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  1. We don't have 300 million+ Americans. According to Biden 100 million died from gun violence, another 120 million died from the virus. Doesn't leave too many Americans left to test.
  2. @BrianBMopen Firefox menu bar open it: 1. select options 2. Under Language and Appearance select "color" 3. Select "text" 4. Unvisited Links click on the color box do the same for the box on the far right 5. Background click on the color box select the color you want do the same for the box on the far right.
  3. @hotfishgirltry Gold Bond cream for exzema, I've used that for dry skin and it has helped with the dry skin/eczema. Theink the pharmacy at Harvard Vangaurd charged $50 for the tube of clobetasol propionate.
  4. @stormy monday I also have a bad case of eczema on my hands.It happens mostly on my fingers around the joints, when it flares up the pimples/blisters itch like heck. Once the pimples/blisters break the skin dries up and cracks exposing the flesh underneath like deep cuts. My dermatologist prescribed clobetasol propionate for the itch and fluocinonide for the dry skin. Clobetasol helped a little bit for the itch and the fluocinonide for the dry skin/cracks. The dry skin/cracks got worse so she prescribed a new ointment betamethasone which I find more effective. I also think it might be helping to prevent flare ups, haven't had any major ones since using the new ointment.
  5. If you have tried all the suggestions given and you still have problems. Go to this site very helpful and knowledgeable people there.
  6. During sa field excercise, I dipped my zippo in a jeep gas tank. Worked fine.
  7. Thanks Tim, I think I tried that and it didn't work. Just tried it and it worked.
  8. How to add/address a poster in the reply message (highlighted) without doing it manually. Doing it manually does not show highlighted. Example: @any person
  9. @levari Ginseng is used in Asia as a medicinal to boost energy, mental and physical (most common usage). Studies have found it also has other benefits. Chicken is used to lessen the bitter taste of the Ginseng root. Wild Ginseng found in the US commands a very high demand and top dollar from Asia.
  10. Could be the manager's fault, his mind occupied by the conditions back home. Not enough federal money (aid) for the corrupt politicians. The talent is there plus the highest payroll in the league.
  11. He spent time watching the gauges while it was charging, didn't mention anything about a leak.
  12. @Scallywag thanks for the help and suggestions
  13. What I said, I was lucky. Plus everybody in the house is cool. Forgot, he also cleaned the outside coils.
  14. I hit the wrong key and my reply window and fots are small. How do I get it back to normal size.
  15. Sorry so late getting back to you Ted. You and a couple of other guys were correct low on coolent R22. Service just left, I lucked out he works for a college maintenance dept. Swung over after work, was very reasonable charge for his labor and R22 charge, total $200. Again, Thanks guys for all the helpful suggestions. Hope in the future I can be as helpful.