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  1. JMB2 This is a great question because There are so many variables it's difficult to generalize an answer. Whether going for schoolies or cows, putting yourself in position to get a steady pick is what I aim for. Time of year, water temp, bait present, moon phase, tide, structure, wind, moving water, etc. are changing throughout the season. For example, early in the year I might fish skinny water on an outgoing tide after the sun has been warming up the water. Same spot in July there are no fish, but maybe after the 1 hour before the top of the flood and then the ebb you'll have some action. Same spot two different scenarios. Another scenario, prime time fall run open beach, white water, overcast , sand eels all over the place and not a fish around. All the stars are aligned but zilch. Go East or west 30 -45 minutes and maybe a different story. The trick is having the patience or lack there of to know when to stay or bail after planned consideration. I believe this is why a lot of seasoned guys are baffled at our fish stocks. After much time on the water and planned consideration, sometimes you are wrong. The fish just aren't there. This year for me on the north shore of long island, I missed the bluefish bite. Some guys will tell you, everyone did, unless you were at the right place at tghe right time.
  2. I'm having a hard time visualizing your explanation of how this happened. Jeez Bolt cutters or not , that must have been some pressure hope all is ok
  3. Bait fishing- Always hold your rod and keep your finger in touch with your line Do what you think you should do and learn from watching everyone else what not to do If someone has poor etiquette, nicely inform them.. Always go out of your way to help a kid or an old timer Clean up even if it's not your trash RIP you know who
  4. So true and well put I'm off the beach...great water temp, overcast, whitewater, false light, birds all over the place, Snagging sand eels with my teaser.....No bass Hmmmm
  5. I actually have power pro attached with a double uni to spuderwire stealth on one of my reels for the past 2 years. Yes all of the previous posts make a point, however, wind knots and strength have not been an issue for me at all.
  6. All of the above, then the decision is where they are holding
  7. Keep them in your bag Just so you know, I haven't tied on a bottle all season. Conditions and bait haven't called for it. As for all your needlefish , try one when you are successful with a different plug. Fish them while the bite is on. Also , simplify your choices. Keep 3 - floating, slow sinking and heavy. 1 or 2 colors. Try a teaser with your needle too. There's a place and time for everything, I believe that's why we are all plug junkies. I learned my lesson a couple times trout fishing. Was using a size 12 BWO, not a touch. Put the same fly but size 10, epic. Sometimes the fish are that "picky". There are certainly confidence plugs. The one plug that I keep "punishing myself with" would be a metal lip.
  8. Bravo...Well done
  9. I don't like fishing full moons off the beach. Bottom line it's more challenging at night. Harder to see bait, effects of wind with long casts, etc. You definitely need to slow down and be methodical at times. The sign of life at the end of your line is a rush, light or dark.
  10. Place this in the Long Island Forum. Also check with the park police. Good luck
  11. If it's s safety issue with complete rudeness...keep walking
  12. I know what I would do
  13. ? Did you put it upside down? Jeez, 385$!