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  1. bass
  2. trio
  3. I only fish the wash and would try my best to give her a clean release her if surf conditions permitted. I would measure length and girth I could do it without scuffing her up -and do the arithmetic.
  4. Yankees. Just kidding . Grateful
  5. That little bit of movement keeps the ball off of the barrel. Kudos to Cole. I wonder if Cash, Hank and Hal think the Yanks need starters? LOL
  6. No. It's stupidity. You don't plant a WP on a catcher that has trouble moving behind the plate w/ basses loaded in a tight game. It was a brain fart that should never happen in MLB. Over torquing my ass. It's the ALCS. Throw the ball low. Don't bounce it on a guy who is so sore he can't swing a bat.
  7. Stupidity. Pure and simple. Ya just can heave a WP in that situation. Oh, is that an overstatement?
  8. Problem is, figuring out which meatball can be hit and which meatball will move ain't that easy!
  9. If he was any worse than last year he would have been riding the bus all season and watching the playoffs from the comfort of his recliner today. He is either on or WAY off. Frustrating for sure. Every pitcher in MLB knows that they don't even have to throw the ball anyway near the strike zone because he is totally lost at the plate right now -anything high and away and he's hacking like a mad man. A smart pitcher would sing him a little chin music and he wouldn't even foul a ball off. Oh, but wait, that;'s right, baseball isn't played like that anymore. Never mind. At the MLB level he is laughable right now. I feel badly for him. The big issue with him also is, he doesn't get back in the groove quickly and he requires games of AB to get on the ball. There just aren't enough games left for him to get right this season. He should be benched. But... maybe he'll hurt Cole today... maybe he'll carry the club through the WS.... who knows... in baseball, ya don't know nuthin'. My 2 cents and worth less than 75% of that. Go Yanks!
  10. You can expect to be searched at the front door.
  11. juice
  12. I don't know how often this crap happens, but I agree that the video is an accurate accounting of this incident. I have no idea why he was sneaking around but it will be interesting to hear his explanation. If he doesn't have a very good reason for not announcing his presence as an officer of the law, I hope he's a candidate for lethal injection.
  13. Anyone who vandalizes property -public or otherwise- deserves a damned good ass whipping.
  14. race
  15. I've NEVER done a plumbing job that hasn't leaked and required a minimum of 37 trips to Home Depot.