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  1. Been lights out this past week. Lots of tarpon on the bridge, real finicky. The snook have moved in heavy. Left em chewing last night all on the mag darter.
  2. I fish this thing to hell and back. Best 8ftr IMO. From stripers up north to tarpon, snook down here for the last 4 years. Sensitive, casts well and can put the brakes on bigfish. Posted WTB multiple times over the years. Like hens teeth lol! Hey but if your looking to move 1, I'm here.
  3. Perseverance, time on the water and just plain old grinding! Well tonight I did it. Finally, stuck, landed and safely released my 1st big girl at 41.5in. Her head was the size of an anvil, and man did she give one hell of tussle. A couple low 30's also, but I will remember her forever! 8ft loomis SUR 965, 4000 shimano symetre 20# braid, 50# ande big game mono to a 1/2oz trout eyes jig head and a green redflake magnum FinsS.
  4. Tis the season for Anchovieopolus!
  5. 4in DOA paddletail.
  6. Oh its heating up nicely!
  7. Boys 1st boofish! He was so excited and we know how the boofish fight. Everyone cheered him on, he felt like the baddest man on the jetty lol!
  8. Fabulous as ceviche!
  9. I believe he goes or went by Ambergis on this site. Maybe he will chime in.
  10. 1st ever for me, and gosh darn do these fish have some power! 31in 14# cobia. On a Rapala twitch bait.
  11. 10-12# jack o lanterns
  12. Runs out of Tarpon Springs. I believe they have the Gulfstar down here year round and run middle ground trips as well.
  13. I'll take it 4 $115 shipped. Sending message.
  14. How is the overall shape? Guides, wraps etc.
  15. Interested for my 10yr old son as a light beach stick. What did you throw on this set up. Small jigs, bucktais, mag darters. Throw sand fleas?