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  1. don't hold your breath on that spreading to the cape. the sea lions in Oregon sit right in the fish ladders (at least they did 15 years ago) and eat every single fish that comes by. that's a far cry from what's going on at the cape. the cape needs seal AIDS
  2. You people are idiots. Leaves do not fall at night
  3. From tight lines to tight vagines!!
  4. almost....launched a plug in heavy surf and a wave stood up and took me out right after my cast (before the plug landed). i was bobbing around under water with a bunch of slack line and the braid wrapped around my neck. Luckily no fish! It was probably only for a few seconds, but there was some pucker factor. I used to keep a seat belt cutter attached to the zipper on my jacket, but i lost it and never replaced it. seems like a good idea for getting out of braid which is probably the only real entanglement hazard for the surf fisherman
  5. agreed...in a way. trash barrels make it easier for non-scumbags to clean up after scumbags. a person who thinks its ok to leave trash on rocks, in bushes, etc. doesn't care if there is a trashcan 100' away.
  6. Those drinks have lots of vitamins and minerals!
  7. Nothin' but birds and people looking for fish where i was this am. I like crunching through frozen sand in the dark. This routine suits me
  8. Work is overrated
  9. Woulda made an excellent fishing pier/garbage dump. Can't argue with not wanting that. Nimby
  10. No fiddy for me tonight. Felt it was out there though
  11. You can't gaff a legal fish and keep it? Seems weird. You can spear hunt though?
  12. Success makes it worse
  13. On a float & bucktail
  14. Racist post!!