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  1. Right up to the early 70's when common sense was still used, the state of MA payed a $ 5 bounty for a dead seal. Fisherman hauling their gear would "cull"out a few and it helped keep the population somewhat in check. Then the marine mammal act was passed. Because of this, the population has exploded and there is no check and balance. Every time the people that " knows what's best for us " do something to screw with nature, they put us in jeopardy.
  2. I blame the government for this. The writing has been on the wall for years. The Marne Mamal protection act is a way for tree huggers to use our tax money to ruin entire coast lines. There is no common sense in government. If I were a member of this poor guys family I would hold them responsible for this.
  3. Well, I know this is over the edge but, aren't they responsible for the over population of Grey Seals on the National seashore. They have ruined the cape and now heading for a beach near you. Wear your chain mail waders. I would expect a lot of used kayaks for sale very soon.
  4. The experts will want to introduce a natural predator. These may include lions,tigers and Bears, oh my!
  5. Burn the witch!
  6. This has to bee Trumps fault
  7. At least he tried, better than most do.
  8. Very helpful, thanks
  9. I herd of a 70 and a few 50's out by some ledge in rodediland? I was told it was released by some gentleman from CT
  10. I fish there around 4 days a week. What it was and what it is is very different. I keep some surf gear in my car at the Westerly airport and fish SOCO after a good skunking on BI. Don't get me wrong you never know unless you try. This week a 70 lb cow and a few 50's taken on the ledge. Very long cast needed. Block is much better if you have a boat. Been their,done that. No thanks. Must be something in the water, or maybe the windmills are scaring them away. Still fish there but it's discouraging, especially when there is tons of bait.
  11. Way to late, lately, seems after September its down hill fast. Very quiet if your into that. Most everything is closed. Cape is better
  12. Thanks, that is a sweet looking truck
  13. I along with many others I'm sure,are waiting to get into one of these sweet yaks but are disturbed by all the failures they have. Why can't Hobie sell an extended warranty as do most car dealers do? It would make some more confident on laying down so much money. Put out a little extra now for some confidence for later. I never get these when I buy a new vehicle, but this might be worth it,depending on the cost. Seems I've been waiting a long time now.
  14. Lots of good info here, this truck will rarely see anymore highway driving once it's gets to Block. I need to set it up before it get to Block. Looking at a small lift, new tires and rims, rod rack on front, no cooler as I release most fish. I'm also thinking about a rack on top to carry rods and kayaks. I was thinking about using a portable air tank to air back up. Is there better options for a compressor out there? Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I want to do this right, and I'm not in a big hurry as the fishing is not that good right now for me. The truck will double as a work back up when block gets snow and mud. Yuck!
  15. A friend of mine owns several fishing boat in Chatham tells me that the grey seals only eat the livers. What I read is 50 lbs a day, of livers!