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  1. I'll take these
  2. Awesome, very nicely done finish is great on it, then I guess I have a couple other alpha lures that I never knew who made them, swim well too! One is a metal lip and looks like a squid possibly wrap? Tight lines
  3. I'll take all the greenpoints, can meet up again like last time? Oops just saw morning wood got there before me nevermind
  4. Got these two in a lot with a few others, one's marked "A '19" imagine 19 is the year but who's "A"? The other one has no marking Any ideas? As always thanks in advance SOL!
  5. I believe it was originally like 60+ foot boats now they dropped it to 35'+ and that effects significantly more boaters The 100 mile thing is absolutely asinine
  6. I think what you need to do to get the advice you're looking for is sit down and think of the plugs you will most likely be throwing, weigh them or find out what they weigh. Tell us where you're fishing ie sandy beach, jetty, pier and then people can give you some advice. If you're afraid to lose a plug sure you can throw it on a stiff rod and a reel with 80# braid and lose some distance but then you're only hurting yourself by not giving the plugs a chance to produce and you'll give up and go back to bait or however you tend to fish before. If you give us some specifics, like I'm fishing sandy beaches, throwing sp minnows, Gibbs danny and super strike darters then people can make suggestions but as far as a rod of custom plug rods go? I have 5 surf rods to cover my bases and I could absolutely have more, some plugs weigh 3/4 oz some weigh 6+ oz two totally different rods, would never throw both ends of the spectrum on one rod. I'd fish some of my rods from the beach or in the bay but hate to bring them onto a jetty where I need more backbone or control of a fish, throwing plugs isn't the only influencing factor here. My advice would be to hit the flea markets in the spring or hawk the BST forum and pick up a bunch of cheap plugs you don't care if you lose(to some extent) and go out and have fun and try. But the more info the good people in SOL have, the better they can assist in making suggestions Maybe even list the rods you currently have with their length, line rating and weight rating to see if any of those work. You've named quite a few rods in multiple posts here so it's kind of hard to keep track of what you have already and what may work for certain applications
  7. I'll take it picked up
  8. I'll take the TB
  9. I'll take the Greenpoint, thanks!
  10. I'll take vs250 #1 and vs200 #3 for meet up when you're in Paramus, PM me for meet up details
  11. Totally understand if you want to get rid of it sooner rather than later, but I'll be in Boston end of the month(9/29-10/2)and would love to meet up and take it off your hands, let me know
  12. Will do when I'm home tonight
  13. Let me know if any of these interest you, can take better photos of any particular ones as well
  14. Thank you Brian, I'll take it...will message you now