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  1. thank you sir
  2. is the plug in the water before or after you tare the scale?
  3. if everything is new and you are using Rosco split rings then definitely those will fail first!! Then a VMC will be second. Third probably a Rosco swivel If you are using wolverine or owner split rings and Krok or Spro barrel swivels then the VMC is the weakest point. .02
  4. at what point do you sand this? before or after cure? that's what i plan on using
  5. does NJ Tackle have anything a bit bigger then you have?
  6. thank you sir!
  7. those look great! what type of wood did you use? also, what are you filling your belly weight holes to finish them?
  8. thanks i did read some of the post but not all of it yet! what factors should i take into mind with respect to hook placement?
  9. Yea 3/4”, I scaled it down to 8.5” long n 2” high. You think the 3/4” is still to thin? If so, what’s the max length you think for 3/4” stock? Tia
  10. Is pine a good wood for making gliders? i made one and although it was massive (9"x3") and weighed 3.4oz just the raw wood. it took pretty much that exact amount to sink it after thru wired, is that normal for it to take the same amount or more of the weight of the wood to sink it? Also, can i just use wood from lowes/home depot or there something specific i should be looking for in the wood? below is what i used. it didn't glide at all because of my hook placement, i couldn't get enough weight distributed correctly. tia!
  11. What product would you recommend?
  12. Hi, when making gliders out of pine, do I need to seal the plug before I paint or is a primer coat good? if I do need to seal what product do you recommend? tia!
  13. 8 months or so not 100%. Only used a couple times so no need for service
  14. bump 1