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  1. @Shaky86 Stoddard cutlery carried a large selection of knives, kitchen, folders and fixed blades not sure if they're still in business. I think the one in downtown Boston on Temple St is closed. I know the one in Chestnut mall is closed. But according to this link the on downtown is still open.
  2. Get a block of wood, jig saw, plane, file or whatever method you want the desired angle on one side of the block of wood. Place the knife on the angled side, run the block and knife along the stone to maintain the angle of the knife. The block of wood with the angle will be your guide. Easy solution to maintain the angle for both side of the blade.
  3. Its a Chinese clever, might be manufactures name. All the Chinese restaurants, food stores, household use that type of clever for cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing a do all cutting tool. That particular clever is Chinese manufacture. If by chance you are near a Chinese grocery store that sell cooked products like chicken, duck or roast pig you will see them using that particular clever to cut/chop up the the items. The most popular brand in most restaurants in Mass is the Dexter stainless steel clever.
  4. She also got interest free loan from Harvard to buy her house.
  5. On ebay there is a 1000W sous cooker for $39.85 free shipping.
  6. Maybe you would be interest in a pair of these, fits over your regular glasses Solar Shield.
  7. Here is a link to Global home site. Fine quality knives (Edit, no commercial links please ~ Sudsy)
  8. Here are the specs for that TV on sale.
  9. Years ago I had a Buck knife that would not hold a edge (sharpen), tried everything, different angles still would not hold a edge. Sent the knife with a note attached to Buck, they sent me a new knife.
  10. If there is a Microcenter where you live, they're having sales onTV. But you can order for delivery.
  11. Some are intenstines and the yellow ones are squid.
  12. Get a couple of the $4.99 roast, cut them into steak, vacuum seal, freeze. You're not going to find ribeye steak for $4.99/lb.
  13. Don't forget about this guy..Mussolini. Before After
  14. November 29, 2018 Picked-up pieces while reminding you that Truck Day is Feb. 4, the day after the Patriots win the Super Bowl . . . ■ Here’s one more thing to like about your World Series-winning Red Sox: They beat the Yankees every way possible this year, including in decency and generosity. We all know the Sox finished eight games ahead of the Bronx Bombers and wiped out the Steinbrenner AC in four games in the Division Series. Now it turns out that in addition to being losers in the AL East, the Yanks were also cheap and petty. In late-season share meetings, when players had to decide how many full shares would be doled out after the playoffs, the Red Sox authorized 66 full shares while the Yankees agreed to only 45. This is life-changing money for support staffers working for a major league team. A full share for the world champs amounted to $416,837, which may not mean much to David Price but is a gigantic deal to a clubhouse worker, a part-time pitching coach, or perhaps a traveling secretary. Get 108 Stitches in your inbox: Everything baseball every Monday-Friday during baseball season, and weekly in the offseason. According to the New York Post, the Yanks stiffed “the little people,’’ which makes them little. Share the gold, fellows. Sox win again.