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  1. I’ve got the 7/9 on my 7wt switch rod. It doesn’t see the salt so don’t know about durability when it comes to corrosion. Pretty sure it’s got 200yds of 20# and it’s the running line and skagit head fit great. The drag is really smooth. It’s helped me land several big bull trout in heavy water. So far I’m really happy with it.
  2. I love when the magenta spots show really well. It’s such a contrast to the olive body.
  3. Took a long walk in deep snow today but it was worth it. Made up for a troutless February too.
  4. Bend, Oregon
  5. If you are trying to do some diy I’d go to some canals by the Miami airport and find some peacock bass.
  6. The consolation prize isn’t bad.
  7. This will be the first month in two years I haven’t caught a trout. Only got out once and got skunked. Then it started dumping snow for a week. At least we will have plenty of water this summer.
  8. They were brand new so the owners were trying to get the word out about them. I think I only payed a $75 cleaning fee. And that was set up through the Capt. Not sure what a regular nightly rental is. Nice place tho.
  9. I seriously want to do a mothership trip to the marquesas. Anybody have any black market connections for organs I don’t really need?
  10. Pretty sure I stayed here one night fishing with Brett
  11. I’ve got a lot of ink. The only fish is a sailfish on my leg. That one is for my dad. He’s got it as well. I think his is about 15 years older. There is more in my future and I’m sure there will be some fish involved. I’ve thought about a collage of scale and color patterns.
  12. I’ve used a brown/orange teaser in front of a big buck tail flounder fishing in deep water. Flounder loved the teaser. I’ve got to imagine bass would too
  13. We are happy you are here! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
  14. Tried to fish today. Then it started nuking. Ended up turning around as I’m sure the dirt roads I was gonna be on were turning to ****. Now I’m watching silver kings and praying for April.
  15. Those are some good looking dovetails