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  2. They clearly bothered Ernesto last night
  3. so, chicago's plan is to make kane and toews say uncle and ask to be traded
  4. this is from yesterday
  5. if im chicago, i want some players that can play now +++ if it's just picks what the **** was the point of signing jones
  6. no idea i wonder if chicago tries to get out from that horrible seth jones contract if they even can
  7. it would start i would think with koenecny, provorov, a top prospect, their 1st...? i haven't read anything, but that is who i would start with if i were the hawks
  8. I was today years old when I saw this car for the first time never heard of it
  9. Ernie ever rubbed one out to Cloris Leachman?
  10. That’s what you get for hiking!
  11. And twat doesn’t get used nearly enough anymore I shall spearhead it’s comeback
  12. most of the people at wegmans checkout are good once in awhile you get one with the extra chromosome i don't mind bagging my own ****, makes it easier when i get home since i know where everything is the recent trend of dumb ****s piling **** up after they scan it, as i am still putting stuff on the belt to get scanned, must be stopped! third time over the past few months, and very nicely, "if you aren't going to help bag, please stop piling everything up at the end, thank you" you dumb ****ing twat
  13. that could be anyone
  14. your and congrats
  15. or up the adderall by 890%
  16. i love having the same suit jacket separates with 2 to 3 different size pants for the same suit
  17. anything that you can live with, Mediterranean, etc that is balanced and not "all carbs" or "all protein" and is actually good for you will work. Long term. i should just do a cycle of anavar
  18. I need to try this one. Found it in a random box in the basement
  19. and i will never do the weighing food **** like he and a lot of other places say to but, overall, it has some very good info