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  1. Not with the 20+ winds. I haven't had a problem with them even in the canals. Mid 40's at night though.
  2. Drove by Norm's yesterday to fish Ding Darling and Blind Pass Incoming Tide at Ding. Water was clear, very tea color with bait present at the culverts. Lots of birders. Saw nice snook, mullet, sheephead and caught bunch of ladyfish. Moved to the pass and had a quality bite sight fishing juvi black drum along the jetty. Water was a nice color just churned from the hard wind.
  3. Good juvi drum bite today in the wind.
  4. Haven't used them myself. Moved to SW Florida not far from Boca Grande this past July. A guy that I met and have been fishing with uses the smallest size for big snook. He has pretty good results, from his pics. I asked him about the wire release mechanism. He has not had a problem with it and really likes how it works. I see a pretty fair amount of guys throwing them from the jetties and piers at night for big snook.
  5. Had it out!
  6. Here is an authentic Musso, signature, looks a little different. Who knows. Not easy signing rounded plugs sometimes.
  7. Its a Rapala x rap saltwater sub walk 07. Killer lure. I changed out the circle hooks for 4x vmc 1/0 trebles. I was missing and dropping a good percentage of fish. Once I switched it was a hooking machine. Night and day!
  8. Rapala suspending shadow rap 9
  9. Looking for the older 8ft 1pc model. Can trade a Custom CTS S7 11ft 1-4 or other rods, plugs, can add cash etc I have a tube so could ship then resend back in the same tube.
  10. Front passed, wind died out. Snook were chewin!
  11. Sold to reel gambler. Thanks TimS and SOL.
  12. Back up for sale, never heard from Island surf.
  13. I fish mainly in the dark and was wondering what plugs you guys use for snook, tarpon, reds. I have been using mostly rubber, small x raps and yozuri's. Looking to branch out, some surface action would be nice. I am not that big a bait guy SW coast, beaches, bridges etc.
  14. Flaking is possible, not just the TP my stella 4000 has flaking issues as well. Not that big a deal for me though as I am tough on my gear. My 4000 balances very well on my 8ft loomis. I would think most 4000 shimano reels will balance well.
  15. Cut bait for shark, big snook and reds.