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  1. So sad to hear this. Can't understand why such a young one has to go. RIP little guy and my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.
  2. fished this morning in moco. one dink bass on metal and dropped another on a bucktail with plastic. surf was rough minimal wind at my back.
  3. I have a 9' solaris and it is great. Matched up with a penn sargus 6000 and has caught me some nice sized blues. Works plugs nicely.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ctd450 A repeat of last fall would be fine with me! certain
  5. the water is 77.... wow
  6. Fall run!!! Thanks man!!
  7. or just cast it out..
  8. getting sick of catching short fluke... just gonna do some bass fishing until I start targeting stripers next month..
  9. 2 keepers and dozens of shorts for me this summer. Fall can't come soon enough.
  10. its not like the fishing is really stellar at the park like it use to be. I think that all the quality fishermen (like ourselves) got the point that island beach is a cluster f**k now and have been fishing else where. A lot of jagaloons "fish" island beach now and air down with their escalades and volvos. those are all the bennies and aholes who like parking next to my truck with music blasting, tents up, and their rods leaning against their cars with no intention of actually fishing. And yet again the rangers suck.. no enforcing is going on just heckling me to see if I actually have a shovel in the bed of my truck.... pathetic
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Ken080 IBSP Family Campground. Photo taken 8 am today. thats bu*lsh**. the rangers suck along with these people. Im getting my tent camper for my pickup bed that I have been wanting. If the ranger confront me, Il show them this picture and tell them to stick it.
  12. moco jetty this morning for a couple hours. one short fluke at about 16" that took a pink teaser with 4" nuclear chicken gulp. Then as the tide came in the snappers started biting the tail off my bucktail tipped gulp.
  13. anybody here been fishing the ibsp area?
  14. I fluked ibsp the other day and brought a bigger rod for sharks. Butterfly ray broke the tip off my 10' airwave XH. easily a 100 lbs then he flat out spit the hook in the wash. talk about a fight..
  15. A7 is a mess. A23 is my go to for the most part. Lots of deep water holes I found throughout the area. May try Gilkins in the fall