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  1. rarely use it, and not in the past week
  2. just the last coat of paint that was keeping the water in
  3. flappers was actually in an article i read today
  4. He’s ready
  5. Would frost free do this Not being a wise ass lol
  6. 2 of the spots it’s dripping, seaping from. From the bottom only. definitey lower than outside. The one right by the post is the one that was balooning out and I cut with a razor to let drain out
  7. I don’t know if their are ducts in that soffit crap, I’m assuming there is or why have the soffit there. I’m not cutting into it. Someone who knows what they are doing can. I have no idea what’s in there. Pipes, etc. no idea. I want to
  8. Have to find the cause first, then all that other **** potentially comes into play. Thats what I spoke to my insurance guy about. Proper steps etc.
  9. Chia doing more damage
  10. Who the hell knows. His place is joined to mine on one side. The leaking side i have an end unit
  11. condo bull**** just makes it
  12. Frank Seravalli‏Verified account @frank_seravalli 6h6 hours ago Let's recap. June 22, 2017: Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome. Nov. 16, 2018: Ryan Strome for Ryan Spooner. Jan. 21, 2019: Ryan Spooner on waivers. Jordan Eberle and Ryan Strome not on waivers.
  13. i'm afraid to ask how one even fixes that **** when it gets in the walls like that i'm guessing i'll have someone look at it, tell me what the supposed cause is, maybe have them tear apart all the **** that's wet, spray sporicidin on it like a mofo, and then give it some time to see if it happens again before doing the cosmetic **** what a pain in the ass
  14. sonny gray gone
  15. lol, very nice people just emailed my insurance guy on what to do next