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  1. Haven’t surfed in years. Going to zancudo lodge. Kind of a wedding present/ bachelor party/ was a good reason to go with my dad.
  2. I’m headed down there in a couple weeks. I did use it as an excuse to buy more gear. Ended up talking to Bob from Colton. Got his 11wt levithian xs. I’ll report back after the trip and let you know how it worked out.
  3. I use the carbide spikes for everything. Love em.
  4. First day out this year. Nothing but whitefish and beautiful scenery. Spent the morning on the mountain and the afternoon on the river. I love this place.
  5. Here’s a better shot of this lady my buddy just sent me.
  6. Ended the year on a high note. Beautiful wild hen from today. She still had lice on her fins. That’s about as chrome as can be for this far from the ocean. Had me well into my backing. Happy New Year Flyfishers!
  7. Had to work for them today but they were good fish.
  8. Love my Coltons
  9. All they could tell me was that it was tagged at sherer falls in late sept. I could have gotten the exact date but wasn’t that worried about it. He was was happy to hear I killed it.
  10. I hope they do. That’s what they are for. Or just do away with them, but that’s a whole different discussion.
  11. I am absolutely going to. The tag itself says The Dalles. Wonder if it was tagged on its way in or its way out. Will be cool to find out.
  12. DIY tarpon! Not something you hear very often. Freaking awesome
  13. Really good afternoon on the river today. Got my best rainbow ever in this part of the river. Thought I’d was a steelhead when I first jumped but turned out to be a pig for a redside. Went 21”. Couple hours later I hooked and landed a 20” tagged hatchery steelhead. Pretty stoked.
  14. How’d you find her picture? Haha