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  1. If your in range of a beans store, I think you'll have much better luck doing this in person. Harder to rubber stamp a denial face to face.
  2. "I guarantee this product for as long as it lasts"?? For real??
  3. C'mon man... lifetime guarantee isn't a product's lifetime ever. And it's not the boots...it's the boa system...that they sold on their product with a promise of a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. The boa system has a lifetime (choose who's) guarantee. Back your product. Especially if it was bought under different pretences.
  4. Was expecting that. When I bought them it was a lifetime satisfaction guarantee (not a warranty...that's where all the a-holes get it wrong). I was skeptical of the boa system but figured the boa system is warrantied for life & if I bought from beans, it would be a no brainer. Turns out, I can get the parts from boa...but if I eff up the housing the knob sits in, I'm screwed. I think in my case, beans should back the product which it sold and was purchased pre-policy change. It was clear from my conversation that they are being told to reject claims- though pleasantly. When the boot itself fails from use, I'll purchase another pair as I always have done. I just may/may not do it from beans as their policy used to be worth paying a premium and now isn't. Fyi: boa has been great a geat company to deal with
  5. I just got off the phone with beans. I've got boots w/boa laces and the screw on the knob is rusted in...won't budge. Boa is ending new laces (which snapped) and knob, but i can't figure out how to back out the screw (which I've done tons of times in the past) so i called beans. wanted to see what they would do before i attempted to cut the knob out to get better access at the screw. figured returns will be tough once i hack at it. their response: "boots are three years old..hack at 'em because we won't take 'em"
  6. I was there too early, too long, and too late. Nice morning, ****** fishing
  7. Same place (exact), same day...before it got crowded
  8. Rachel just swim. Don't turn around no matter what you hear.
  9. Cheering for the sharks was excellent
  10. excellent kayak fishing areas as well.
  11. ...and that's how you fix it
  12. B- ball bitch slap. Shoulda charged...just because
  13. i had two hoses eaten. switched to stainless steel braided hose and it never happened again. would have rather used lead to take care of it, but the neighbors are close
  14. Not all states. Some seem to take on themselves to relieve the burden of having to pay the fed. For example, NY is free and ME is $1.00
  15. ...and Amazon. Sometimes you gotta move on. It was convenient for a bunch of things, and I wish it were still here, but I didn't spend real money there