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    30 years fishing Block in surf and boat now addicted to kayak fishing
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    Farming, horses, turkey hunting, stripa fishin
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  1. Big sea last night, weed everywhere. What a difference a few days can make
  2. I’ve seen some nice “snapper” on the beach but she is some ugly!
  3. Spot burning bass turds
  4. Redfin / black red gill
  5. Looks different out here
  6. After spending some time in Islamorada, I believe New England fish suck. Red Snapper , Grouper, Cobia, fell in love with this stuff. Still a fan of Cod and Haddock and Black fish and sea bass but Florida fish eat real well.
  7. There has been an crazy amount of bait on BI. The last few weeks has seen acres of birds off the beach a few hundred yards. I haven’t seen this in a long time. Could just be me. Small bunker have been pushed on the beach and schoolie fest was in full force a week ago. Last few days have been different, no birds crashing. Fish are almost as fat as they are long. I haven’t seen any sand eels as of yet. New moon in June and no sand eels. No fish of any size for me YeT.
  8. Just saw a video of a pedal yak made by Santa Cruz. Anyone know anything about these? Look very stable and a very interesting SEAT
  9. Ooo, ooo, can’t wait to get back to work. Nice find Drew. Those look like southern block rocks!
  10. I use a callus,got it from working to much.
  11. Tons of smalls on Block, every cast. Pulled a googan move, forgot my pliers. Glad they were keyed in on paddle tails.
  12. Caught them on BI in the early 80’s like we get sea robins now. Before that you could walk on them in Narragansett bay by rocky point. Weighted treble, hook pogie and get huge Squeteague, sea trout and weakfish, all 3 lol
  13. Or, the great and powerful OZ will make a new law ,that no one enforces
  14. Once you start catching from that yak you will never be the same
  15. You know the ones with the bulls eye on their head