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  1. You can cut down the Triump handle and get a new butt cap.
  2. Brackish its around 100 miles from the ocean
  3. Walmart Rt16 & Rt50
  4. Have you ever been there before? You are almost in the middle of know where. White perch and small rock or crabs will be the 3 main targets. Will you have a boat?
  5. The best restaurants in the area #1 Old Salty's Hoopers Island #2 Madison bay camp ground has a small restaurant with great crab cakes #3 Palm Beach Willies at Slaughter Creek marina great lunch spot with very good cocktails. Crabbing of Slaughter Creek bridge is usually pretty good. Fishing this time of year is an early morning or late evening bite as water temps are in the mid 80's. There are a few charter boats at Slaughter Creek also. Cambridge is about 8 miles away and also has several good restaurants. If you have never been to the museum at St. Michaels is is worth the trip, several restaurants there too. Bring some bug spray. I would go to Palm Beach Willies for happy hour and talk to some of the regulars most are friendly and will fill you in with whats happening in the area.
  6. Hi Dan do you have any tins similar to the terminal tackle spoon jigs? I am interested in 1oz and 1 1/2oz something with a nice wobble that can be worked slowly without sinking real fast,, Doesn't have to be an exact match but something close. Jim
  7. i have both models the 3/4 to 4oz and the 1 to 4oz $130.00 each plus shipping or pick up. In Delaware beach area both are in very good condition
  8. I can do that i will pm pp info
  9. Yes it has the tube it's at my shop can send picture tomorrow. It's about 6 months old but never used
  10. I have a new black gear up single tube $45.00 shipped
  11. If they don't all the Virginia fisherman will be heading north
  12. This is not my thread i can not sell these to you in this thread read the BST rules
  13. $120 is as low as I can go 30/70 split makes shipping around $20
  14. Will post pics in the morning rods are at my shop.