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  1. 8 Skates no flounder Saturday.
  2. Absolutely helps1
  3. Actually not possible for fishermen as a constant state of relative disorganization is the norm. I know I always wish I had the one from my work bench when I'm fishing.
  4. Why? You can't take them.
  5. Like he said, but I prefer Penn 113 reels with 50lb mono as a compromise between weight and cranking power. Ugly Sticks are great rods, and Tiger sticks if you want them a little stiffer for larger jigs. Jigmasters are good(have 2) but can be tiresome fishing in 100'+ water if the cod/dogfish are biting .
  6. Personally, if they feel stiff or appear dull I would toss them. If they still are limber and the original color they will probably work. Is it really worth it to chance losing a big fish on old line?
  7. Not at night! Past their bedtime. Need to be up early to check my papers.
  8. And don't forget to reopen the seacock when you're done.
  9. Make sure the seacock is open. If it is and no water flows, close it and check your strainer, could be weeds or jellyfish in addition to rust. Also, your lines should not collapse if you squeeze them together with your fingers. Lastly, CLOSE THE SEACOCK and open the pump to see if the impeller is fouled or damaged. Most of the decent pumps will push 3.8 to5 GPM
  10. They'll be sorry when they are up to their butts in deer, coyotes and lyme disease
  11. For the North Shore of Mass: weather- tides- Study your charts and use a decent GPS and sounder to locate structure and by all means experiment
  12. IMHO 6'6" medium action is typical. Spoons in a tecnical sense can work better on longer rods but over the last 30 years or so, I've found speed and depth much more important that that extra flutter. You can get into specialization like light rods, wire line rigs, lead core, wide reels, narrow reels, level wind, conventional, two speed ad infinitum. The idea is to start with a basic economic rigs and decide what your needs are and tailor you rigs to suit you fishing style. Eventually you will have way too much gear. As to trolling, you can use as many rigs of as many kinds as you can put out without tangling. Difference in rod size not real important. Two is common because its easy. Basically , you can put out whatever suits your target. Bass you need S-L-O-W under 3kts Control depth by plug selection and trolling sinkers until you get comfortable with different line types. Wire gets deep but it can create a disastrous mess for beginners. Braid goes down easier than mono but is more expensive and has less stretch when a big fish strikes. See the advice on the different threads for help. There is no "best" way to fish we all have methods that work for us. (Did I really say size dosen't matter?) '
  13. Because you will get stuck. The two kind of boaters are those that have gotten stuck and those that will
  14. Like they said, more chain will help the anchor lie better and lessen the strain while anchored. Also make sure you have enough scope at least 4-1, 5-1 is better.
  15. Should have added medium action rods