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  1. Where do you guys store your reels? Like anything manufactured , changes in temperature and humidity can effect your gear including mono, flouro. As for where this thread turned Yes braid has its benefits which I won't get into , but except for several applications, for example punching heavy mats, it's unnecessary. If you can't fill your spool and cast with accuracy and distance and feel the slightest tick with mono and flouro you need practice. Casting a 2 oz bucktail in 20 mph , 4-6 waves for a striper or blue is one thing. Dropshotting in 30ft or less for smallmouth, c'mon.... To each there own
  2. What are you talking about? It was the best snapper fishing, oops, I mean striper fishing in my life! Totally agree with your post
  3. Yes, and so are the bass, however they should also be present without those conditions And I prefer a white buck with a yellow porkrind
  4. I have no idea, but I've seen a lot of "December " size bass around....shame
  5. Please contact me if you'd like to sell this kayak Thx
  6. Would you accept 700 without the paddles?
  7. I'm interested, post pics please
  8. I fish a beach when SW winds catch fish non stop, same beach SW winds not a bite. Time of year, bait present, water temp.....winds are important but they are just 1 piece of the pie.
  9. Go on you tube, plenty of reviews You might want to spend a little more and get the predator, all depends on your other needs
  10. Rest in peace Big G
  11. I haven't been on site for a little while, but I can always count on you for a good
  12. Have you stopped smiling yet? Awesome all around!
  13. Depends on hook-application, both quality knots. It's what I use 90% of my fishing.