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  1. gonna have to watch my step there
  2. Feel like there should be rocks on the left or land on the right if it's the Q.... unless it's cropped perfectly
  3. Fake punt and going for it on the 4th down (same drive) were terrible calls and won them the game
  4. Hand or leaf?
  5. 12 shots seems a little light...just sayin. I once prayed that my plane would crash returning home from a wedding. People next to me didn't like that the prayer was audible
  6. With Colgate down, I'm all in on Maine. Got a bit of family history there....
  7. Time to play some cribbage with the old man
  8. We are on the same page
  9. Best holiday there is. Friends, family, no pressure (assuming the cooks like to cook). Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  10. don't hold your breath on that spreading to the cape. the sea lions in Oregon sit right in the fish ladders (at least they did 15 years ago) and eat every single fish that comes by. that's a far cry from what's going on at the cape. the cape needs seal AIDS
  11. You people are idiots. Leaves do not fall at night