Yup. I think that Buck finally got through Manny's thick skull -it took him 3 years!- and has him mostly on the right track, but I agree, we the Yanks certainly don't need either of them.
  21. I've heard giraffe tastes like plover if done well.
  22. Enough! I'm going to climb the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree during the lighting ceremony this year to protest lions eating illegal hunters. Illegal hunters should have the same rights as legal hunters! Those illegal hunters hadn't broken any laws! HUH? What's the difference between Simba and O.J.? One is and African lion and the other is a lyin' African.
  23. On TV news yesterday, someone said they may be down there until Oct.