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  1. Have you stopped smiling yet? Awesome all around!
  2. Depends on hook-application, both quality knots. It's what I use 90% of my fishing.
  3. Everyone's suggestions are great. I support anything that will help conserve and improve the stocks, baitfish, and environment. Would love for my sons children be able to enjoy and respect the great outdoors. My 2 cents 1 @ 32 - 36 slot Shorter season , especially fall run with the rats. Zero fishing during the spawn. On long island , LMB is totally shut down except for Blydenburgh, why not for striped bass as well Voluntary retired police officers / dec on patrol Thanks Charlie
  4. You must be in Brooklyn. Nothing but Canadian geese in Queens. No sign of any osprey yet
  5. Andres, uncle josh
  6. Your a former nyer, good ole bucktail
  7. Today ,long island , north shore, 4 inch keitech, 13 fish total all between 20 - 24 inch
  8. Sorry for your loss, rip
  9. I've got the itch to fish Thanks for the chance
  10. A lot could change in 3 months
  11. Thank you
  12. I use the larger one in inlets, when the water really gets moving. .fished like a darter, dig it in and slow retrieve , never used it off a beach
  13. As for the mag darter, I have three sizes, three different colors. The profile us more important IMO. The mag darter is a go-to lure for me when fishing current. Let The lure do the work.
  14. Didn't read 4 pages, seems like this has been discussed over the years My 5000 , zero wobble. True workhorse Awesome reel imo
  15. Like Brian BM suggested, fan casting and reading the telegraph of your lure will tell you what's going on under the surface. Also, whenever fishing a new location, look for change. Deep-shallow, cold-warm, calm-turbulent, slow-fast current, on the edge of vegetation. etc. Different areas , inshore, offshore, mangroves, canals, back bays, flats , inlets, even freshwater lakes and rivers , look to fish change. When you come across 2 or 3 changes. For example, slow fast current, shallow deep , and rock sand bottom...caught a brown trout of a lifetime recognizing change. a ridge, clam shells, sand fleas...birds on shore...smells, look for bait...a lot You can do Out front on the beach during the day, if there is no visible structure, I like throwing a cotton cordel pencil on calm "featureless" beaches like you inquired about. Great search bait. Inlets have many great features and it's not a surprise why you ended your post thinking that's a go too.