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    30 years fishing Block in surf and boat now addicted to kayak fishing
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    Farming, horses, turkey hunting, stripa fishin
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  1. Rhode Island, the lib tard state. Time to reopen the insane asylums. No place to put sickooo’s anymore. If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Get some spine R.I.
  2. Al Gagg has a new jig head with a spinner on it. Just got one at CT Surfcasters demo day. I always thought there should be a SW type spinner bait because sweet water bass love them. Would be a wind catcher tho.
  3. Can’t wait to go back.
  4. No snow at all on Block. Redwing black birds and Robins been here for a few weeks. Thinking about hitting the ponds for bass and pickerel, waiting on the Mumichugs to start filling my traps.
  5. ziggie mad dogs, unreal, puffed pastry escargot umm. Shrimp stuffed red snapper with burnaise. Enough to make move
  6. I was in Islamorada in January, brought a lot of tackle but went to bass pro and got an 8’ ugly stick with a Cabo reel for $50. When I left I gave it to a kid that was hanging around the shop. I brought my Shimano reel but never used it because the combo they sold was cheaper than just a rod. Bought a bucket at Home Depot, filled it with shrimp and was catching tons of snappers. Can’t wait to go back, just loved it. I need months there not weeks.
  7. I am a fan of these . I have 2 and the main reason I use them is their weight. I’ve had one for 3 or 4 years now and it’s still like the day I bought it. Cast all night with my 9 1/2’ lamiglass. Easy on the shoulders. Sweet drag and casts well. Definitely not a heavy weight Penn and not a dunker for sure.
  8. Tarpon in the blood, tough to think about anything else
  9. Electric vehicles are only 40% efficient in cold climates. This cracks me up. Green my butt. Pull in every 4 hours and charge your little green unsafe car with fossil fuels.
  10. Canal
  11. Oh ya, just wait for the hundreds of thousands of spent solar panels to start filling your land fills with the toxic chemicals. Mighty green stuff there, no one speaks about that though.
  12. The wind farm on Block is just starting to show it’s effects. I have watched countless dollars spent. Right now the have a ship in old harbor that lifts itself out of the water. That’s cheap. They have exposed cables from the wind farm and the mainland coming ashore. They are constantly working on it. The multimillion dollar vessel they built to get to it. The jury is out on this, cap. There have been more whale grounding since they were built than the last 37 years I’ve lived there. I’m not a fan. Build them in Newport see how that goes. How can it be more affordable at sea than land where you don’t spend all it makes on maintenance. This I believe is the beginning of the “green raw deal” we are getting shoved down our throats. In theory it works, but in practicality it sucks the big one. Just the way I see it.
  13. There is a seminar schedule on line. Not much going on Friday when I’m planning on going. Worth a check.
  14. No just a glock
  15. Close the canal and SW ledge. That would save tons