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  1. You are right. My bad. Was thinking is this weekend
  2. Couldn't make it for that one, but the New England Saltwater fishing show in RI is this weekend :-)
  3. This year was very good for smelt. I was almost every Friday night out. Better than sitting in some bar or watching TV at home. Need a rod with very sensitive tip and you can get a lot of fun . It took me a lot of time to figure out how get them because on normal fishing gear you mostly don't even feel the bite, but now I love going out for smelt on the ice. Too bad they closed the camps for the season.
  4. I wasn't able to do it this year guys sorry. The temptation with full moon and strong currents at the cape cod canal was too great. And it paid off - the stripers where there, the blues, the bonitos and the albis too !!! Fir a shore artificial lures fishermen like me it was extraordinary to have many blitz within casting distance. What a weekend
  5. Nice fishes ! How is the Walleye population on Champlain at the moment ? I'm interested to do some winter fishing there before it freezer to try jigging in deep holes
  6. Sorry for late reply. I can do that . Need to check how much shipping will be. Can you message me the address. I can pack it tonigh and can give you package dimensions and weight so you can check on USPS web site the cost of shipping
  7. I have no idea how much shipping and insurance would be
  8. No problem. I can do the 7.6 for a little lower because it looks like it was a store display (I have never used it) . $230+shipping , but this is about the lowest I can do. These are quality rods with good resale if you want to change one day. I stopped buying cheap gear long time ago because I was tired trowing stuff away.
  9. Mack are also great simply grilled with salt and pepper
  10. I have two G Loomis 3 pc travel rods brand new ETR 90-3 ETS 12 and ETR 84-MS Photos: Let me know if either of them works
  11. This is the weekend with full moon and nice tide at sunrise at the canal . I will join If i decide to go there on Sunday- Monday will have the Saturday free. Many thanks to Toby for organizing the fling again.
  12. I want to get into trout fishing and just got a fly rod. Checked Alton bay on lake Winni last Sunday, Apr. 1st . Didn't catch anything, but I did see a couple of rainbow trout caught.
  13. Morning.  Don't forget this Saturday the show.  Here's my number 207 651 0657 should be a good time. THere are some tables there where we all can meet up and talk

  14. I just called Jim's and they are closing the camp on Monday :-( Have to check if any other camp will stay open next Saturday.