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  1. no its perfectly fine, i thought i was gonna have to wedge the batteries forward with foam for clearance but they are straight against the back and hard foam in the front. the batteries do not move in any direction with the stock foam up top and below. thx
  2. Yea I figured they weren’t stainless knowing HF lol. If the box lasts a year or 2 I’m fine with that since it was only $30. You put the top foam back in? mine is built...only took 30 mins. Thx for all the great info n help!!!
  3. would you say this is waterproof or resistant, have you seen any water inside? Mine is gonna be sitting behind me and it will 100% be getting wet and sitting in a 1-2 inches of water. the bottom portion of the box is about 4" so the seals wont be submerged. I'm gonna move the wire grip to the top of the box n put some goop on that vent screw. Have you been able to tell yet if the metal on this box is stainless steel, my concern is the hinge pins?
  4. great thx for clearing that up!
  5. thx bud! So its normal for there to be a couple inches of water back there?
  6. Hi quick question: Is it ok to invert the cart while on the water or does this restrict the scuppers capability to do their job? The back of my outback always carries a couple inches of water(more so when rough), is that normal or is it because of the inverted cart? thx!
  7. If you only need it once in your life then carrying it on every outing will be worth it!! plus its essential if you are fishing with someone or a group and its actually fun...stay off main channels lol
  8. ok thx! I ordered this one from fleabay. Ill put it in the line in a small clear waterproof box.
  9. thx for the reply...I didn't see anything for $10 or anything that says rc power meter, these are the top 2 results, is it one of these? Neither one seems water proof. how would i hook it up to monitor consumption from the battery, in the power to motor line or straight to the battery?
  10. Does anyone use a power meter between their battery and trolling motor(think that's how it works, or do they just hook up to your battery/s)? Just looking to see when I'm low on power and how much i'm drawing while i'm on the water. Is there any water proof options? thx!
  11. bump
  12. this one? which other post?
  13. Thanks all!! seems like it's a hard no lol, glad i asked cause it didn't really seem like a big deal to me. I'm actually going to be removing my crate from behind me and bringing every thing to the cock pit and in the stow attached mid boat. Turning around is fine in good conditions but not great when rough. So I guess I'll put the box behind me, my only concern was the amount of water that stays back there, about 3 inch at all times when its a little choppy. thx!
  14. the water comes in thru the bow hatch the most. On a nice day i only get a couple cups of water but on a rough day i can get a couple gallons in my outback. haven't really looked for a solution but your twist locks are not the problem.
  15. hmmm I'm thinking your bow is digging in so much because you have to much weight toward the back, since there is no weight in the front and a lot in the back the bow rises higher and slaps harder when going thru waves, kinda like one person on a seesaw???? not sure tho