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  1. I've had both and the VS is an easier reel to get fixed. ZB is smoother but I have had nothing but horrible service from the company so I traded it for a Stella. As stated, they both will fail and they are both pricey to fix. With that being said, would rather a couple day turn around with VS for repairs or possibly months with ZB.
  2. Afternoon of the big nasties!
  3. Awesome Peas. I wish they were available locally for me on the SW coast.
  4. Boca Grande
  5. Saw 80-100# class rolling today on the beach.
  6. Should a seen Gasparlla/Boca. Haven't seen so many boats rafted up since I moved down. Crazy!
  7. A little beach day. Lights out Whiting and Pomps.
  8. Nice outgoing tide, fish are moving. Got a few on the fly, real clean specimens.
  9. Been good so far. DOA's and Tsunami swim shads.
  10. Solid bite in the rain tonight.
  11. Charlotte and Sarasota County Beaches reopen this weekend or Monday. Free Parking and social distancing practices still apply. Bathrooms and other amenities will still remain closed.
  12. Powerful fish, their so much fun. This guy turned on a dime when I pitched my shrimp to him. Had many today. Was 1 that I was working hard for that was 50#+. He was smart and deferred every time.
  13. Sight fishing some big nasties today.
  14. $75 shipped. 8/9 cosmetic 10 mechanical. Comes with original Bail, 2 spair bail springs and bail nut.
  15. Gonna lock this up. Thanks guys, but I know shipping makes it difficult and maybe not cost effective for myself.