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  1. I don't know if you guys ever heard of Old Saltys restaurant in Hoopers Island they usually have them on the menu as an appetizer or a meal with sides. Its the only place i have seen with blowtoads on the menu
  2. It will have no effect. Been using nail polish on flys for years no effect. The smell will be gone after a few cast.
  3. Welcome back spend some money while your here. I guess it was necessary but its 80% of our economy. Hopefully everybody with be cautious and do the right thing and we can get through the summer safely. The blues showed a few days ago and the flounder bite is turning on. The black drum are here to but spotty from the surf.
  4. Anything with single hook and made of metal
  5. A 6/0 hook is plenty big I prefer peeler crabs if available but clam will work i have caught most of mine in the ocean surf. Sometime there are in the wash and sometimes out further. Mole crabs also work well put 3 or 4 on the hook. Look for mole crabs in the wash would be a good place to start. Google Rudows fish talk magazine there is a pretty good article on black drum fish in the Chesapeake but the same techniques will work anywhere.
  6. It's great to see a local business become overwhelmed with orders. Be patient and keep shopping local.
  7. I am just the opposite i gave up the belt and just carry a small bag. Gave up the boga for a fish gripper to save weight. I limit myself to 6 plugs, 5 bucktails, 3tins, spare leaders, some trailers, fish grip and p!iers. Belts bother my hips if i do a lot of walking
  8. 80% of all cars on Rt1 between Lewes and Rehoboth today around noon were out of state tags.
  9. You can come to De but you have to se!f quarantine for 14 days which is not that hard to do because nothing is open. It's getting old for residents too. I think today is day 49 of the stay at home order. I have a boat in the water in Md. And can't even go check on it. I do have some friends keeping an eye on it. Sussex county and parts of Md are now hot spots because of the chicken plants. The CDC is here and they are stepping up testing which will give us a big spike in cases. I don't see anything opening soon due to the chicken plants. My wife lost an aunt and we were limited to 8 people at the burial. She was 96 and in a nursing home. All there is to do is eat drink and pray for a vaccine. Stay safe.
  10. They work but the plug guys will label you an effing clamballer
  11. I don't have one for sale but rockhopper makes a very nice one. It's curved and very comfortable and adjustable.
  12. I have a Ross Cla 3 in excellent shape with backing and a Rio outbound floating line and a spare spool with a rio outbound intermediate line. I would like to get $175.00 picked up in Lewes. These were used very little have boxes paperwork and reel bags. I would like to sell as a package don’t really want to split
  13. I have a couple Ross #3 CLA's i will take pics this afternoon and fiqure out a price. Im in Lewes so we're close.
  14. I still miss Plug the clam tossing tourist.
  15. I have 2 Ron Arra 1203-2 10' 2pc they are rated at 3/4 to 2 1/2. One is brand new unopened $350 shipped the other is very lightly used in excellent condition for $275 shipped. Shipping is for US east coast. I can post some pictures if needed