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  1. Lol...I try.....yeah, yeah, yeah, sand eels, all over the place and peanuts.... but there is a nice school of bass on some other bait... I lost track of due to weather.. You can get a napkin now
  2. FWIW 5000 since 2013.....awesome reel, zero wobble Had to add shims last year for a line lay issue Nevertheless, true workhorse
  3. Sorry to hear, good luck, Did you see any bait?
  4. Well done BM
  5. I'm hoping something productive will come out of this comment, but shouldn't anyone expect respect from another angler, , no matter who you are or where you are? What's up with the hate?
  6. Really appreciate you being candid Keep it up scoob...much respect
  7. Depends on reel Depends on where youre fishing Buy what's on sale, it'll work just fine
  8. All over the place by me, out front 6 mile stretch, no bass though
  9. Hello, I saw your message about the holdover from the north shore. Did you only get 1? I'm trying to decide if it is worth a shot to try in the winter. What were you using when you got them?

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    2. Bow390


      Do you have any tips on location?

    3. mythreesons


      Yes, but not for you:beatin:

    4. mythreesons


      Fish moving water with a dark bottom

  10. Caught my pb Long Island tarpon couple weeks ago, unfortunately no bass or blues on em
  11. February, north shore, no where nears a power plant
  12. I'm in Thanks for the chance
  13. Let's talk trailers!
  14. My logs are so inconsistent the last five years I don't know why I keep them anymore.