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  1. Thanks guys!
  2. If you fish around Milford, please PM me. Want to take a survey about what you’ve actually seen posted/marked closed due to CV19 and if it mentions anything specific about fishing. thanks!
  3. Yeah Sorry just looked and it’s an M not an L
  4. Definitely no 2 piece?
  5. I’d do $45 shipped to 06877 (or meet you in midtown if that’s more convenient)
  6. Sold to xsailor
  7. Looking for $400, thanks though!
  8. Innards are perfect.
  9. Didn’t get anything
  10. Thanks for your interest. I bought it second hand, but given the porting, it's from sometime before 2015.
  11. Yes - similar to abels as well, just requires changing the direction of the pawls. I was planning to put a 9wt intermediate line on it and that was just my eyeball - official rating is 200 yards of 20lb micron with a 8 wt floater
  12. Beautiful blue Everglades up for grabs. A couple very small dings (included a picture of the worst of it) but will make someone very happy! Brand new reel case, set for LHW and loaded with ~225 yards on new Cortland micron backing. $400 TYD
  13. Did you find anything?
  14. Let me know if you have one laying around!