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  1. Like anywhere anytime. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to what your seeing. Their ambush predators. I live in SWFL. I see em all the time, especially at night. Their eyes reflect very well. Bass fishing you see em and they usually will react to your lure or hooked fish. Makes sense right. Easy meal, very atractive. With that being said, the small ones are somewhat scaredy cats. Big ones, give em room. Pay attention to movement under pads and vegetation, bubbles from bottom disturbance. Things that look like logs. It's the ones you dont see that will put you in a bad situation. Have fun and be safe.
  2. He might mean, how do you get the hook out of the shark. Pliers, extended hook out, or just cut the leader etc.
  3. I'll take em if you can do check or zelle. If not I understand.
  4. Depends, I fish black rivers. Like looking through ice tea. Only use mono 30, 50 or 80# depending near what structure. I haven't used flouro in my 2 years here, but I also rarely fish in the day. If I do its 20# blue mono. Haven't seem to have a problem with hook ups. Just my .02. Larger hooks like up north are for the reefs and shark baits for me.
  5. Haven't needed anything over a 2/0, 3/0 circle. Maybe if your fishin jumbo shrimp or large green backs. Fish get stuck just fine. Just make sure their quality.
  6. Got all I need. Thanks fellas. Thanks SOL and TimS.
  7. Useppa lodge and the early Tarpon days
  8. I'll take em. Can send check or pay with zelle if you have it. Let me know. Thanks
  9. Payment was sent to StanleyK. Thank you..
  10. Still interested in what you may have as well. Thanks
  11. I'll take em all. I dont have PP, but can send check and you can ship when it clears or if you have zelle I can send money that way.
  12. I am looking for 10-12. If you guys want to show me 6 each or 10- 12 it's up to you and price then I can pic. Thank you very much.
  13. Looking for crab patterns, used is fine as well. New to the game so trying to add a few more to the selection. Thanks in advance.
  14. Do you know if Daiwa will service this reel here?