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  1. In the 70's my friend had a house on White Horse beach. We used to fish the jetties at the station, caught blue fish. No problem with parking or the security people.
  2. SIM, put some powdered wasabi in a bag, cheerio shake. For the soy, that might be a little hard, cheerio would absorb the liquid.
  3. @Joe G Which side of the river, Cambridge or Boston.
  4. On one of the shows Tony Beets said they were lucky to make 20% profit using conventional method of mining. Thats the reason he bought a second dredge, less equipment, manpower and fuel involved. More profit for him. This season Parker mined over 7 k ounces of gold, over 7 milliom dollars. Not too shabby for a 22/23 yr old. Parker's net worth is around 7 million.
  5. A couple hrs ago, one woman union picket stuck her face a coupe of inches from my face and yelled "thanks". This happened within a couple of feet from the entrance to the store. Asked the manager inside the store if they were breaking the law by being so close to the market.entrance and confronting customers. He said he was waiting for the police to handle the situation. Bunch of a**holes!!!
  6. Link to photo section about waterproof cameras.
  7. I always thought the RMV was a PITA to renew drivers license. But the Mass Division of Marine Fisheries has them beat by a country mile. I called to request to renew my saltwater and freshwater fishing license, lady said it would be sent. Called back 2 weeks later to say I haven't received the license yet, told it would be sent. Received license, only for saltwater, no freshwater license. Called them back explained I requested both freshwater and saltwater license. told it would be sent. 1 1/2 week goes by, still not freshwater license, called them again requesting freshwater license, told it would be sent. Received (guess what) another saltwater license. I now have 2 saltwater license, no freshwater license. I'll call them again next week and request the freshwater license, maybe this time I will receive the correct one or I might end up with 3 satwater license. Incompetent at its best.
  8. Hi Carl, just finished calling that phone number you gave me for fishing license. The lady said the licenses will be sent, no mention of service fee. Thanks for the heads up about the service fee.
  9. I am all for collecting some of Robert deniros money. I think he should pay us back for openly berating trump and supporting the socialist agenda. After his divorce he might not have that much money left.
  10. Thanks Carl, I will let you know how I made out.
  11. Put a piece of saran wrap over the mouth of the bottle then screw the lid on. That should keep the brine/salt away from the lid.
  12. @Angler #1 what is the phone number for over 60 and no service charge.