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    Boat and Surf fishing for a decade, just got into turning plugs
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  1. Yeah can't blame you there, we have quite a few decent shops in NJ, so I try to pop in and support those guys when I can. If you don't mind me asking what's the price delta like on the jdm vs us lever drag oceas?
  2. I held one today and let me tell you, it is definitely a sweet little reel Was kicking myself after spooling up my 50s ($$$) I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger today
  3. You're not the only one, haven't received a response or the plugs i purchased from Riley either
  4. I'm a sucker for Pedro's work, I'll grab this thanks!
  5. I'll take them for $150 shipped, thanks!
  6. Have a pretty good mix in here, if you have a cloud CCW that you would be looking for something different just try me Not interested in selling any of these or trading for anything else Just looking for one of Bill's plugs in a cloud paint scheme Thanks in advance SOL!
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