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  1. No, unfortunately, I wasn't there. I started listening to these guys in earnest in probably '75 or so. But I thought Donna was so bad, I kept looking for and listening to the stuff when Pigpen was in the band and Micky wasn't.
  2. kangaroo
  3. Apologies... Geeziz. I went from memory. Senior moment for sure. March 23, 1972
  4. ^Closin' Time is a gem.
  5. Grateful Dead - March 23, 1972; and Ladies & Gentlemen the Grateful Dead
  6. Too bad. He's nothing more than an over rated jackass racist.
  7. Maybe Boone's. LOL
  8. ^ 7 more I believe.
  9. For sure... If the Yanks don't get things going by the middle of next week, they may be looking from the outside in.
  10. I ordered a 5 gallon bucket of greenies yesterday. Now all I need is to find somebody who can put them into the clubhouse coffee pot every night. LOL Simple chimerical solution: clone Hicks.
  11. True, but the rest of the squad should be breaking their arses. Most ain't. No snap. They're sleep walking.
  12. ...and the Red Sox chuckle... The Yanks, excepting Andujar, Hicks and Didi, look deflated, exhausted, weak, and flat to me. I hope they snap out of this funk soon. Sunt'in ain't right...
  13. Maybe an "elite moran" category could be considered. Or "deluxe"? Imperial?
  14. Head light: fully hi-beam enlightened whilst invigorated by Jim Beam omniscience and belligerence. Light goes out when an officer of the peace decides you need your scalp massaged with his good night stick. Both warranties apply here.
  15. 44 caliber
  16. They still use boats and haven't even thought about bridges yet. But a lot of them are good at playing baseball.
  17. x2. He peaked at age 25 -and he was pretty decent- and went down hill from there.
  18. Did Red Molly sell the Vincent '52 for to pay for legal fees in a wrongful death law suit?
  19. Tombstone
  20. My wife gets the jitters on the Burlington-Bristol Bridge over the Delaware River. Back in the 90's I missed a jumper on the Tappan Zee by a couple of minutes.
  21. And, why no one with a last name that ends with an "i" should ever be admitted to engineering school.
  22. When I finally found the game on ESPN, I immediately turned off the sound bar. Probably listen to the TV announcers about 50% of the time anyway. I have eyes and don't need to hear crap like, "Slider low and away. Ball two."; "High fly ball to center. insert name here drifts to left. Two away." "Swing and a miss!!!" REALLY! Etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah... Unless Singleton is working. He's a good one in my book and I'm glad he's coming back next year. Mindless drivel: I always like to know who the umpires are and usually miss the announcement. Or they rush through it so fast that I miss who the newer guys are. So, I wouldn't mind seeing the umpires numbers on the base/(plate) in the upper left corner when the bases are empty during the regular season. Maybe they could put the line umps numbers between home and 1st and home and 3rd in post season games. Maybe it would be too busy too. Not sure...
  23. Boone should relegate Gray to tossing BP only. Chad Bohling must be talking to himself...
  24. Either leave it there or give it to your bride. You'll thank me the next time you need to go deep when you put that finger to use for its intended purpose -Booger mining. Although dashingly stylish, that ring will bottom out on your nostril before you get to pick a deep winner.
  25. With a rack like that, she had better wear some safety orange.