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  1. Apologies, i didn't see the typos, the Van Staal is 600 OBO
  2. Disregard this thread, and go to BST
  3. Well i always knew it was inevitable, i'd have to sell my prized Staal in order to help pay the rent, ect. I have up for sale a black Van Staal VS250 spooled with over 500 yards of 30 lb powerpro( You can have it with or without the line) it was purchased last year in August from river's end and still have original box with bag. minor scratches but still fishes like a dream, and dunked on 600 Only once or twice. Also, i have an Avet MXL 5.8 Silver lefty, not fished very much( Less than 10 times) and just sits in a box in my office it currently has 300+ yards of 20 lb mono. 180 OBO With both of these sales i would greatly prefer to do mail order to avoid pay pal all together. Any questions, feel free to ask,
  4. damn haha, you're right. lemme fix that.