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  1. My daughter has found a few headless, but otherwise undamaged, pheasants in the Colliers Mills WMA the past couple of days. Is this the work of an owl?
  3. Ah, I lament the nights in the late 70's, the 80's and the early part of the 90's, when I'd be the only vehicle in the north beach or rip parking lot. I used to kid my wife that I "owned that effin Hook"; it was my private beach.
  4. The firehouse rocks to Donovan's Tuesday afternoon. Got Trout?
  5. It isn't as sweet as imagining a population of 10 surf fishers in all of NJ.
  6. What's with that big hairy goiter growing under her right biceps? Docs can fix that.
  7. gynecological conditions are caused by having sex in dreams with demons and witches They got ^^^^ right though. STATE LAW
  8. hermaphrodite (I'm spending far too much time in the Town Tavern.)
  9. Red, how are you and Recie feeling? I need a little normal after seeing this thread at the top of the list 3 consecutive days. However, I do understand how oh-so-important girls chasing boys chasng girls is.
  10. (LOL) I'm just a barnacle on the ship of progress, sir. And, I can't even blame COVID for altering my sense of taste. Me ain't ketched it yet.
  11. Tell your daughter to visit you and Mom, here, in the U.S.A.
  12. Maui woweeee. I wouldn't know where to start.
  13. Get well soon!
  14. It sounds like Recie has a norovirus. Hopefully, it will run its course quickly and she will be well. But Red, it sounds like you have rabies. If you venture out for cigs, be mindful to not stagger. We'd all hate to hear that the sherriff had to shoot ya. Get well soon!
  15. Never assume. Fortunately, in this case, you've only made an ass out of u.