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  1. This one has seen some things.
  2. Thanks! It was an epic battle. Landed her by myself but sadly broke my favorite rod in the process. Worth it!
  3. Change of scenery worked out well. New personal brown. 26”
  4. Some more good fish on top last night. Might go up once or twice more but hitting some different water for the next couple days. Need a change of scenery.
  5. It’s really tough to hit the peak with it being so short and weather dependent. I’ve been up 5 of the last 10 days, always anticipating that today is the day. I’ve also got a buddy that lives on the river who’s been giving me updates. There’s really good fishing for a couple weeks around the hatch but the as good as it gets fishing only seems to last a few days. Man alive it is fun though.
  6. Yep I’m talking salmonflies. It’s a mid to late May thing here in central Oregon.
  7. It’s on now.
  8. Fish are starting to key in on the big bugs. Today was a fun day. Fish aren’t up against the banks yet so it was bombing long casts into fast water. In a few days they will be stacked up behind overhanging trees picking off bugs as the fall.
  9. The salmonfly hatch may have made it into my wedding vows. My wife knows I will be useless for the next two weeks.
  10. It’s starting. Just need a stretch of good weather to really get them moving.
  11. Found some solid bass today. And a couple bonus rainbows. My buddy got a real nice rainbow on a chartreuse and hot pink bunny leech of all things.
  12. A bunch of water opened for the season yesterday. Decent amount of people were out but far less than normal, at least were I was. All of our public campgrounds are closed so the guys that make an event out of the opening weren’t around. It’s time to get the kayak ready for the year.
  13. Congrats J and Digger!
  14. Pretty midge eater from today.
  15. Took this idiot to the river today. He had a blast. I caught some fish.