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  1. Yes, they are attracted to it though. Ants too if the find it
  2. Bees and humming birds seem like mortal enemies. They are always fighting.
  3. the migration map says they're here...putting mine up this weekend. had one eat maple syrup from a plate i was holding once. freaked me out when it was hovering about two inches in front of my eye. coulda took me out!
  4. agree completely. and my point is more hypothetical and not necessarily a wish. i think we can all agree that the current regs aren't working. who's to blame and how to fix it is where we keep throwing sht at the wall but doing nothing is like trying to wish cancer away. i think c&r would work, especially for trophy waters (and charters....not to being discussed here). it is a solution. it is more easily enforceable. rather than trying to figure out if some scumbag has three fish in his trunk, if he's going to high grade, or if the 12 fish he has actually belongs to the 12 people aged 2-90 that he's camped out with, c&r puts all the fish back. some will swim and some will float away due to mishandling, bad luck or a 10 minute photo op., but you would absolutely know if someone was poaching.
  5. A lot easier to enforce a no driving law than a no speeding law
  6. No way they can enforce existing laws. It's basically an honor system. The few epos have to catch people red handed. Much easier to enforce 0 possession...even if it takes reporting by other fishermen.
  7. Good. Less pressure at the gp boat ramp!
  8. L Assumed the park would be easier. Industrial use makes sense, but is disappointing. Same but different
  9. Pretty sure pcb oils are prevalent. And ash/arsenic is probably all over. I could be wrong. Maybe it could be a park? Love that land
  10. They gonna demo the plant?
  11. I hope im wrong, but nfw they clean up the point. That's some tainted land
  12. Who's paying to raze them?
  13. Loved working there though
  14. Worked there a lot while they were going up. Everyone knew it was a $500,000,000 gamble. (500 mil could have been all the improvements). Glad to see them go, that land, however, will never be remediated
  15. Poachers are fewer than the total number fishing. So it would help. And poaching would be way more obvious