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  1. The drag on my reel is squealing, seems to be working just fine and smooth except for the sound. Anyone have the same issue with this reel or could help diagnose it? Tia!
  2. just go back in this thread.....everything is there. what I used: 3800 Apache box 2 valence U1-12Rt Batteries mulitple cord grips from McMasters item#7807k33 Minnkota 10 Gauge quick connectors 10 Gauge wire Ring heat shrink wire connectors 10 gauge 40a inline circuit breaker switch
  3. That makes sense..always trying to lighten the load lol damn that’s fast what charger do you have?
  4. Damn! Just looked and they’re going for $350 now? I paid $100 each
  5. I didn’t buy that case for another bat box, just got it as a carry case for fish finder, vhf and FF batteries. I’m gonna unhook one of the batteries in the dual box and see it will last me a normal day of fishing, if so then I’ll build a single box with one of the original batteries
  6. I have it on the motor connections for now, may move it to the battery after a couple uses. also I have the Apache 2800 and checked to see if one valence fits and it does, looks like plenty of room around the sides for wiring. The lid closes perfectly without any foam pads in the box, I added the smallest foam pad it comes with n it still closes but it’s snug
  7. lol yea me too..flipped my kayak 2 weeks ago in the surf, battery box, motor and control box are all good and they were completely submerged (except the control box was floating). The watersnake in the original form would have been toast! I'm sure you know but the fan hooked up to the battery on the pwm will stay on with while the pwn is on and the fan hooked up to the motor will go at the same speed as the motor(variable fan lol).
  8. does the smaller HF Apache case fit 1 battery? I actually been thinking about building a single bat case too. I don't have a meter hooked up but i did 10 miles the other day with my watersnake/pwm on the double battery and only took 8 hours to fully charge them back up, usually takes double that.
  9. Thanks. I figured it out after using for 6 hours straight that it got pretty hot, it gets hot enough that it could burn/melt very small gauge wires like the ones that are pre-wire on the pwm. mine is propped up off the bottom with hot glue and gromments lol I also took a small fan from a graphic card i had sitting around and mounted that on the pwm
  10. THIS!!!! If i even see a boat heading toward me in the distance i'm already making moves to be sure he does not hit me and i'm fully prepare to stand and jump if need be.
  11. I use a chain and master lock thru the scupper holes to my factory side rails. Also use thick bike cable lock. And since mine lives on my truck i actually have insurance on it ($50 for the year) it covers loss, stolen and damage.
  12. was there sunday they had all the meters covered and lot is open
  13. my outback lives on my roof rack all season since i live in a condo, no issues just try to park under a tree or shaded area. if its extra hot i loosen the front and back straps
  14. if you're in Monmouth than that works.