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  1. ^^I like that and I am with you. But this squad is really out of sync and I think outclassed by others. The Yankees just aren't playing very well.
  2. Well I guess if you consider losing a best of one, technically, it is in the postseason. But if you can't move runner's, there probably won't be anything beyond that.
  3. How was the attendance?
  4. Yankees postseason? I'm thinking there won't be one for this squad.
  5. Life would be mundane without sardines and anchovies. Even worse without Jim Beam.
  6. I would think that some men get married for religious reasons. Others because they lost most of their livestock due to disease, famine or drought.
  7. 60 pounder
  8. Cutch will save the day! LOL
  9. dessert
  10. ...and send all of their Muslims to Paris.
  11. scarface
  12. Yes, my female/woman wife has my last name. Maybe the Hipster and "Its" significant-other are trying to figure out which gender they identify with.
  13. vernacular
  14. That dude was the leader of the Wai Yu Kum Nao prostitution ring.
  15. The vest on the guy that's blowing a line of coke off of his hat is the bomb.
  16. Yup, I'll be darned. I had thought 'blue moon' derived from the naked tribes-people who's butts turned blue because of the temperature drop.
  17. A-Rod should be banned as Rose is. A-Rod was an enabler, not just a juicer. The Yankees shouldn't let him anywhere near their players. And that's beside the fact that he's a dick.
  18. ghetto
  19. ...and I was just getting accustomed to the global warming thingie.
  20. I'll take 2 slices if it tastes like mom in the MunchPak commercial.
  21. Whew! Absolutely brutally horrid broadcasting. No wonder the Walt Disney Co. can't get the ESPN albatross off of their back.
  22. Lou Reed - Rock'n Roll Animal N. Young - Live Rust