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  1. What time of year did you get the spec?
  2. They have become very common in south jersey once the water hits the mid sixties. I was out surfing in Moco in Sunday and noticed them too. I think the very clear water and glassy conditions allowed you to see them really well on Sunday. They are probably around more often than we think!
  3. I use Andrus Ball Jigs and I carry everything from 3/8 to 1 oz for normal surf conditions. White curly tail usually, sometimes a white Sluggo. Throwing bucktails into whitewater is by far my favorite way to catch bass!
  4. Well I got off to a good start. Hooked up about a 25 lb tarpon on an SP minnow this morning before sunrise. Broke me off while trying to land him on the rocks but it was quite a lot of fun on my 7 ft travel rod.
  5. I’m doing the same thing. Will be in Miami for the next 5 days and looking to bend a rod. I packed a bag of artificials but I’m not sure what to expect in terms of fish species along the surf and jetties. Any guidance would be appreciated. Ralph, I’ll let you know how I make out.
  6. Great info here, thanks. The NJDEP report is very interesting. Here’s a video I was able to get of the smaller eagle. IMG_4250.MOV
  7. Saw the snowy owl discussion in the reports thread and wanted to check with the bird experts here. How rare are bald eagles in NJ? A pair of bald eagles were hanging out by my inlaws house in MoCo over the entire holiday weekend. They were carrying sticks back and forth - is it possible they are building a nest? What do these things eat in NJ? Hitting the bunker schools like osprey?
  8. The smaller Gibbs Danny is my absolute go-to plug at sunrise or sunset. Damn near guarantee I can get a fish to rise on one. It’s important I fish them with just the right amount of wiggle, speed up or slow down the reeling as the plug rolls up and down the face of a wave.
  9. I tried a midday flyrod session yesterday. Couldn’t make a decent presentation between my poor casting and the south wind. Water looked too good to be fishless. Went back and grabbed by spin setup and got a bunch of schoolies in short order. Would have been a blast on the 8 weight - need to get better with the wand.
  10. Nice fish. From what I have observed the last two years, the fly guys have a better shot when there are no fish showing. Spin fishers tend to hook up mostly when the Albies are blitzing on the surface. Might need to step up my fly game next year.
  11. I'm just hoping the Albies don't get chased out by this weather!
  12. Nice albie blitz in northern Monmouth County this morning. Surfed later in the morning and saw bass and bait being harassed.
  13. Schoolie bass were feeding on the beach today ahead of this front coming through. Textbook conditions with northeast wind, whitewater....and 75 degree surf.
  14. Decker - I am gonna have to hold on to this rod longer than anticipated. You might want to see what else is out there.
  15. Can't do lower than $110 - Decker has told me he is interested at $100 in another thread