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  1. Headed south today.  Good move.  Nice family day at the beach.  Loads of bait,  multi species with a couple big eatin Spaniards!  Suprise snook in the cast net.  It's been slow in my neck of the woods.  Very little bait and poor water quality from the red tide we had.


  2. 1 hour ago, flylikabird said:

    How are they for table fare for spear and traditional fisherman? 

    Even if they are delicious and safe to eat are they worth the risk?

    If your in an area where you can catch a load of decent ones.  Florida for example,  then yes it is worth it.  Good scissors/shears and a pair of gloves and your good to go with a little patience and care.  

  3. In the same boat.  Sold a bunch,  but still plenty.  The 7in redfins and mambo minnows I keep.  Very good at night.  Swinging them on a slow retrieve in the shadow lines of bridges.  I have a pic early in the thread of a mambo that was blasted by a tank snook and broke the back off it.  They will work in the right situation.  Cant get a sniff on all the expensive wood tho!

  4. No my name isn't.  Just offering a suggestion and my experience with the larger reel.  Wasnt meaning to cause a stir. I have fished the 8000 and sold em both I wouldn't always believe stated capacity.  Like you said your going to build what your dad wants.  He will be very happy as I am sure you will to build it for him.  That's really all that matters.

  5. That was my point.  I couldnt see the OP getting a set up like that for pomps even snook.  12ftr to throw 50-100ft.  No need.  If you want light,  downsize 9ftr and a 4000.  You can stop some good fish on the beach with that!. Granted I have fished the EC a bunch of times but live in SWFL.  So maybe I'm missing something,  maybe big waves and sweep which happens..

  6. Mostly 20# power pro and suffix 832 Bought a 600yd spool of Nomad Pandora 20#. It has been pretty darn good so far.  Very supple, great knot strength. 4000 Stella 8ft loomis SUR 965.  30# Berkley big game for most 50# leader with larger profiles.  Bridges and seawalls and wherever else I'm casting.  Set the drag and hang em heavy on that rod!

  7. 12 hours ago, BillHoo said:

    So I can cut it up into tasty parts for the pan without getting stabbed.


    No need for defense when it's going to be breaded and 

    That makes it a little clearer.  If your going to harvest 1,  I would flip it over and cut through the gill area to bleed and dispatch it quickly.  Pack in a good amount of ice.


    I hope there was no offense taken.  I was just curious as why you would cut the spine.  Little tidbit of breadcrumb clarifies.


  8. 2 hours ago, BillHoo said:

    Figure I'd bring a heavy towel, or piece of old carpet to throw on the tail to manage it, and cut it off.


    But surely, there is a preferred bait and set up  that the professional cownose fisherman use to target the species to ensure a reliable catch?  I know in Virginia, they use fishing bows.

    Why would you cut off the animals only form of defense.  Just handle it smartly and manage the situation or dont fish for em.

  9. Red tided out here on the SW coast.  Looking to make the run east.  Jensen and immediate area is  quick 2.5hr run.  Can I fish the beach in the day or only during non swimming hours.  Not familiar with the beach rules there.  I know they have lifeguards.


    Appreciate any info.  Thanks in advance.