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  1. Was a pleasure meeting you. The crowds and tangles get old, but fishing while having the ability to converse and joke around all day and constantly meet new people make up for it and make fishing there worth it. If you ever make it down again, lmk and we can fish next time. Take care!
  2. I'm probably not the best person for long term evaluations because I go through so much line dealing with structure, snags, and googan tangles but rate it better than both PP. Recently used J Grand and that is another I strongly urge you to try, nothing bad to say about that stuff so far and held up to strong abuse in a short period. I will definitely trying more than the 30lb I tried
  3. Been using it for a while now. Has some coil memory, isn't very smooth but doesn't hurt fingers, casts very good, very strong with good abrasion, and most importantly you get all that for cheap money. Urged people to try it for while now, because like the above comment you get many different opinions on braid, but I think it is one of the best economical braids, if not the best, I have used
  4. Yep, my brain is broke right now lol. Even though you rotate 360 as you keep going around and around you are putting more line on the spool as diameter increases. I'm just invisioning a long cast and I start reeling and my lure is barely moving at the start but as it gets closer and closer it starts flying across the top of the water because each time I turn the handle it picks up more and more line. Time for bed
  5. I'm just completely retarded then lmao. Honestly never thought about it and can't figure it out now after our full day, just only made sense it my mind that the line is directed onto the spool via the rotor, so a wider rotor picks up more line otherwise your line pickup should increase as you reel on more line to the reel increasing spool diameter way I interpret it now reading your comment. Too much thinking at 1am when I gotta get up at 6 for them blues again, will have to figure it out tomorrow.
  6. Yeah, I need to do some investigation myself because I just quickly swapped spools and think I turned handle and it seemed to fit fine with a few turns. 8000 spool looked much smaller and capacity isn't great for some things I might want to do, just not sure about the egg knob on the 10k yet since I have gotten used to the round metal in recent years. Being that the 10k pg is 40in per turn and the 8k is 37" the rotor has to be different unless I am completely retarded. Assuming spools are interchangeable, just don't quote me on that yet because I didn't play with bail clearances or pay attention closely, it just fit shaft and rotor. Can't even remember if I turned both handles with different spools, just went to look at what I don't need to buy but probably will soon now. Alan Hawk has a pending issue notice on his site btw
  7. Checked it out at a local shop today, and switched spool of the 10k to the 8k and it seemed to fit just fine. 8k is only one with the metal knob so wanted to see if bigger spool fit. Was in a hurry so didn't investigate too much, but seem interchangeable. Felt lighter in hand and very solid. Had to leave before I bought one lol
  8. Yeah just pm me
  9. line

    What I can't figure out is why everyone on here is always bitching about the price of braid then they get several years/seasons out of it. I'm lucky to get more than a month out of my primary reels so look for the best valued line out there. Rocks, structure, heavy fishing, and googan tangles don't give line much life
  10. We bleed alot of fish down here in Florida, some need it and some don't but almost all benefit from it in meat quality. Problem is you were watching videos, and most of the people making them are idiots
  11. Did you see dead bluefish? I didn't see any bluefish at all around inlet or beaches, just tons of mullet and reef fish primarily. Blues are migratory, and run following redtide this year was very good. Alot around now, just 10" mainly
  12. The spoons don't wobble too bad, atleast not as bad as other spoons, there just isn't any weight to them so they don't fly far. I just had a BH Challenger Bank 703M made specific for this application. While not really the type of rod you would typically throw this weight of spoon with, it has the light weight/power and tip I can load with force. Compensate through very powerful snap casts to load the 1-4oz rod with less than 1/2oz and good timing. With any conventional I'm used to that much rod speed would generate a massive backlash. Stella 6K was supposed to be dedicated reel, but went out of commission along with my 4K Saltiga a lil while ago so have a heavy BG 5k on there for now. If it is just really small fish or I get tired then I use my 5.2oz 701L and Exist 3012. That throws the lure well, but lacks the torque or big fish ripping power. I'm fishing into up to 20 mph head and cross winds. Always get recommendations for conventional, and am no stranger to using conventional since that's all I grew up using, they just rarely fit my applications when I go from throwing 4oz and turn around a use a freelined shrimp minutes later. Need versatility carrying minimal rods. Building the Tranx to take some pressure off the spinners during jack season, and got some conventional for boat stuff, but don't want to drop a g and a refined reel if that's what it takes, especially one that will get covered in junk and salt everyday. Probably going the BPS Gear guard route with something I can destroy and replace for short money, or just keep running this 6k into the ground after service
  13. Started borrowing my friends setups testing the Komodo, Tranx, Lexa, and Valiant. Decided to build a Tranx setup, got the rod components in but blank is 9ft and everything I threw was heavy at 2oz plus. Have no experience with modern casting reels and light lures, all I own are old 400s, 700 Calcuttas, and a few accurates and can't throw light stuff for crap on them.
  14. What conventional would you recommend for throwing a #2 clarkspoon equivalent distance to a spinner. Think they only like 1/4oz. Finally got my blank for the Tranx setup I'm building for the inlet, but that won't work on the boat at 9ft, and haven't bought the reel. Buddy has a Calcutta 401 with 50lb braid and he couldn't get half the distance I was getting with my 5k BG and 6K Stella with the smaller spoons. Biggest problem is that for that type of fishing I get worn out pulling with my left arm much quicker and still feel like monkey screwing a football trying to reel conventional with my left hand. Have no short 7ft conventional rods that would work, so have to invest in a complete setup and build back up the muscles to do those kinda numbers. The entire commercial fleet all uses spinning reels, but was already thinking conventional if you think distance can be achieved with very light spoons. The bigger drone spoons shouldn't be an issue at closer to an oz
  15. I have been using my 4500 frequently for this type of fishing. Had a 6500, which is the size I really need, but it proved to be too heavy so I gave to a buddy. 4500 has held up fine, no complaints performance wise, except that it doesn't provide the torque I am looking for and you have to pump fish alot more. Good drag and feels really solid in hand, just really need a size up for what I have been trying to do with it, but weight jump is significant. Wouldn't say I have enough time on it to fully evaluate it like I have the Spin VI, but so far so good, and makes a great snook reel in my offtime. For this type of fishing you want a winch really. You have bullsharks and dolphins chasing fish, and if you hook a big one and let run you can lose, a $15 dollar fish with $8 spoon it adds up quick. Why I'm very curious about a stainless gear set in a light $140 reel. If it can do what I need it to do for cranking power, gunna buy one just as a throwaway just to abuse. Will see what Scooby says when he opens this Evict up. Sending Stella PG 6k off to service today because that is the ideal reel, but rotor keeps coming loose