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    30 years fishing Block in surf and boat now addicted to kayak fishing
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    Farming, horses, turkey hunting, stripa fishin
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  1. Trophy Robin
  2. I’ll show those A holes. I have a great stock of “single use bags” just brig your Stop and Shop bags to big Y and fill them with your ****. Single use my butt. I get many uses from these bags, they all suck.
  3. This is so awesome, all these cape sharks are a blessing to the bass populations. Keeps fishing pressure off bass. Keeps Fishman home at night
  4. Just a way to sell more butter
  5. Watch for red flag law, someone talks **** about you, loose your gear. No matter what you say. Oh Canada
  6. Small bass feeding inches from wash, looked like tailing reds. Very cool, managed to fool a few about 20” or so. No blues
  7. Got the snub job last night at sandy point. Fish tailing on the bar. Grey seal chowing down. Tried throwing some flies at them,and still snubbed.
  8. Cap, wondered if the fly bite blows away the spin guys bite? On BI from beach has been a pick of small bass and huge blues. Water still kind of weedy just like last year at this time if my memory still works. Been wanting to get more fly time in, dirty water is a pain on fly. Summer is flying by
  9. Two kids with shark fins on their backs,
  10. Released?
  11. Soon they my all get sick and die from over breeding and diseases from crapping and eating stuff that eats their crap. Seal colony on Block Island was up around 30 to 40 on Sandy Point last year. This year I only saw one. I must confess, I rocked that basturd and haven’t seen any up there since. Thank god, keep um in the anal canal.
  12. Small bass in the rip and humungo gators around. Lmao fun,miss those big blues.
  13. Nice to see big Blues again. Tackle busters!
  14. Gators are plentiful on BI. Got to find some stinking steel leaders