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  1. Looking into having a few rods built for the fall/winter season. Was interested to see what blanks are popular with the fluke crowd. Havent decided on spinning or conventional yet, just looking at blanks and keeping options open. 7-8Ft, 1.5-3oz weights used w/ sliding sinker rig, 30lb braid, and need a sensitive yet soft tip.
  2. Although cycles change, typically the mullet run is lead by smaller blacks and larger silvers. There is a mix of schools migrating but the mass of fingerlings usually always follows the first run of larger mullet. Mass of fingerlings then you are at peak run. Roe mullet (Big Black Mullet with Eggs) come towards the end of the run and thru winter.
  3. Profile and swimming pattern are far more important than color. Pink, chartruse, red/white among a bunch of other unnatural colors are very productive snook lures. When I was younger the Maverick Golden Eyes in yellow or Chicken Scratch were one of my favorite lures, and have caught hundreds of snook on them. So it will work fine if you spend your time patterning the snook and figuring out when they want that profile vs. putting too much emphasis on the color. Far as the rest of the convo, figure out what works for you. My biggest snook this last year, 44" was taken on 10lb braid and 20lb leader testing a buddies 8-17 on a 3k Stella. Granted experience plays a huge factor for finesse fishing around structure, overkill isn't always needed. We have been overtaken by 11' surf rods and 10k reels here at Sebastian by transplants snook fishing because they follow perpetuated bs, oblivious that they are the googans.
  4. All the popular ones mentioned here rust or get dull, so I just keep buying the cheaper ones. SAMSFX off Amazon are really nice for sub $10 and work good, the small cudas last me a few months tops then lockup/break if they don't rust shut and one's pictured maybe 6 months at most, dollar store I get a month or so out of. Gunna splurge soon and try the Gerber Saltwater for $25 but have come to the realization that they all suck and don't last long, so just buy a few cheap ones or get the Harbor Freight ones free with a coupon.
  5. Yeah, I had multiple G. Loomis rods take a permanent set. I had to get out of dodge for a hurricane evacuation and took all my rods. Every G. Loomis I put in my Maverick Flats Boat assumed the shape of the hull, three I believe. My problem was when I contacted them was that they wouldn't accept any responsibility after they told me it would take nearly 200° to cause this. It wasn't in a hot car, it was in gunnel rod holders, and it was open air in temps less than 90° for like 5 days. All of my other rods kept in the gunnel were fine. Granted this was over ten years ago, whatever epoxy/resin they were using wasn't up to par and set at low temps on GL2 and 3. After taking pics of the several St. Croix rods and other rods stored the same way, sending in the rods hoping they would reason with me once they saw them, I was denied any warranty for my neglect. I even had a new GLX casting rod at the time that I thankfully left in the back of the truck that was straight. Months later I wanted to convert it to spinning because I liked the blank, they stopped selling them, and called them and asked if I stripped it would the blank still be covered under the pay to replace warranty because I'm stripping a $450 rod to get a blank expressing my distaste for what happened during the Hurricane. "Yes of course, that is a no questions asked payed replacement" A few years go by, a sinker hits the tip and takes off a ft, and I send it for warranty which has changed. The rod has been altered a we do not cover replacement even at a fee. Will never give them any business again out of spite because they screwed me twice.
  6. Yeah it sucks. Don't know if they had the option or was overlooked, but is too late now. Kinda hard hearing from your nephew upset that all his fishing gear is gone, but that has nothing on a lifetime of pictures and personal belongings that can't be replaced. As I figured based on the "rules" this wouldn't be allowed. Thought it was for advertising so gave it a shot. Contact me in private if you would like the link.
  7. Please delete if not allowed. Last night I got the frantic call at 1:30am that my sister's home she was renting went up in flames. Her husband, and family of 3 lost every possession they have ever owned in the fire with no rental insurance. Reaching out to all my fishing friends and the community to help get them back on their feet in this time of need with the gofundme account below. They own a small tackle shop in Naples, FL called Serenity Bait, donate bait every year to the Wounded Warrior Tournament, and do everything they can to support the local fishing community. If you are in a position to help out a fishing family it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You *
  8. We teamed up to split $$$$ shipping and ordered blanks from FSC recently within the last month, because he still had some laying around. Got the 1087x Raptor since I broke mine years ago but have the Predator been using ever since. Have a 1028 and used a 1088 alot. Great multi purpose rods. Haven't had the chance to feel a weapon yet. Thing you will find in Florida is that it is hard to get your hands on blanks. Everyone uses MHX and Rainshadow and 99% of builders won't have stuff I mentioned. If you have access to Icast go, visit Get Bit and Mudhole if you get in the area and be a pita to let you see a bunch of inventory if they have it, or make online friends that will let you check stuff out they built. Why I was saying my build process usually takes months because it takes time to resource your build options.
  9. It all depends on your application. While brands catch popularity in certain regions, there are usually many blanks that are well suited. In reality most guys don't research enough or know enough about rod action and construction to know the difference of why a certain blank gives them advantages. Definitely wouldn't follow what Josh of BlacktipH uses or any other popular recommendations, until you see and feel it for yourself. The blind leading the blind is even more popular than Youtubers in Florida. That being said, all my custom rods are built for a specific application then crossover to other things. Spent months on some researching and feeling rods, getting builder recommendations from different regions, and then finding what was perfectly suited for what I need. Black Hole, Phenix, Fiberstar, Liberty, Point Blank, and Batson Rainshadow are the builds I currently have in process or just got done, which none of are particular the East Central and South East Florida that I fish besides the Liberty I consulted on. In your range you have sooo many options from Century, Phenix, St. Croix, Point Blank, Batson, Black Hole, NFC, and many others that I wouldn't limit yourself.
  10. Finally an Alan Hawk review that coincides with my field testing lol. To think I only bought the Stella because there was no gosa stock in sight at the time smh.
  11. Only thing I use soft lead for is split shots, everything else is skimmed hard lead. If you drop an egg sinker you don't have to worry about the thru hole being pinched off or closed and your jigs can take more abuse. Get your molds hot before you pour (lay across pot while heating up) and I don't have voids or many mispours.
  12. I primarily use white because I can see it best, especially at night. Doesn't seem to make much of a difference on bites but when it comes to spanish mackerel season I take it off because it becomes a major liability with fish attacking the knot.
  13. I use the 1/2lb spool, not nearly the coiled mess that the 1/4lb spool becomes once low or would transfer 1/4lb to my old leader spools. 1/4lb turns into a slinky sitting a while in your bag. Didn't even use a full 1/2lb this mack season for $24 compared to the $200 plus I spent on flouro last year in 80 and 100 and ran longer leaders so I could cutback teeth scars more, and no issues now that it's almost gone.
  14. I mainly use mono at night, not flouro, and just the bulk spools of Ande line not even leader material. Used to be a pure mono leader guy but after years of testing and switching back and forth, I only use flouro for the light stuff. Snook are weird. Somedays you need the perfect finesse presentation and others they would hit 200lb steel. Getting bit when no one else can usually requires flouro in my experiences.
  15. For finesse presentations I use 30lb leader. Been using STS because it is far more economical then Blue Label with good abrasion resistance. Anything less than that and you are begging to get frayed off with any pressure. Hookups are substantially higher with lighter presentations on highly pressured fish like Sebastian during daylight so every advantage helps just have to fight them accordingly. At night I mainly use 50 and 80 for bait, and if fish are less finicky I would rather have 40lb during the day because you can turn fish with that.
  16. For shrimp I use a Mustad Fly Tarpon Hook that is the shorter shanked version of the Tarpon Hook in size 1 or 1/0 for shrimp over 5" hooked below the horn. Owner Flyliner and Aki hooks are nice too and don't bend out like SSW. Light hooks that give you a natural presentation and won't bend out easy like most cheaper thin wires. When it comes to greenies that varies alot based on size of bait and hook placement. Throat or nose hooked I like 3/0 Mustad Big Guns best for a semi economical hook, and that covers the larger range of baits. Smaller baits I carry the 2/0 Tarpon Hooks and will use my shrimp hooks on finicky bites with baits less than 4". Offset 2/0 Circles work if you a Circle hook guy, and will jump to a 4/0 on baits 6 plus. No matter which hook you use be aware that it is easy for the hook to turn back into a threadfin, which you can easy tell by managing your bait. Can remedy that by coming through the mouth and out the top, but seems to kills baits fast in current and I prefer to throat hook baits most of the time for better action.
  17. Bought a Gold VSB 100 for 350 a few years ago, and sold it for $650 a few months back. Wish my investments had those kind of returns.
  18. Was just surprised that no customers ever had issues. Standard uplocking with clockwise tightening and when I'm torquing against it lifting the rod it naturally wants to loosen unless you tighten the chit out of it. Same with nps. Started using matagi lock nuts with Ray before fuji came out with them and haven't had any issues. Never tried downlocking on spinning because I don't want my hand on seat threads, and prefer a flat transition to the grip or get cramping because I extend my index with certain lure presentations.
  19. Seems that is evolving, but not talked about. Bout to sent in an Exist and a few 15 Saltigas so will report back.
  20. That's surprising. Maybe its the way I hold the reel or fight a fish, but I won't get anything built anymore without a lock nut to ensure I don't have issues with the DPS. Used to be a common problem for me
  21. Ged has a Stella and still uses his Zeebaas instead. His opinion can't be trusted lol
  22. After hearing so much about this guy on here for years I had to watch the video and the recent grouper video for the first time ever watching anything Skinner. Glad I did because I was having trouble sleeping lol.
  23. No wobble and biggest improvement I notice is the Infinity Drive which provides more torque under load. After some mileage it remains buttery smooth which to me feels better than the previous version and on par with my Stellas. As of now, the best sub $300 reel I have ever used.
  24. Knew that would be the end of tackle advisors sadly if you got it, but hopefully you can create an unbreakable winch for me lol. If fishing pressure gets any worse here I'm going to have to sell myself to the Youtube devil to make a better living, but kuddos for doing it and actually helping the fishing community while it lasted.
  25. I really don't need another $1000 reel in an 8k size or would be testing it, and not sure if we will see a 6k. My 2015 Saltigas are far worse then my Stellas and much worse than those pics, but Daiwa evidently took the time to address these issues and take feedback. Never saw anything published by Shimano, was just told that by a rep. Guess I'm in the 1% of guys who buy a Stella to fish the crap out of it and not baby them, but at that price range it should be better paint adhesion than a $100 reel. Resale is shot. Pretty and shiny do nothing for me if it doesn't hold up, especially when your pushing sealing as a selling point. Seal the paint to the frame better first please.