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  1. Still looking for a price?
  2. So what do you think?
  3. Maine 04530
  4. What do you want for it? Any other bernzy you might part with I'm interested.
  5. Definitely interested
  6. Definitely interested. Weight,condition, and price?
  7. Looking to purchase bernzy howdy spooks any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. $270 shipped postal money order must be here by May 13th or it's going to the swlcc show. No additional tubes the tubes are 3". The top was worn on a bike tire or cigarette I can't remember but is not all the way thru.
  9. Just need to figure out shipping charges in order to give a price.
  10. 20220502_183019.heic 20220502_183010.heic 20220502_183003.heic 20220502_182954.heic 20220502_182947.heic 20220502_182924.heic 20220502_183019.heic
  11. How many are you looking for?
  12. I would grab the century if you are willing to ship.
  13. How much for just these
  14. Could you do $200 on this?
  15. Where are you located and is this a fsc build?