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  1. Fortunately they have plenty of sand to fill the crater with.
  2. From Wiki: Philadelphia cream cheese[edit] When cream cheese first appeared in the United States around 1870, it was produced in small batches by many farmers in New York. Because of its origin, it eventually became legend that Philadelphia brand cream cheese was named for Philadelphia, New York. In actuality, Philadelphia Cream Cheese was named for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, because at the time the city was associated with high-quality dairy products.[9][10] Chester, NY is where cream cheese was first made in the U.S.A.
  3. The Yanks should ask Bird if he'd like to come back and be a catcher. With those numbers he'd be almost twice the hitter Sanchez is.
  4. Scary stuff is right! It's no wonder I wizz so often. It rotted my plumbing out.
  5. MOTOWN! At it's best!
  6. These guys were so great. RIP Sandman.
  7. Shh. He might figure out why, after waking up in the roadhouse parking lot at 4:30AM, he keeps sliding under the steering wheel when he drives home.
  8. Every one needs to take a page out of your book once in a while. Good job. You're back on track!
  9. I mixed a few in my meth pipe. They add a nice flavor. DON'T GET THEM IN YOUR EYES! u mie see slitty slitty.
  10. BINGO! 59 was the number... 3 kilt.
  11. All of the females in this litter have beautiful heads; outstanding nick with this breeding. (Too many snipey, javelin nosed females out there today...) I spent a few hours with Daisy Sat. and yesterday. I know she's only 8 weeks old, but she sure appears to have all of the tools. This little bitch has style and swagger, is bold, and loves the cuddling that everyone lavishes her with. An absolute breath of fresh air! She even made 3 straight retrieves and then went off into exploration mode.
  12. Little Daisy is fitting into her new home seamlessly and everyone ,including her, is thrilled! She is everything anyone could want in a German Shorthaired Pointer pup. Right now she is getting tons of TLC and is always busy exploring and growing into those ears. I tip my cap to the breeding selection and to the breeders' rearing of these puppies -impecable at every level. We are looking forward to many years of fun and companionship with this little lady. She is going to be a beauty! Thanks again b4loran! We all are grateful that you mentioned this litter and helped us along the way.
  13. Nope. Not kidding. Blacks may have complained but racism stopped before Richie "Dick" Allen tried to grandstand on the race card. With the exception of BIG$$$$ players, everyone in the show is treated equally. Perform or ride the bus. Choose any seat you'd like; front or rear or anywhere in between. Just don't plant your ass in the first 4 rows unless you're the manager, a coach, or brass.