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  1. Soon enough!
  2. I should be on LI some time in next couple weeks, what part r u from?
  3. Factory. it does have some rash on rear grip
  4. sure ill take some pics later
  5. a couple look like a good options for a kayak but none of them would fit thru a mirage drive with the 3 blade props. thx
  6. can you take a picture of the inside of completed box with the battery attached? looks like you did a conversion to battery for remote, did you actually use the stock battery for the remote or a different one? How long does that battery last for the controller?
  7. i have a FSC 9' one piece i think its a 1086 or maybe 1087
  8. what motors are you referring to? I see the newport vessel has a 36lb but not sure that head would fit throw the drive.
  9. If you’re asking how it held up to the fish, no problem at all. That stradic is new so time will tell, think I only have like 5/6 fish on it so far. I have 2 FKs that are great reels so I don’t expect much difference with the FL
  10. That’s what she said ;-)
  11. with any wind direction under 12mph. where i mostly fish SW, S and SE are all good up to 15/20mph any other direction sucks with 15/20mph, though we've done it pretty often this year. I try not to fish in **** conditions alone.
  12. Jumbo from this weekend a fat 47”
  13. I’ve scrapped the ESC n Servo tester box. I burnt thru 3 testers already on about 12 outings! It works great and its small size was nice but It’s just to hard to waterproof . Over it lol I Just rebuilt a pwm box which is so much easier to waterproof.
  14. i cant answer your question but damn thats slow!! lol i use a 10a charger
  15. PFD

    i like the inflatables for ease of movement, i can't stand regular vests. but make sure it has 3 ways of inflating, manual pull, auto deploy and inflatable hose to inflate by mouth. I use a west marine one, which we will be testing when we get a little warmer weather. that video above def looks like reentry would be difficult but you can deflate them slightly with the hose then reflate if need be. also a regular pfd wont hold your head out of water like them in the event you are unconscious.