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  1. I will grab these for 220 please. Please send pm with PayPal info and I will send funds.
  2. How about 220 for all 3
  3. Offer 205 for all 3 for your consideration.
  4. Grs

    Sorry for the delay I will take these please .
  5. Grs

    I'm interested. Are they both new? And what do you want for these?
  6. Grs

  7. Offer 75 on lot one for your consideration.
  8. Grs

    Deal sending message.
  9. Grs

    Lookin to add a couple.
  10. I will grab one of these as well.
  11. I will grab it for 65 shipped if I could please.
  12. Interested in the chestnut blank. Sglass lami?
  13. Add the gags to the sebile for a even $40?
  14. Sebile lot please.