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  1. Hi guys,looking to replace my duplon grip above the reel seat on my much loved Zziplex Lite bass.Can this 19mm version be reamed out to fit a 20mm butt?Or is it a pain in the butt!
  2. Hi guys,stuck between these two guides for a 3oz rated surf stick.Weight saving is the biggest concern,I wash my rods after each session.I did consider single leg Pac Bays but they appear to be very noisy!Titanium too expensive.Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys,looking to import the following rod- * to the UK for a spot of lightweight sport,can anyone point me in the direction of a stockist please?
  4. Hi guys, looking to add the Zziplex Kevlon Bass to my collection- any owners out there?Which current Zziplex Bass model does it most resemble-the light Bass or longer Powertex rod?Must admit I have an old uptide boat rod with this material and I am not overly impressed with it!!Thanks in advance for assistance.
  5. Thanks Mike,I guess the Kevlon was built on the same mandrel as the light bass?
  6. Probably the most beautiful reel I have ever seen.Stunning.
  7. Hi all, does anyone have experience of PAC MINIMA guides-how do they measure up with either of the above rods?Living in UK,I currently own just DAIWA SUPERCAST BASS in this sphere,a very versatile rod that can plug for salmon in the day yet cast 4ozs and bait for Cod and Bass in the evening! I do yearn for a ZZIPLEX,as much as anything I admire Terry Carrolls refusal to "sell out" and mass produce his products.
  8. Multiplier,thanks for the info.I do have a set of new BNHG guides to match the blanks but they are considered "heavy and old" in the UK,albeit strong enough!Love this site, the debate over rods alone is of the highest standard!