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  1. North
  2. I fished last night 8 till 10:30 2 dinks thats it. Very dark moon rise around midnight
  3. I guess DNR has thier reasons but how can you watch someone kill 59 fish. they should of been popped way before 59 fish died
  4. I still have a reel and a spool if your interested same price
  5. Get a smaller lighter set up and try 20# braid
  6. I use a 4500 on open beaches with 20# PP light and cast very far The 5500 is alot heavier than the 4500 it depends on line size and where you will be fishing
  7. I don't get out much. I think we met once at IBML i was with Sprink63 at one of the fly fishing things about 5 years ago.
  8. Cafe Azafran is no longer there it closed 2 years ago
  9. needs a frig and a bar
  10. RIP Lefty i think i will tie a few Decievers tonight
  11. I really like my mustang manual inflatable very comfortable light wieght after 10 minutes i forget i am even wearing it. I know you don't like them but have you tried one? I can blow mine up or pull the cord and it blows up instantly. I could not find a standard PFD the was comfortable in a fishing kayak seat. West marine is having a 4 day sale and lots of PFD's were on sale. Good luck in your search
  12. Bring minnows everytime i been there the minnows they had were tiny. There is a good article in this months Rudow's Fishtalk magazine. If you can go on a weekday. It can get crowded on weekends.
  13. Hey KnewBee you ever fish the eastern shore? I go to Kiptopeke a few times a year and sometimes Oyster.
  14. I always start with fresh then go to salt when the fish show up. A few perch are starting in the tidal creeks but the wind has been high and no leaves on the trees yet so it is hard to get out of it. March has definely come in like a lion but the long term forecast looks good next weekend.