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  1. I've seen some that looked like they were hit with an axe, but never with a 9. Let's see some pics.
  2. I'd like to help, but when I was curious about "old stuff" I got a-skeered off and stopped reading when I got to Homo Erectus.
  3. You're right. And, Gary is scary! Really scary! LOL
  4. Mick. Jerry. Also rans: David Byrne, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Wonder
  5. BRAVO! I'ze applauding for an oncore, yeeo.
  6. Yes, but that is up to the state legislators. He was complying with the parameters of law -so far as I've heard.
  7. Additionally, that 17 year boy was scared witless and was trying to avoid being severely beaten or killed by dangerous felons who were part of an angry mob. Why were the mob angry at HIM? Because he was putting out the fires that the moron mob were starting.
  8. I did the online thing as well and never got a reply.
  9. Did you speak with someone? If so, please post the phone number.
  10. Monarchys suck. Eff her and the big eared idiot that will be crowned. QE II hasn't done a prductive thing her entire wasted, useless life. Parasite.
  11. I'll take it for $350.
  12. Can you do $350?
  13. Well, ours, China's and Ukraine so far as we know.
  14. You won't hear that on CNN. Thanks for the heads up. And this, coming off of hearing that the Rolling Stones won't play Brown Sugar in shows anymore. Commie puzzys.
  15. FIFY: This is the forum for non-fishing discussion and any other despicable repartee you might want to engage in