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  1. Lots of wats to do d fronts… i talke a set of compass scribers….quicklu mark out the box with continuous lines, drill small tapered bit at their crossing points…taper bit eliminates outs blowout on the inside. Then i enlarge all 4 holes per drawer with 14/ drill. Throw a two nickels on the bottom to allow for margins. set 1/4" pointed dowel centers in the two upper 1/4" holes, do the left to right alignment by eye and smonck it with the back of a fist to make two indents. I then pilot those, set up washer head screws on the inside of the box and tighten them 70%. A dead blow hammer to center it up as the 1/4 " holes allow that with the #6 or 7 screws. Then I sink the bottom screws. I roll out about ten layers of blue tape on a tabletop or scrap of wood and cut into 1 1 squares…back out the scrrws one at a time to shim the faces one corner at a time until flush. After all is tightened dorm, a dead blow hammer can fix a minor misalignment. The key is to be methodical….anyway, that is the best way I had found. I can do 40 of them, inset, in a day with time to spare…even if a few give a real headache and slides have to be adjusted.
  2. Very nice…only note about latex, although it can finish out well is that is less durable. You already know that, but my concern on any project I do is refinishing. Oil can be patched with bondo and it can be sanded back to a glassy hard finish. You can get good as new results when repainting an oil finish. Latex clogs paper, does not feather out well when sanded, and bondo type patching compounds will probably act like a paint stripper on the areas you are attempting to patch. You have 1/4" dowel centers to mount the drawer fronts? I'd be happy to explain the method I use if you do not a method in mind. I would plan on mounting all six to take about 30 minutes…with perfect alignment...on a good day. W
  3. My Gosa 6 has slight clunk at the high point of it's oscillation..also a slight wobble like a car tire missing a wheel weight , very minor when retrieving at slow-moderate speeds. Not noticable with a fish on, burning in a lure, or when just cranking it like you would at the counter in the shop. Rotor is snug as it was out of the box..will be sending it back for a look by Shimano.
  4. IDK about your market area but around here, most security systems I see are installed by independents and if they do offer monitoring service, it is contracted out to the large companies. The contractor will do the install, programming and field maintenance. I doubt discounts are offered for signing a contract so you will pay market rate for the install but that might be the best way to go. I think it is always best to hire someone not affiliated with the monitoring ( or any service company when ever possible) The installer will likely know who you can hire without a contract for the monitoring service. Might want to check out some small local companied that specialize in Audio/video/ media wiring and installation. Most of those systems are so integrated now it is hard to imagine that type of company would not offer that type of service.
  5. I have seen Shimano's, Penn's, and St Croix's self destruct on casts, retrieves…and everyone I know stated out fishing a Tica of one type to another. I have never seen anyone have to walk back to there car because the Tica broke….only to go and get it so they could keep fishing after the new $300+ rod has broken. I would not be afraid to replace it with another identical.
  6. Shorter or fast action rod will just take a little more physical exertion with a lure that size….all the physics behind it boil down to how many feet per second/ mph the lure is traveling at the moment of release. A severely underrated rod might be the only limiting factor…going too heavy will just make you work more, but for a 1 oz lure….it's not going to be that much effort.
  7. Cabo retrieve was ok until i bought a Gosa 6k… small and flimsy handle and retrieve on the Cabo are intolerable now that I tried something better. Excellent drag on the cabo though. The shimano will not really free spool as well as the Cabo did for live lining or chunking though. Was a nice feature on the Cabo to be able to do that with a few turns of the drag knob.
  8. I have had swivels come off of clips before…only a couple of reasons to have a swivel attached to one and it is usually for quick change setups. I expect I can always lose whatever is attached that way if I am using that kind of setup. Stacking a short teaser and a long leader for a plug to the same clip can cause losses but it is sometimes worth it to have a few different teasers to swap out quickly without losing a lot of time re tying.
  9. It's a good idea t find a local pond…one with no fish…fish it often and relax…for practice.
  10. As often as i do when fishing bait….never for a few weeks, and then almost every trip for the few months it takes me accept that the fish have left the building.
  11. Surgeons loop with two tag ends…one long to a clip or a snelled hook for an eel, the other shorter to a teaser…swivel on top to tie to main line can work well. If done with 50# mono they can be pretty tangle free and bulletproof if you are worried about the strength of the knot. I like the simple dropper loop, clipped, but either can work.
  12. I jump start mine off of my truck all the time…just double-check it is 12V..batteries only last about three years, maybe four on those machines.
  13. Good route to go... Even if you just tell them the last owner let the conductors take the weight of the cable they should consider it compromised.
  14. The styrofoam ones from Drunkin's or Cumerlamd Farms can last entire seasons. The only good store-bought one is a mini french press,,,but even that gets poured off into the foam ones.
  15. I used the patch because there was a small tear ~ 1/4" or so. Easy enough to do the same with pinholes and having it buttoned up on both sides just gives some insurance. Withpout the patch I would just want to make sure the sealer is squeezed through the hole to fill it and mushroomed over on the inside and out.