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  1. Cortisone shot was a big help for me. I switched rods and REELS. My set up is so much lighter now than before it's insane. Went thru years of agony and finally went to the doctor. Minutes after the injection the pain was gone. It will come back but if you do rotator exercises it will help big time. Go see Q at rivers edge he makes a fine rod. Got a 9 1/2 ' lame with a shimano ultegra. The reel is not bad it's very light and cast great. It is not a reel that will take to much abuse but if it keeps me casting for hours and hours if it breaks I'll get another.
  2. Tags could be assigned to each fishermen with the purchase of the boarding pass. Your responsible to prove your catch is legal.
  3. Looks like it's in Cali
  4. There are no plugs I hate. They are all weapons that will have there day, or night. When fishing is hot I intentionally use my low confidence plugs to see how they preform. This has lead to some new favorites.
  5. Tough one to answer, depends a lot on where you fish. These days it's a bone sp minnow. Other days it's a needle.
  6. Nothing worse than pulling on to the beach with birds crashing and rods bending, and your not ready.
  7. Son of a gun! I hate work, it gets in my way all the time. That will be stuck in my pea brain all Winter.
  8. Back to back skunk outings. Tuesday morning was insane at SW point, Gannets crashing on the bar, fish on every cast for a while. Feeling like this might be the end. My knees are pleased,but my heart is heavy.
  9. Whew, about 2 minutes to Ballards beach. I confess I like fish better now.
  10. I thank you all for your service
  11. Quite interesting reading all the comments, I recognize many names but wondered how many are from this site. I can't for the life of me see why anyone who actually cares about bass would be in favor of this. I did notice how just about every charter boat captain is all about slaughtering the last buffalo. Go figure
  12. Flew into Westerly yesterday afternoon from Block, got to a popular beach nearby. As I was entering the beach a watched a guy come out behind on of those houses with a nice 25 lb class fish. Got on the beach to see birds crashing reasonably close. By the time a got on them I could only manage one small but it was encouraging. Did not see any fat bitches
  13. Absentee, very painless.
  14. Dirty waters ahead, again
  15. I have never been a fan of early or absentee voting. Seems there is just to much that can go wrong. I have lost faith in the ability of anyone with my vote in their hand. I work out of town 4 days a week so I'm considering this approach. It will cost me about $ 400 bucks to fly off Block Island to vote with loss wages and plane ticket. Do I care, NOT. This is war people! I will vote on Tuesday at any cost. The red wave needs to break over Washington! Please exercise to right to vote.