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    30 years fishing Block in surf and boat now addicted to kayak fishing
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    Farming, horses, turkey hunting, stripa fishin fishing the tropics
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  1. Just wait till these young adults have to run this country, we are screwed !
  2. Maybe they thought you had the bid C
  3. Fly box, stripping basket, pliers , leaders, shooting heads. Wow I’m beat
  4. I had no clue they sold stuff online. Going right now!
  5. No, claymores. Walk cautiously
  6. I barely went out in the kayak there last year. Every time I went those dog headed buggers would follow me. They must weigh 400 pounds. Wouldn’t want one rubbing my kayak in 30 feet of water.
  7. I took a look at the North Light web cam this morning. It was covered in big Grey Seals again. They are huge
  8. Ya what a bitch. House on block, business on block, mail and last checks I get for months on block, stuff in frig over a month old now, had to cancel keys tarpon trip, had to cancel my turkey camp month long rental, all my bass tackle is on block so I can’t putter. They won’t let me come over for just a few hours for anything. YET , they can come over to mainland. Time to move
  9. Still hoping early June will be doable
  10. Nice pics cap. You are right on, comparing us to herd animals. Unfortunately there are a lot of SHEEP in RI
  11. I like many, am supposed to be on a plane right now heading to Marathon for a week of Solo fishing. But nooooo
  12. Fish the keys many times. 4 piece fly rod in tube. Tackle, all sharp stuff in check in bag. Carry on bag has reels. For me, it’s easier to hit bass pro and grab a 7 ft ugly stick for $50. Comes with a reel, I never use that and bring my own Stradic,with spare spools. I give the rod away to someone, like a kid before I leave. The ugly stick works great for kayak and bridge fishing. It’s one piece. Had several Tarpon on it in December. I would rather a nicer rod but I too am wary of 4 piece rods. All my present rods are 1 piece. Not good for traveling. I would definitely look at a Black Hole 4 piece if there was one.
  13. Crap, just when I thought it was clear. How often are you cleaning your line? My line is fairly new and I wanted to maintain it properly. Can’t hurt anything with plain soap and water it would seem.
  14. Nice tips here. I tried the amoral cleaner protector and it works nice. Took a sponge and soaked it down and folded it over the line and used a cloths pin to close it up. Then reeled up line. Put the sponge in a zip lock for next time. Sure increased my casting distance. Too much grass casting lately dried my line out a bit.
  15. Have a pair but only use them in tropics. I use gators and quick dry pants. Beach sand ? Might be tough