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  1. Cut your mullet on Monday. Our barbers need the money
  2. Yeah....I screwed that up. Which is stupid because ny doesn't charge anything so why not reciprocate with everyone?
  3. Mostly. If you live in MA, you need to buy a MA license and it's reciprocal to all those other states. If you are a MA resident and buy a different state's license it's not reciprocal in MA. I'm sure no one would enforce it, but that's what the regs say. RI doesn't have that wording in the regs. Matter of fact, you can (at least in previous years) you can get a free license from NY and use that in RI.
  4. Yes, if you are an RI resident and purchase an RI license, it is reciprocal in ma and ct
  5. wow.....that surprises me.
  6. If you don't want to break the rules you gotta stay out. If you don't care, the cops don't either. Only reason I can see the cops speaking to you will be if the neighborhood bi ch calls and complains...which he/she will
  7. sleeping with the fishes
  8. Or when a masshole tries to crash to he party!!
  9. agree with ocean state
  10. "yes officer, it's the guy taking a dump in the parking lot"
  11. cough/sneeze on them
  12. not if they dont allow out of state plates in the lots
  13. once we get the hospital beds, you gotta let it run it's course
  14. A six is equivalent to 12 light beers. Not 24