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  1. Silver too! The tins typically are silver. But pointed out gold spoons cause they are such a killer down here. Ive caught on kastmasters, point judes diamond jigs etc. The bluefish comment is right on!
  2. Gold spoons, 3/4-1.5oz tins, spooks and poppers. Let em rip from the beach and have fun!
  3. They cruise real shallow!
  4. Forget the hook, took the whole ass end lol!
  5. I fish the area prettt extensively now that I live here. Your artificials are spot on. X raps, yozuri's, mirrolures in the 3-5in sizes. Upgrade hooks tho. I found out the hard way. Rubber, rubber and more rubber on 3/16-3/8oz jig heads or use a jig hook. I fish 95% from shore but do a little boat when someone invites me. Your best bet is the canals low or high water turns. You want moving water the faster the better. The tide drop is very minimal a foot in some spots if that due due being so shallow. I wpuld focus on the canals. The canals are very good right now for snook, big jack crevalle and small tarpon. Rsds here and there. Port charlotte side and I would work the Punta Gorda canals as well. If he trailers drop and Ponce de Leon Park. Head right up into the cal system from there. Work the docks and overhanging mangroves. Look for deeper holes. A 10in depression matters. Very little bottom structure so anything is worth checking. In the harbor the bridges and work up the Peace river to Navagator area. Same applies. Live bait like shrimp and pinfish, mullet ladyfish will catch but everything eats it. I only fish bait with my son so my approach weeds out most of the bycatch. If you want moee info pm me. Good luck.
  6. Appreciate all the advice. Big fan of the subwalks, xraps and yozuri's. Mirrolure's have been working their way in to the regular rotation. And the DOA, FinS and Havoc rubber baits have been go too's. Bucktails I have been trying but I just don't have any light enough. Most of the canals I am fishing are 2 -5ft deep in my spots and heavily guarded by mangroves. Being on foot and 1 eye on the gators at night keeps me tight to spots. I am absolutly loving the dynamics and new fishery. From what some guys I run into in the night say that I am doing dam good for my short time here. Had some great nights, but feel I can do better. I see some real monsters out here. Lovin Florida and the hearing others opinions and experiences. Thank you and will keep updating the progress. Best to all!
  7. Ill pass. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Not sure if this helps. Hanging on the side with strap. I almost exclusively wore it on my belt. You hardly notice its weight on a quality belt
  9. Last drop $225 shipped for an excellent shape cube.
  10. Bump and price drop $230 shipped.
  11. Cube in very good condition. No rips, tears or cracks in the tubes. Leader flap on the outside, buddy loks on both sides. I removed the bucktail slots. $245 shipped priority. No Pay Pal, check or Postal Money Order only.
  12. Ditched the surf bags. Now that I throw a ton of rubber and smaller plugs this works best. Loads of different weights and styles of jig heads, and hooks. Super mobil and lightweight. Small backpack also holds pliers boga and leader spools etc.
  13. Forget the coiled lanyards! The best I have used so far. Evel Stevel.
  14. Yours sending PM surf rasta.