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  1. Also worth mentioning its not a "true" slow pitch jig rod, it's just a very parabolic fun rod that can work a jig and bucktail well enough and if you needed to drop 4oz and bait down it could handle it but wouldnt be my choice of rod for bait fishing
  2. I have one of the slow pitch jig rods(white blank slimwave series I think??) and it is probably the lightest setup I have with a quantum accurist reel. I'm imagining this would be your lighter setup? I'd go with a baitcast style reel, okuma komodo or quantum get my vote. I believe Penn released a squall low profile baitcaster as well recently, never used it but looks nice I do not think a 2 speed is necessary for this use, I'd give that a shot on your "heavy" combo but star drags are usually preferable to lever drags bottom fishing and I don't know of any 2 speed star drags I believe mine is a 6'4" 10-25 rating it's on my boat an hour and a half away otherwise I'd confirm Fluking, sea bass, even schoolie stripers are a ton of fun on a combo like this
  3. Kevin bogan makes the fish poison rods, really nice eglass rods, you can definitely reach out to him and see what rod might work for you they're "semi custom" builds, you pick size of the rod, "weight" of rod, colors, and pick them up in a couple of weeks, he also has some on his shelf already made at all times. Prices are roughly $160-220 depending on guides, wraps, size, etc His blackfish rod is awesome but I would go for a fluking rod from him for what you're after. His blackfish rod doubles as my inshore cod rod, has trolled mojo's and livelined for striped bass, so it's probably too heavy for your application
  4. 7" and 8"
  5. Also have these 2 Loki seasliders
  6. Fatty, DT, Alan's let me know if any of these interest you
  7. Scabelly pencil, spook and NorCal pencil if you have any interest in any of these?
  8. Where are you located?
  9. $150 picked up for the lot, I'll be in SSP this weekend let me know
  10. Got this beauty here on the BST forum, think this is one of the few CCW I'll keep on the shelf
  11. I know on the larger size Spheros(14k) the Saragosa(14000F series) Spool fits, I'm not sure if that holds true on the smaller ones but could broaden your search if it works, might want to look into it Good luck!
  12. I'll take the lot
  13. Pictures and prices?
  14. I'd definitely do it for the jetty(preferably) but I'd take the Danny as well, your call