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  1. What’s the prices? Is everything stock hooks? What size bull pops are those? Thx
  2. Im gonna pass thx bud
  3. Hey bud I didn’t see any pics on my side?
  4. Hey bud possibly pics n price? Thx!
  5. Hey bud pics, price n location?
  6. Thx bud that’s simple, was just worried about the hot days but probably out of direct sunlight would make all the difference
  7. Is it ok to hang a kayak by straps outside(under a deck out of sunlight)?? If so, what is the proper way to do it? Just went to check on my kayak and mice took up residence in it, I’m afraid they’ll eat at the hull, wires or whatever! Thx!
  8. Interested in the mag if u split. Thx
  9. Lmk what you have, price n condition. Thx!
  10. That’s it 3’ would’ve thought deeper?
  11. sorry thought rod was still available
  12. Nice thx for the info! any idea how far they dive?
  13. Anyone try trolling these from a kayak? If so, is there to much drag? Thx