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  1. Once I got life insurance I realized hippa only went so far
  2. Pre-christmas I got my wife and daughter tickets to a show at ppac...wife had to show her card (daughter was too young for vac at that point)
  3. a good friend would pull your pants up and forge a suicide note
  4. Pulled a grasshopper?
  5. I strangely care... weird
  6. The house is no longer full
  7. Seems like this would happen more often, especially in youth leagues.... terrible
  8. I agree with that as a general premise
  9. Say hello to my little friend...6" tops
  10. agreed. in ny back in the day those kids got sent to BOCES and they were known as botards or rebos. in hindsight, for many kids a degree from one of those schools is way more beneficial than a failed college attempt with a debt that cant be walked away from.
  11. My daughter has had 40+ days of remote "learning" so far this year. This combined with last year. She'll be fine but I can't imagine the struggles for a kid of a single parent clock puncher. The "have nots" are going to have a lot less
  12. I love an over achieving beaver
  13. If he can still play at a high level, he'll find a home. NFL is the ultimate meritocracy.