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  1. Playing with the canal acrobats last night.
  2. Might as well have a thread for the Florida Forum to post catches. 3 weeks in to living here and got into some decent snook fishing on artificials. All released healthy.
  3. Chewing hard last night. Got there a little late and lost the tide. Handful to 34in.
  4. That was quick. Your secret weapons! Enjoy em.
  5. They do. Same family of fish.
  6. Agreed, I feel safer at night, as safe as one can be. Nothing like seeing disco balls moving around the canals at night.
  7. Please close, thanks SOL
  8. Top 3 SS, Atom bottom 2 are Eurojett $90 shipped. Check, USPMO OR Zelle.
  9. Please close, thanks SOL
  10. 6 Darters, new and very good. $95 shipped. Check, USPMO, or Zelle.
  11. Down here in FL, moderate to fast erratic twitching and winding. They look great in the water and the fish dig em too.
  12. Thick snook!
  13. Bump and price drop $90 shipped
  14. Bump and price drop $85 shipped.
  15. Options maybe, Berkley fusion hooks or the Gami super line hooks.
  16. Lights out tonight! 3 for 3 on poons, a bunch of snook and a jack. Had to leave the bite cause I broke the tip of my rod. Cursed myself the whole way home. Oh and nice Spanish turned to ceviche this afternoon. Love days like these.
  17. Thank you for your insights. I started fly fishing SWFL last year. Wading flats and beaches. I do not have a basket and have been looking at buying or DIY. I usually just let the line fall on the water but notice current or debris being a nuisance, not the worst but sometimes annoying. On the beach the sand and shore break if any gets messy. I started to just loop the line in my stripping hand and that wasn't 1/2 bad. I never see anyone fly fishing where I am and try to visualize the space between the basket and my stripping. Do you wear down on your thighs or more the belly. Sometimes I'm belly deep.
  18. No thank you.
  19. Some canal action tonight. A few snook and a chunkier mango!
  20. 3 BM 2oz pencils. $85 Shipped Check, USPMO or Zelle.
  21. Sold. Sending PM
  22. Sold sending PM.
  23. Top 2 new, 3 bottom very good. Maybe change the hooks or a quick hit on the stone. $75 shipped. Check. USPMO or Zelle.
  24. Sold, sending PM.
  25. 3 new needles $60 shipped. Check,, USPMO or Zelle.