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  1. Decent brown for this morning
  2. Still no big browns for me. My buddy got a 24” today. But I did get this gorgeous rainbow this morning.
  3. Big rainbows and fat whitefish. Couldn’t find any big browns, except for the one that the hook pulled on at the last second.
  4. I’ve recently starting going through the book again with a new sponsor. We are going through it piece by piece and covering it all. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this. I’m looking forward to it.
  5. Congrats Riddler!
  6. Man this is sad to hear. I loved reading his reports and seeing his pictures. He was always more than willing to answer questions and pass on his knowledge. RIP BFD
  7. Nice brown from yesterday. Lost two more that were confirmed would have made this one look just ok. And one more that I think would have made those two look small. Pulled hooks and the big big one got me in a snag. That one really hurt. It straight up man handled me.
  8. Healthy fish from last night. I love the way they eat Caddis emergers. This one grabbed and turned with the current. Had me into my backing before I knew it. Took me by surprise. These redbands really do fight above their class.
  9. It was a one fish evening. At least it was a decent one. Got it on a Callibaetis dry.
  10. My last two trips weren’t anything to write home about. Then went to Wisconsin for a different kind of phish last weekend. Taking the kayak out after work tomorrow. If nothing else I’ll get some pretty landscape pics
  11. That’s a good lookin 4th of July dinner
  12. Hit two lakes yesterday. Got 4 species. Rainbow, Kokanee, brookies, and a cutthroat. Pretty cool
  13. Gorgeous lady and a gnarly old man from one of my local lakes tonight.
  14. Blessings of sobriety Thank you for your service Digger
  15. Got married on the Metolius and even caught a few fish the morning of. Like a gentleman, on dry flies.