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  1. Very pretty fish
  2. Couple from the western D today. Got lazy and tied a questionable knot this afternoon. Told myself it was fine. First cast hooked a beast. Jumped 3 times and ran. All I got back was a curly piece of tippet. Pretty sure it was a steelhead. Looked as big or bigger than my last. Don’t get lazy folks.
  3. Very nice gentleman!
  4. I ended up going with the 11wt xs. Had a good chat with bob about what I wanted it for and this was his suggestion. Thanks for the input everyone
  5. 10 years ago I was told to get a sponsor, a homegroup, and give back. I’m still doing these things. I’m still sober. And I’m much more happy and free than I ever was drinking and using. Had two great meetings in the local county jail last night. The AA program was given to me freely, if I don’t give back I’m stealing. This thing works if you let it.
  6. Those damn things suck. Learned the hard way a couple years ago down in the keys. if you look stories on the web I guess the stings can get pretty gnarly. Mine just stung and took a bit to stop bleeding.
  7. Congrats Little!
  8. Going to Zancudo in Feb. Hope to target sailfish for a few days. In the keys it will be used for tarpon. And in the PNW true albacore.
  9. Looks like I will be reaching out to bob this week. Thank you gentlemen for all your input. It’s wonderful that this resource of ours, SOL, exists.
  10. By UD are you guys referring to the original series of his rods? They are labeled extra fast. The newer series the xs is only labeled fast. And aside from what what has been mentioned is the quality there? This rod isn’t going to get a ton of use so I don’t really want to spend $500 on something. However I’d like it to preform when I am using it.
  11. I think I’m in the market for a 12wt. Looks like I’m headed to Costa Rica in feb and the keys in April. Then there’s albacore to target out here on the west coast. I’m leaning towards a Colton levithian xs. I’ve got a terrapin on my 8wt and absolutely love it. And at the price point it seems like a really good option. Anybody have any experience with these rods? I did a search of the site and most of the info was about the reels, which I love, and the older versions of these rods.
  12. Not sure how I landed this fish. I went trout fishing and hooked into a steelhead. #16 pheasant tail, 4x tippet on 5wt. She dragged me 200 yards downstream. Insanity.
  13. Taurus on the swing
  14. I just started learning the two hander. Gotta put my time in.
  15. I’m in Bend. Just got off the Deschutes. Did not do as good as I’d hoped.