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  1. I know Im a newbie to living in SW Florida but I have a question/observation. Do people down here not drive more then a 10 mile radius from there home. Yes, red tide was bad last year, the cape was a disaster yes we know Ft Myers Tampa and Sarasota traffic sucks but Florida has way more to offer. We swam in the gulf all fall and winter, just traveled. I fish non stop just had to pick my areas. Helps Im near the Peace and Myakka rivers all the complaints come from small areas of well know seasonal headache spots. Why would you concentrate on these areas at all. Especially if your retired and don't own and visit for a few weeks. Plenty of places to go uninhibited by these headaches. Ive been here 9 months and have been to more areas and done more things then people that have lived here forever. I guess people hate seeing, learning, and doing things that are available to them. I don't know, just find it funny I guess.
  2. Took my son on the 12 hour trip. 5 hogfish caught. Really cool fish but Mostly grunts porgies etc. This is the open boat I go on. Top flight operation in all aspects. Talking to the mates and captain fishing isn't nearly what it used to be. 2 -3 hour ride to wack on 10in fish you can catch on any pier or jetty. Just wasn't what I expected.
  3. All you need is a medium size backpack. You start carrying multiple boxes with loads of gear in the heat and sun your going to fatigue and your shoulers will kill you. You don't need alot of stuff. I am mobile all the time, beaches, canals, piers putting in hours a session. If you can't fit it in 1 plano box forget it. A handful of things will pretty much catch everything you will encounter. This is how I carry. With pliers and boga in the pack, room to carry water with the bladder. Or a bottle on each side. Leader material and knife etc. In the small outer pocket. And don't worry about waterproof you will barely wade over your thighs.
  4. Been a Spanish beatdown last 2 weeks. Close to 30 on Saturday. Big Ladyfish as well. Did some local flats exploring with my brother today and found decent snook, reds and trout. Really enjoying our new home area.
  5. Close it up. Thanks TimS and SOL
  6. Bumpity bump bump!
  7. Lami, st croix,, boat rods, reels, plugs, surf top a mix money, . What are you looking for?
  8. Looking for an older G Loomis 8ft SUR 965. Would need it shipped to FL if not local. Or I can ttade a rod or 2 ship em in a tube I have and reship back to me. Thanks in advance.
  9. Bait for miles along the shore today. More then I have ever seen. Spanish, jacks, bluefish and ladyfish all over. Eagles, osprey, dolphin, pelicans all feeding well. Kept 2 for ceviche'
  10. All the spanish mackeral and bar jacks you could handle today. Clear water. Tons of bait
  11. Sand it and put shrink wrap over it if your concered about the grips. Easy cheap customization.
  12. Nice goin TomKaz. Nice Largie.
  13. Fish at night, no people, no traffic!
  14. Silver too! The tins typically are silver. But pointed out gold spoons cause they are such a killer down here. Ive caught on kastmasters, point judes diamond jigs etc. The bluefish comment is right on!
  15. Gold spoons, 3/4-1.5oz tins, spooks and poppers. Let em rip from the beach and have fun!