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  1. Unless you need to save a few seconds, there is no practical reason to tie an Alberto vs. a FG. Superior in every aspect that I know of besides time to tie which isn't much more with a little practice
  2. Yeah, started a charter business few years ago but like everyone else has been leveled by the rona. Was chatting with him yesterday trying to push him to realize his potential in the tube scene, but like myself he is strongly against the fishing aspect and what it has done to the fishing community and ethics overall so won't go that route. He said he has some more things planned and opportunies from Bob, so hoping he can get alot more content out like this among other things for our viewing pleasure.
  3. That's a buddy of mine Zach. He is just like that in person, Bob or not, one funny ass dude. Hardcore fishermen too but after seeing this, he needs to persue a Youtube career cuz he would put the current Florida boy content to shame. Can actually watch this stuff lol
  4. Op is catching alot of hell for a good point of the way the world works. Outsource to China to maximize profit, make available to mass merchants at deep discounts, don't regulate sale prices to who you distribute to is the reel game. It's ok for the reel manufacturers to operate that way and nobody gets mad? There is no solution for local shops but to adapt to the market if they want to sell product or go out of business trying to sell reels because hate to break it to yall but morals won't win against supply and demand. I support my local shops in everyway I can and my sister owns a local bait store btw before I catch hell, just think it's a lost cause at this point for the shops.
  5. Too bad this only works for lure fishing. When you are constantly feeding back line, engaging and disengaging from the roller, where a split second hookset timing maters, it is a nightmare and alot of cut fingers. Forced to bailed reels, but then you have the bail popping issues and you lose them that way if not engaged perfectly on roller before hookset and ruin alot of bails. Going to try conventional this year to get away from all my bail issues, but then you have to forcefully cast weightless freelined baits into 20mph head winds, so that will be fun. One issue I haven't been able to dial in or figure out completely and lose money every night in ladyfish season
  6. Stop at Black Dog in Mel. Beach on the way to inlet one night, they carry some ODM rods and should be comparable weight to look at
  7. Great, now I can't use these pliers I got anymore or TA clips lol. Bought them at cost when they came out, just haven't used them until I get a belt. They looked solid, but only time will tell
  8. More than 8k? 8k and 5k Saltiga are the largest reels I own with a 27Z. Actually 2013 Stella PG is a 10K I think, not that it matters, but that isn't used as a beater reel. Don't need anything bigger than that for anything I do spinning wise, and have a bunch of smaller spinning stuff. Lighter mackerel setup is a 6k for small fish
  9. I never have time to watch all your stuff, but no doubt you have been the number #1 guy I look to for feedback and have for many years now. Glad to see you are making coin of it now, and wish you more and more success so you can spread your knowledge. Hopefully you come down to Icast this year and we can wet a line too. Thanks Scooby for doing what you do!
  10. Damn, I'm still known as the waterski guy lmao. With what I do, which is fish for everything I can pretty much everyday, it gives me the opportunity to be a good product tester. In reality I'm all over the place fishing for everything many different ways, and winch fishing is a small portion. Today I'm finesse fishing snook for fun early, pompano jigging light tackle for money, lookdowns for backup plan, sheepshead and black drum fishing after tide changes, then meeting a friend for crappie right before dark to mess around. There are no better product testers then rod and reel commercial fishermen without a doubt. Guy I fish mackerel with is with Okuma, and has been their lead product tester for years. Surprised more companies don't seek that out, because others are usually putting product in the hands of Charter Captains who barely get to fish themselves and rec guys with a 9-5. What those guys can test in a few weeks or months, a commercial guy can test in a day in the right scenario because of mileage. I was a gear nut before I ever went commercial, and glad that carried over. By fishing the high end stuff, I started realizing the full capabilities of my gear and how I could use it when need be. Take mackerel fishing for example. I watched the boat next to us lose 20 fish to sharks in one day, and I have only lost 2 all season with about 500 close calls. Know I need the right pickup to work the spoon with enough torque to pull a huge mackerel away from a bull shark charging at full speed, the rod to do it, and you need it to be as light as possible to cast all day. Why my combo costs $1000 plus, because I want the best tool for the job, but it pays for itself over and over again in fish I would lose otherwise by seasons end. Want to shed the most reel weight possible, so my eye is on both 8ks just for this next season, otherwise I can't justify it with a 2008 8k PG, 2013 8k HG, and a 2015 5k PG already that can work for it. Start looking and researching now and by next year, I have the feedback I need to make the most educated purchase decision.
  11. Is anyone not going to buy a Saltiga if they look too much like a Stella if they want one? Colors look very similar to me and I would of chose different colors if it were my choice, but who really gives a crap about this argument lol.
  12. When I looked at purchasing the 2013 Stella I just looked is it the best feeling reel I can buy, does it offer any advantages for my type of fishing over the competition, is platinum service gunna save my butt if Alan Hawk is right, and why does the best reel on earth at the time the 2008 keep giving me gear issues and do I really want to take a chance spending more money on a downgraded gearing. That and reel world feedback led me to buy one. Was probably the best purchase I ever made buying that reel once I found one at discount through a friend. Now it's do I want to buy a new Saltiga and it end up costing me $3000 in 5 years and have more down time between service, or get the inferior Stella on paper and have service security and piece of mind. Potentionally buying these damn reels stress me out, and I don't even need one yet. Daiwa just get on par with Shimano on the service end, and make my life easier please
  13. No, had a 4500 but gave it to my nephew. Too heavy for this application, and does not have the torque of Stella/Saltiga due to the gear size and creates alot more reeling effort. Testing a HS reel for them now in the size below that, and it doesn't fit what I'm looking for for the same reason with gearing
  14. There is no market. With the exception of a few hardcore fishing friends that fish high end gear and are willing to destroy it, the aesthetics are a big selling point to the rest. As a commercial fishermen, performance is my only selling point. When your putting 50 plus hours a week on reels at times throughout the year, it easily exposes flaws though and both the Stella and Saltiga suffer from that. First day I got my Saltigas and put it in the rod holder the paint was easily scratched, and I knew it was going to be a problem. All those stylish curves and recesses are also holding points for salt buildup also. Regardless of what you do if you take spray at first light and wash at the end of the day, that saltwater has dried up and left hard deposits on your reel and must be meticulously cleaned to keep aesthetically pleasing. Leave it on the rod and wash/wipe it and your foot will be damaged by weeks end. Once the paint starts bubbling it spreads like cancer because it allows more salt in. My only argument is that with all the sealing advancements in reels as of late, the pretty paint finishes haven't kept up to protect the outside of the reel as well as the internals. My anodized reels don't have that problem
  15. I know, but is a tough sell with the review breakdowns. Gunna drop that type of coin, I want the best reel for the job. 6k has enough torque, but only have the PG and doesn't keep up with the spoons. Need to try out an HG before I commit to a bigger reel, so using what I have. 5k 2008 struggles