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  1. Fishinbill, we were in the boat behind you at the ramp pulling out. Small world. Glad you had a good day. Weather was snotty, but it was worth it.
  2. Yeah, the one I bought was sold by Amazon itself as well. I try not to buy from third-party vendors. They did seem to address the issue promptly and a replacement reel should be here today. We'll see. @Hobobob--interesting about the LPN RR code. The box I got did not have it, though it was clear where someone had carefully removed the sticker holding the box shut.
  3. Tiizzyy, thanks for confirming what I suspected. Just got off the line with fraud protection from the company in question. Had a hell of a time explaining to the guy what the issue was (offshore call center, I'm sure). Be careful guys.
  4. I wanted to ask whether Penn Slammers were ever sold in boxes that were shrink wrapped. I mean, the box looks like the correct Penn black box, but there is shrink wrap over it. The reason I ask is one of the big online retailers (let's just say it wasn't the NILE) is blowing out Slammers III. I bought a 5500 and got the box today in the mail as described. Opened it up, and it was some crap plastic boat reel (not a spinner) with a name on it I'd never heard of. I think the retailer is getting scammed by people buying the Slammers and returning the boxes, now shrink wrapped, with other reels inside. You look at the online feedback, and I am not the only one this seems to have happened to. Buyer beware.
  5. I had good results from Tom Gorman at Watertown Back Care. He gets good Yelp reviews and is a back-to-basics type.
  6. Shad fishing is a blast. The flutter spoons are very easy to make--buy some small willow leaf blades from a tackle store (the big online outdoor stores all carry them), some gold mustad hooks size 2 or so, and a little lead-free solder. Heat the blade at the end with the soldering gun, add a little dab of solder, press in the hook. I've never had the solder let go yet, and it takes just an hour or so to make up a few years' worth. We fish them with an inline weight (1/8-1 oz, depending on conditions) tied to the mainline, then 24-36" of flouro leader tied to the spoon (use split rings to attach). Oh yeah--bend the spoon blade a little to get a nice wide wobble. Sometimes a dab of paint seems to make a little difference. When the spoons get dull, if they're not painted you can shine them up with steel wool. Most hits come at the end of a swing in current. Now I can't wait to get out again--it'll be a few more weeks up by me.
  7. Guy on ebay sells them quite inexpensively.
  8. Sorry--no pic. Brand new, a duplicate. $32 shipped PP or MO/check.
  9. Gamis in general are pretty notorious for snapping.
  10. Thanks, they're yours. I'll send a PM.
  11. Price change for quick sale--$85 shipped for all three--will not break up at this price.
  12. Thanks Dennis. Plug went out this morning.
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