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  1. Been swamped with work the last couple months. Haven’t Gotten out much at all. Found a couple hours Friday morning to see if the bulls have moved in. They have. Landed two. This one and a bigger 24” fish that was camera shy.
  2. When you gotta work out of town but the drive takes you right past some amazing water that just opened for the season.
  3. That’s the cleaning it’s been in a long time.
  4. First stillwater trip of the season. Got a late start but went looking for some big browns on streamers with no success before the wind pushed me off that lake. Made a move and was kind of able to get out of the wind. Found one nice rainbow on a balanced leech. Scenery was pretty nice too
  5. Got a bunch of small browns on dries in tiny water last week. Took a trip to Colorado and was able to fish while my wife and friends were climbing. Very pretty fish.
  6. Congrats Digger! Thanks for your service
  7. I’m very much looking forward to some water opening up in a few weeks. Ready to get back out on some local lakes.
  8. I second starting out on Ridley. Valley can be very tough. I got my bearings on Ridley. There’s also a good stretch of Pickering creek up by pheonixville that is a delayed harvest section, meaning it opens earlier that the general trout opener. The orvis store in downingtown does fly fishing 101 classes starting this time of year. They are a great way to learn the basics. They are free. Orvis is also a great option for getting a set up as well. The Clearwater line is an affordable but quality setup. I believe there is the Encounter line that is a bit cheaper than that.
  9. Honestly the none fly only section of Ridley fishes better in my opinion. Valley creek is probably my favorite in that area.
  10. Took a very last minute trip to pyramid this week. Fishing was rough. It started good with a few fish on both Monday and Tuesday then it just shut off. The weather on Thursday seemed perfect but brought only one fish just before dark. Was supposed to head home Friday but a storm was rolling in on Saturday that I was really hoping would turn things on. Made a few calls and got the go ahead to stay. Fished hard all day with no luck until just before dark, when I landed three pretty quickly. Glad I stayed. No big fish. Only heard of one over 10# caught while I was there. Most were finding 4#ers if anything. Always a good time down there. It was really nice to get away for a bit.
  11. We finally had some weather move in last night. Got a few hours in before work and it payed off. Could t get them to move for a streamer but a couple were willing to eat a nymph. Anybody have any ideas what the lump on the big ones cheek is from? It felt soft like a giant pimple. I didn’t see any obvious signs of damage in the quick look I took.
  12. I should not be fishing ice off in mid February, but here we are.
  13. We’re talking around 18 degrees not negative temps. I feel extremely confident that that fish is currently sitting in a tail out waiting for a whitefish to make a mistake.
  14. I get the concern. That fish was out of the water for about 4 seconds.