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  1. Cheap cast nets at bass p. Are these 30 - $40 nets decent? You can buy a bucket for $5. Never thought I would buy a bucket. Looked into buying bait $ 20 for 12 pilchards. I’m looking forward to learning to use a net. Do minnow traps work? Also wondering if anyone uses a dropper with a fly? I’m hoping a 10’ kayak will fit in my mid size suv rental. If not I will be renting at state parks I guess.
  2. Any recommendations on cast nets. I have always wanted to try this. Might get one up here a Cabelas. There are different mesh sizes. I might get one and check it out.
  3. Great help here. Opened my eyes quite a bit. Did some searching with the info provided here and it’s encouraging. It would appear that renting a kayak would open up things providing the weather cooperates. What foot wear is best for flats wading? Also wondering about lure selection? How deep do you typically wade and what kind of critters should I look out for? Looks like fun,saw some u tube vids of guys on kayaks. Seems like the tide rips and lots of other things can ruin a good day fast. I’m staying in Islamorada and from what it sounds like, I will need to check out, Bahia Honda park,long key park,Marathon sp and John Pennekamp. Lots to do, thanks for the input. I’m there from the 21st thru the 24 th. Not long enough
  4. It’s been almost 35 years since my last visit. Thinking about just getting on a plane and heading down for maybe a charter and some bridge fishing. I have never done this but it looks interesting and relaxing. Kind of a spur of the moment thing for me. Thinking about chartering and lodging from bud and mary’s marina. I see they rent rods and gear also. Would love any advice, please.
  5. I support Stripers Forever and have for many years. If there is a reason not, I would like to know why. They seem to be the only organization out there to support. I know nothing is perfect but it's better than spending money on more fishing gear. Maybe we need our own organization? I vote for Charlie for president. Thank you Charlie for your attention and devotion, and also to you Mike, who I mostly disagree with.
  6. I am still at a loss as to why Stripers Forever has so little support here. They claim in their mission statement they advocate for game fish status. If there is no value in the market and it is illegal to sell in restaurants it should be easy to enforce the law. There is no possession. No commercial fishing for bass along the Atlantic Seaboard. Some say this is a fish grab by the recreational fishermen. I don't see it that way. I see it as saving the stock. Reducing the number of dead bass it what it should be about. I'm all for no fish kept at all. I personally haven't kept a fish in over 17 years. And for the guys who just need to eat one. There are farm raised bass to eat. Would you eat the last Buffalo? Maybe you should try Venison.
  7. 3 hours 15 minutes, 565 lb giant tuna. Nomans island MA. Steamed from block island in 20 ft center con. 130 lb penn gold 150 lb Jenkins. Trolled daisy chain Mackerel. That was 35 years ago and I will never forget it.
  8. How nice it was to have a decent fall run on Block. The first for me in a long while. Although very spread out, they were not big and it was very amusing. Just might buy a few more plugs after all.
  9. I'm not surprised but 3 days of poking around on block, mornings and afternoons produced 0 hits. No sign of life, water temp 45. Wind blowing 35 all week. Time to wash the plugs.
  10. Thank you for all the respect you show for us, and for not keeping any of us in the last 20 years.
  11. Heading back to block today, hoping for "just one more"
  12. Sounds like about 300 grand worth of work there. You are valuable, lol
  13. Should be around Block right after turkey day. Can't wait
  14. Cortisone shot was a big help for me. I switched rods and REELS. My set up is so much lighter now than before it's insane. Went thru years of agony and finally went to the doctor. Minutes after the injection the pain was gone. It will come back but if you do rotator exercises it will help big time. Go see Q at rivers end he makes a fine rod. Got a 9 1/2 ' lami with a shimano ultegra. The reel is not bad it's very light and cast great. It is not a reel that will take to much abuse but if it keeps me casting for hours and hours if it breaks I'll get another.
  15. Tags could be assigned to each fishermen with the purchase of the boarding pass. Your responsible to prove your catch is legal.