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  1. Tryed some shrimp tails just have not had time to finish my mold yet for some of my own stuff.
  2. I may be sending you some questions. I just signed up so I may have to ask you on this thred till I have PM Power.
  3. Thank-you for the Replys everyone... Charlie G last week it was about 28-32┬░By what my truck was reading.Frost on the dock,and all over the grass.At lake Tawakoni we had at least 15mph winds.We started out not thinking it was going to be good day due to it being to ruff to deadstick em'.It payed off to try we caught over 100 fish in the 8# class almost all Hybrid Striper.We did have some nice Striper mixed in.Most all are fish were coming out off 36-40 FOW On a 1 1/2 Oz jig head with a fluke on it.We had more than a few double digit fish pulled over the side of the boat.For Texas fishing we had a great trip.I was going to tie some of my flies on as a teaser It was just two good of fishing to stop ,and retie.
  4. I caught this one last Thursday.Not to bad for freshwater.One of these days I will make it to some saltwater that has some Striper in it!
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  6. I have been looking at pouring some soft plastics .Thank you for posting the info I think I will use the WM mold for now.I have lead molds ,and Kayaks so this is just another vise.My wife will be thrilled I am looking at another fourm!
  7. Here are a few we caught last trip out.[img= http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1519402/width/1000/height/1000]
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  10. That is nice ,I will show my son when he gets home.He has been learning to tie with me .I am sure he will want to try to try something like this.
  11. Just wanted to get a post on the board to get a feel for it.I have been just started tieing some jigs,and I really enjoy making my own tackle.
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