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  1. Bump
  2. NV is sweet! I have it on my outback. Pretty small for its thrust, I can get up to 6mph with tide and about 3.5mph against tide and wind. I actually built a 30ah 29.2v battery with prismatic cells, cost me less then $300
  3. Closing this for now, may be going a different direction.
  4. Thanks but I’m looking for needle nose style
  5. Anyone interested in trading their premios 7.5” for my lightly used Danco offshores? Lmk I’d probably just sell them too. Only use twice no sheath
  6. Hey, looking for sporting wood bottle darters juniors...or north bar juniors. Tia
  7. lmk what your have, price shipped pp and condition. 6-30psi. tia!
  8. What’s the hairy **** on the sides?
  9. What’s your best price on just the GoPro, batteries n remote?
  10. Can you pop a couple close up picks or the actual GoPro ie lense and screen? Thx
  11. More then double what I want to spend. Thx for posting!
  12. lmk what you have, cost & condition. tia!
  13. bump