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    30 years fishing Block in surf and boat now addicted to kayak fishing
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    Farming, horses, turkey hunting, stripa fishin fishing the tropics
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  1. Water temp went from 61 to 59 pretty quickly it seems
  2. Nice flies Ray. Your dad was an Army guy. My dad was Navy, served on the Yorktown. Ironically he was stationed on Block Island for a while learning submarine sound detection. I wish he had some money to buy land out there back then,lol
  3. Unfortunately this is an example of everything in America now. Think it’s bad now ? Wait a few years. I feel sorry for young people today. They are screwed
  4. Charlie Dodge , Joe Fallon or Steve smith would be the guys to answer that question. I moved out there in 1982
  5. I’ll pass on anything rainbow
  6. Nice Senko fly. Largemouth candy
  7. Nice collection of jewels right there !
  8. Sounds like a plan. Thanks
  9. I go down to the Keys in a few weeks for 10 days. I’m looking to add a few “ wonder worms “ to my arsenal. Trying a few in different colors and sizes. Thanks for posting.
  10. Nice going TS. Is that a marabou worm or foam worm? So cool to see them sip down the fly. I can never get enough of that rush. Congratulations
  11. Give Smathers beach a try. I have fished there and it can be good. There are a few jetties to get out on. I’ve caught baby Tarpon there early in the morning. Also try behind the naval air station. Nice Long Beach to fish and ya never know what you will find. Maybe some bare naked ladies or other types around for sure. Good adventure if you don’t mind walking. Most of my spots are north of KW. Kayak or guide is best. I’ll be in Marathon for 10 days coming up in a few weeks. Tarpon are hot and getting hotter every week now according to my guide. Just praying for no wind.
  12. wish I could . Very nice of you In the keys for 10 days in a few weeks . Can't wait
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