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  1. Would like to add that I was in the market for a new 7wt, checked out his sight and called him. He actually spoke to me while cooking dinner for the family, ended up buying a Tradewinds XS 7wt from him, been using it down here in SW Fla for the past month. Great rod and product. Bought a Therapin from him last year, excellent reel IMHO.
  2. I use both the mothballs and the dryer sheets. I put the mothballs (6or7) in small plastic coffee containers and drill holes in it. I have an 18ft Lund, I use 4/5 containers. I also use the sheets, I have been told some are stronger/better than others, Gain is what I use with very good success. I always place a mothball container down in the transom by the drain plug. Also I tape a piece of window screen over the drain plug, helps to get them out also.
  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing
  4. You know you can't keep a good man down, do what you gotta do and get back on the water. Heal, many more Stripers/Snook coming your way for sure.
  5. I have a pack with magnetic flaps, works well. I use it as a boat bag. It was designed to be a waist bag, William Joseph I think.
  6. Orvis Sling Pack, used it now for the past three years on the beach, can't say anything bad about it, very satisfied. Sits behind my left side, cast with my right arm. I have had the chest and butt / waist paks, sling is much better for me.
  7. God Bless him and his loved ones.
  8. Check out Placida, part of Cape Haze, own a condo there. Quiet community, adjacent to Boca Grande, beaches, lots of boat ramps. I store mine, Pathfinder, at Aqua Palm Island Marina. Good restaurants, Rt 41 and 75 are an easy ride but far enough away to keep most of the heavy traffic away. Venice, Englewood areas are just up the road. I fly fish the area a lot, will be down there as of next week stay until late May.
  9. I have TICRx in the 8wt. I cast a RIO 9wt Cleat tip intermediate with it. Got it on sale half price last fall because as said it has been discontinued. Happy with it, glad I bought it. I was able to try it before I bought, glad I did. The rod is fast, unique, different feel to it than my other rods. Purchased a Colton Terrapin to go with it. TFO is worth the money, IMHO.
  10. As the man said, eye protection !
  11. RIO Canal is on the east coast correct, Boca, meaning Boca Raton, I was confused, Boca, thought you meant sw fla Boca Grande. Close to Port Charlotte. No big deal, I too have been searching for Peacocks in the s.west part of the state. Believe you have to head south of Naples, the canals along of RT41, towards Chokolosskee.
  12. Suggestion, go to Fishin Franks web site, very good up to date info, located in Port Charlotte, on RT.41, just north of the bridge that gets you into Punta Gorda. Good people
  13. Up until purchasing the Air Flow Tropical, I have always fished with the standard WF Floating and Inte. sink tip from Rio and SA in warm climates. No issues. Thought I would get into the Tropical, but don't think I would buy another unless I was going to fish south Fla in the summer months when the air and water temp are consistently hot. There is a fly shop in Cape Haze, next to Boca Grande and all they sell is Tropical, year round. Like I said I don't have a lot of experience with Tropical lines, but all the lines out there are expensive, may stick with the cold/temp water lines.
  14. yes, bought the Sage 9wt 2012 ,10wt in 2014 and the VXP 2015. My TFO rods (3) have the dots.
  15. When I was a kid, 65 now but my best friend was Greek. His mom used to cook them in a tomato sauce of some kind. Man they were delicious, I don't know what else she used. She called the Greek Green Beans, come close a few times at a greek restaurant or too, served with Braised lamb. Wonder if some one else can chime in. Now I steam them, S&P touch of butter or I bake them in olive oil, foil pouch on the grill. Try to have them at least once a week, nothing canned of course.