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  1. the tv is crooked ernest and that beanbag looks like it has 39 years of dna on it dog bed?
  2. bb, the timing belt offer was of course, too good to be true for $775 the place i got it from said the other dealer doesn't do the tensioner and some of the other stuff with that offer place where i bought it did it all and the serpentine belt for $1k they checked the cam seals and said they are fine and not to eff with them they called and said the power steering pump was leaking a little bit but other than that the car looked great i told him i just bought it from them and he called me back and they are doing the power steering at no charge (that's exactly why i wanted them to do it, in case they found anything) not sure how many places do it now, but they text you with a video of the mechanic that is working on the car going over everything while they are working on whatever it is you brought it in for "here is the cam shaft seal, you can see it's completely fine..."
  3. who the **** has ever had a normal family
  4. Oh, it's getting sold at a nice discount to boot! sweet watch, already have one good thing i have golfed once when you put the regular watch face screen on it looks like a normal watch too none if this apple watch crap
  5. The thought of you even contemplating giving them a negative review without knowing what happened is 100000% Karen
  6. the not being able to see who is in the thread is still annoying and, i won another $450 garmin golf watch
  7. Yeah. I noticed that as well its definitely annoying
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