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  1. Got a hell of a surprise yesterday. Salmonflies really do bring all the fish out of the depths. Biggest bull I’ve seen caught on the lower D. It really went of last evening.
  2. Well I’d we are talking skunks and pics of bugs here you go. Bushes are loaded but they are hunkered down in the cold wet weather we have been stuck in. Warming tomorrow. Headed back Thursday. Couldn’t buy a bite this evening.
  3. Good first day out on the kayak ripping bunny leeches around and through grass islands
  4. They are taking big flies. Love how the little ones crush them just as hard as the big ones.
  5. Amazing! Congrats!
  6. So awesome!
  7. Went out to check on the salmonfly hatch yesterday afternoon. Big bugs are flying but the fish aren’t keyed in on them yet. They were taking a #16 flashback PT really well as a dropper tho.
  8. Two days trying for a tarpon. Blew a bunch of shots, got 4 to eat, and didn’t get a hook in any of them. First day a pulled this big jack off the back of a bigger shark. Somehow he didn’t become shark bait. Conditions weren’t the best. Windy the second day. Dirty water lots of places. Kept spooking bones before we saw them. Definitely need to work on my casting but I can’t wait to get back.
  9. Awesome man! Im headed down Sunday for a few days. Fishing mon - wed
  10. Couple more yesterday. The big one was weird. It might have eaten a whitefish I hooked. Not quite sure what happened but it ended up with a #18 PT in it jaw.
  11. A couple nice ones from today. Lost a big bull at my feet getting ready to net it. Was calling for my buddy but he didn’t hear me.
  12. I’ve been looking for a used sage one in 6wt for some time. Not for salt use but as 6wt go I’ve read it’s arguably one of the best. I’ve got the 8wt and absolutely love it.
  13. Haha awesome! I miss those tricky little fish sometimes. Love that place.
  14. These look like valley creek fish
  15. I’ve got the 7/9 on my 7wt switch rod. It doesn’t see the salt so don’t know about durability when it comes to corrosion. Pretty sure it’s got 200yds of 20# and it’s the running line and skagit head fit great. The drag is really smooth. It’s helped me land several big bull trout in heavy water. So far I’m really happy with it.