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  1. Yes happened to me in the spring in rb, 30/40' away....very cool and humbling experience and yes a little scary. I kinda get nervous when i'm surrounded by thick bunker. Way more around last 3/4 years then i ever remember.
  2. Anyone actually own this an have a good/bad review on it?? couple years old now and still not much on the internet.
  3. Offer $55
  4. I'm happy to say Jarvis is sending me a brand new motor, this product may not be the best but their customer service is top notch!
  5. will this work with the valence batteries?
  6. cause soldering takes 2 seconds and zero money ....wouldnt touch the board at all
  7. you think I can solder those connections or should i use ring connectors
  8. so on a dual battery set up should we have them both connected together?
  9. This wiring correct?
  10. can you explain the wiring for the breaker?
  11. lol lesson learned but never saw anything from you before i built it. I'm 100% clear on how to build a new one!! lol Another great thing about a motor in the mirage drive; there is no consistent adjustment of the rudder like you need to do with actual mirage drive.
  12. yea not pretty but absolutely necessary. I'm making a new face plate for when i remove the stock switches and add a pwm dial. this will not be pretty either lol
  13. good stuff but don't forget to seal the shaft entrance inside the head unit.Yea i'll probably end up buying another watersnake since there's pretty much no other option and waterproofing the **** out of it, remove all the stock switches and add a pwm before it even looks at the water lol yea the washers where on the screws.
  14. kinda wondering if you could hook this motor up to the battery box we have? If so it would cut the price in half. the prop attachment looks very interesting!
  15. Its very possible that its an o-ring but after taking it apart i noticed that there is a straight shot for water from the head unit thru the shaft into the motor so if you get water in the head its safe to assume its in the motor as well. for people building these motors i would def waterproof the entrances to the shaft inside the head unit. I would also seal the 2 motor "seals" with goop as well as where the shaft meets the motor and pack the screws and prop shaft with grease.