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  1. Just curious, any amount of seals ?
  2. I had only a few outings with a awesome bite with red gills when there were some sand eels around. I believe that was reasonably close to your trip time frame. Many skunks this Juneteenth
  3. The Block Island Times is warning people not to have any contact with all the Dead Sea birds washing ashore. One possible reason they stated for theirs deaths is lack of food. No bait nothing to eat also the possibility of avian flue. I’m voting on the NO BAIT thingie from what I see out here. The North Light was loaded with dead birds surrounded by alive Grey seals. They all looked well fed though. Can’t imagine a crab or lobster still alive with those buggers roaming the wash. The North light is now closed to vehicular traffic because of Plover nesting. One strange thing different from most years out there is no Terns and not any birds working. Normally you would hear their voices screaming as they pick a small bait like SANDEELS. There are fish around but they seem to stay away from the shallows and feed in deeper, cooler, sealess waters, we’re doomed I’m afraid.
  4. I have had some success with gurggler’s especially articulated ones. Lots of varieties to try. Preform nicely in the trough.
  5. Fly casting from a yak is not the easiest thing to do at times, I’ll admit. I have done it for many years with some good results. It seems to me to be similar to trying to cast while wading. Many of us do that all the time with good results.
  6. Mike I love your approach to the swell ridden surf. Fishing the trough was always my intention. The lip is tough as the wave crashes on your line. I got to hold Steve Colton’s 12 ft 6 two hander you made him at black rock bluff last week as he was on the prowl. Interesting to say the least. I love the idea of that long rod in a rolling surf. Can be a frustrating place to be with a 9 ft one hander. I have a tough time with a floating line here but understand the presentation is hard to resist if there are fish in the wash. I have some success but mostly when the sea is tame. I will keep at it. Unfortunately the fish have been somewhere else it would seem. I will be thinking about your rods. Probably to much. Thank you for being here !
  7. Seals are very bad. Guys in the boats are catching okay in deeper water from what I hear. But no bait on shore from what I see.
  8. 2022 continues to blow my mind. After 39 years on Block my personal worst year ever. About 85 % down in numbers from last year. No bait have I seen at any of my spots. No sand eels, no birds, no bait smell, and no Terns at all picking small bait. Skunks have been the norm on most trips. May was way better and my hopes of a good push of fish soon are doubtful. Got as close as you can to SW ledge last night and it was like a city of lights at the ledge. Must be where the bait has staged up and the bass are staying clear of the beach where they are harassed by giant Grey Seals. Certainly not going to stop trying but it’s disheartening to say the least. Block is so dead it’s awful. At least from my findings. Sweet water is alive and well. For now
  9. That’s exciting, got the rule police to deal with sadly
  10. Risky business, touh choice ,fish or drown
  11. Didn't find this on the beach but on my way to the beach. Made me chuckle and smile. A rare sign of the times on Block. Best thing I ever have seen on that rock in a very long time. Thanks DZ for the pic.
  12. Haven't fished it in years but I got one mounted from there that was 8 pounds. Used to like around the island and by the big metal garage if that's even still there. Awesome place, at least it was
  13. And where did you say your mid key spots were?
  14. Yes but deep still.
  15. We used to see Macks on Block Island like that many years ago. Haven’t seen mackerel of any amount in a very long time. You could fill boxes of them from shore. Giant Tuna 5 miles off the beach. Where are they ? Now it seems everything wants the cooler water. That’s if there are any left. Just my thoughts