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  1. Depends on reel Depends on where youre fishing Buy what's on sale, it'll work just fine
  2. All over the place by me, out front 6 mile stretch, no bass though
  3. Hello, I saw your message about the holdover from the north shore. Did you only get 1? I'm trying to decide if it is worth a shot to try in the winter. What were you using when you got them?

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    2. Bow390


      Do you have any tips on location?

    3. mythreesons


      Yes, but not for you:beatin:

    4. mythreesons


      Fish moving water with a dark bottom

  4. Caught my pb Long Island tarpon couple weeks ago, unfortunately no bass or blues on em
  5. February, north shore, no where nears a power plant
  6. I'm in Thanks for the chance
  7. Let's talk trailers!
  8. My logs are so inconsistent the last five years I don't know why I keep them anymore.
  9. I'd love to hear from zeno, Skinner, wetzel, crazy Al, and other sharpie, old or young, who have ghosted this site. Love to get their perspective.
  10. +1 Be prepared, methodical, go slow Fish favorable conditions at first Heavy surf, current, sweep, 20-30 mph gusts, heavy tackle, no moon, rain = possible great fishing but not for a beginner in the night game Its not fun when you're untangling , retying, no sense of lure placement, difficulty staying connected
  11. No, not for me
  12. Nothing is 100 percent . That will tangle as well. If your teaser leader is long enough or is in turbid water for example, itll tangle. Looks like a cool product so try it. Or try just a regular swivel like your previous post's discussion. Seems to me it's very similar to the swivel used in porgy high low rigs. I do not spend every cast untangling when I use a teaser. As for the advertisement, whether vertical jigging and surfcasting, each tactic presents itself to conditions. I can definitely see a blue hitting that . Teasers are great. Start with flies then work your way up to red gills. Experiment and form your own opinion for your type of fishing. Tight lines
  13. I use this but attach my teaser at the " braid to swivel" connection. Also I tie a surgeon's loop on a 6 -8 inch leader with a clinch knot. Benefits of a cleaner streamlined profile plus easy to change/remove.
  14. Mine is a workhorse, 5000 Years without a wobble. Awesome reel Its not just shimano with repairing reels. Dropped of a Penn spinfisher at a local shop "known" to service reels. Easy . Maybe a washer replacement. Worse than when I dropped it off. So dissapointed with there service. For guys who are busy, once you find a good "mechanic" , tip him and stay in contact