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  1. Been at it for a long time but never got serious until the last 5 years. Never knew how much I stunk at it until I got some lessons from John Field. I have never been so determined to get better at anything in my life like this. I love casting period. I have been practicing all Winter in snow up to my ears. Took my first flats charter in the Keys this past November and have been on a mission ever since. I have caught many Stripers and Blues on fly but fishing the flats has hooked me like nothing before. Have a trip in the Keys next week and this is my first attempt at migrating Tarpon. I’ve tied tons of flies all Winter and bought all sorts of fun stuff to tie awesome patterns. This week I focused on leaders and testing my knots. Just no end to the excitement of fly fishing. When I return from the Keys it’s full on Striper, until September for another flats trip. Ya hoo!
  2. Packing for a key’s trip. Got this idea for fly storage on line. Sweet little bags keeps flies clean and orderly instead of a tangled mess. I hope I have enough to get me going
  3. Some nice stuff there. My box is getting bigger every week it seems. Keys bound second week in May.
  4. Turkeys gobbling this week
  5. No, I never hunted them on the island. They were not true wild birds and were fed by residents. They were mostly contained in the Great Swamp area. There is a good sized flock around the Westside started by Tim McCabe that has flourished. He runs the horseback riding business. Big birds probably taste good, like piping plovers. My 35 year obsession with turkey hunting around the Northeast has faded a bit as my hunting partners have become to old to hump miles in the mountains. I still hunt them but not a crazed as before. Now I’m obsessed with fishing , lol that never fades, ever
  6. I don’t see many on Block. I believe there are restrictions with the airport being so close. I always have my 12 gauge in the truck for the rare occasion. I am not a fan. Privacy is a hard thing to get these days.
  7. This December I was on the flats with my guide and he suggested I get rid of my orange fly line. I have a Rio direct core tropical 10 wt permit wf floating line. The color scheme is sand, running, orange and aqua blue. The line preformed fine for sure but he did not like the orange. He said he prefers a natural sky / water tone. I was looking at SA amplitude smooth Tarpon. It has stealth core, not sure exactly what that is yet, I think it is designed to land softly, black running sand and surf in tropical 10 wt WF floating. I was considering a clear tip line and am not sure if it is a wise thing as it’s more difficult to see the fly for the angler. A clear tip is very stealthy for sure but is it necessary I wonder. I also have never used anything but smooth lines. What is the advantage if any to textured lines ? Appreciate any input, thanks
  8. I was there on Tuesday booked a kayak trip but the weather went to hell on us. Heavy wind and some snow. What a magical place. Can’t wait to return
  9. I have watched just about everything Andy Mill has put out there. Big fan of his pod cast. His casting is poetry for sure.
  10. Thanks all ! I’m an electrician up and down stairs and ladders out to the truck all day. On my feet all day. Been at that exercise all my life and it’s awful, lol. I just want to be at my best when it counts the most. I get the heat thing and would still rather fight from a sauna than an ice cube any day. I’m aware I will loose hopefully many fish and that is part of the excitement for me. I’m all in on this and will not give up, no doubt. Can’t wait to to feel the pain. Going back again in early October for some baby Tarpon and hopefully some Bones, can’t get enough I’ve been bit hard.
  11. I’ve been working on preparing for Tarpon season. I have several days booked in mid May in the lower Keys. I was looking for suggested work outs for building the mussels most used in fighting large “hopefully” fish on fly. I didn’t see much out there, so I have my rod tied off to my support posts in the basement and do my best to simulate the pain I hope to encounter. I can feel what needs to be worked on and how the power is delivered from your legs mostly. I also tied off an old cod fish rod and can really get pressure on those mussels without the fear of breaking my fly rods. By the way my wife thinks I’m nuts. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Baseball and golf are great snoozing sports for sure
  13. I see a few guys using step ladders fishing GSP and occasionally on the beaches. I’ve also watched a few flats boats polling along the beach by State beach. All summer long fish can be spotted along with swimmers on most beaches if you have patience, they can be caught. I’ve gently poked around the pond many times in my kayak but find myself often wishing I was somewhere else more productive. I absolutely love this sight fishing stuff but usually save it for the tropics and focus my Bass fishing at night, but have caught tailing schoolies on the rip. Now your talking!
  14. Some warm water flavors
  15. I have a particular spot in mind for using it. A trail about 200 yards that lead to a Gilligan’s island type of spot. Spent many hours there on foot and was amazed how much activity was around me. I think I can stash the ladder for the week hidden in the mangroves. I hope to get some use out of it and a story or two. Next will be how to lash it to my kayak and paddle to some new ground, or not.