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  1. Today ,long island , north shore, 4 inch keitech, 13 fish total all between 20 - 24 inch
  2. Sorry for your loss, rip
  3. I've got the itch to fish Thanks for the chance
  4. A lot could change in 3 months
  5. Thank you
  6. I use the larger one in inlets, when the water really gets moving. .fished like a darter, dig it in and slow retrieve , never used it off a beach
  7. As for the mag darter, I have three sizes, three different colors. The profile us more important IMO. The mag darter is a go-to lure for me when fishing current. Let The lure do the work.
  8. Didn't read 4 pages, seems like this has been discussed over the years My 5000 , zero wobble. True workhorse Awesome reel imo
  9. Like Brian BM suggested, fan casting and reading the telegraph of your lure will tell you what's going on under the surface. Also, whenever fishing a new location, look for change. Deep-shallow, cold-warm, calm-turbulent, slow-fast current, on the edge of vegetation. etc. Different areas , inshore, offshore, mangroves, canals, back bays, flats , inlets, even freshwater lakes and rivers , look to fish change. When you come across 2 or 3 changes. For example, slow fast current, shallow deep , and rock sand bottom...caught a brown trout of a lifetime recognizing change. a ridge, clam shells, sand fleas...birds on shore...smells, look for bait...a lot You can do Out front on the beach during the day, if there is no visible structure, I like throwing a cotton cordel pencil on calm "featureless" beaches like you inquired about. Great search bait. Inlets have many great features and it's not a surprise why you ended your post thinking that's a go too.
  10. Yes, I use Lumen lures. Great for the elusive jackass fish. Tight lines
  11. They have discussions there too. Tally ho!
  12. If your getting an sp stuck and your not fly fishing, but your fishing plugs in real shallow water, with various current speed , and multiple forage - Please Consider using a soft plastic with a single hook with inserted weight that can be adjusted quickly. I'm only speculating that probably on a new moon, with some decent wind you'll need to changeYour presentation often. Those quickly changing areas that hold fish need to be angled with a mindset of not wasting time. All of the above ideas, plugs, modifications to them, are great. But an experienced angler knows how not to carry 50 pounds of gear and catch fish.
  13. You have just babbled on some more. I'm not minimizing your thoughts or your perspective, but your responses do not help or provide an answer to what the original post was inquiring about. He simply provided a scenario he is presented with and asked HOW to fish it.
  14. God knows what else? The summer Yahoo's with a light bar. It's not because of people not airing down? Lack of structure? Lack of bait? Lack of a consistent bite? If you don't buy one next year, pm me , I'll take you on the sand.
  15. Your post is greatly appreciated, thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge... Tight lines