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  1. Me too. Killed 400lbs of mini tarpon well within the guidelines of the law and ice restrictions for food consumption. Broke one actual tarpon off because there was no way to provide a safe release if I landed it. Guess I should of landed it for a picture so I had proof.
  2. Umm, some of my good friends are youtubers and I have been featured in their videos lol. Assisting them in making a living, just like I do catching and selling fish. That has nothing to do with the ethics of spotburning, selling themselves and friends out for products, or being complete douchebags operating under a veil of social media fame to cover that up which I have been vocal about by others. You are very confused bud. We also don't hold the same people in the same esteem when you have the local knowledge to read thru the bs you read and see them post, so yes I want to know why everyone should be taking advice from someone clearly in violation of the law on this subject? I'm not an fwc officer but have 3 or 4 in my phone right now I have consulted with for many years. On tarpon and goliaths to help save one of your glory fishermen's butts at an earlier date, and clarify regs. 2 of which asked me to report violations and photos to them on this very subject, and I wouldn't report my fellow fishermen either. I would like them to understand and protect the resource by the written law and it's intentions and be advocates and examples for the protection of the species though, so I try to get through to them by other means even if that means being called out as a poacher when you don't know wtf you are talking about.
  3. Please tag me if Zcoker decides to join, since the other post has taken up all of my free time trying to defend common practices not known beyond internet fishermen. Would love to hear the esteemed opinion of someone with multiple violations from the other post on what constitutes proper release and fishing tactics.
  4. Why couldn't we keep this is one post Scoobs lol. That is kinda the point I was getting at by promoting the use of a subdarter with trebles, and why I would defrain from using them with the regs the way they are. Most don't or use singles if they decide to use big plugs if they are planning on getting in the water to be dehooked easier. Seems to me the ones who insist on using this approach and are convinced it is the only way to get big fish are the ones who have no clue about this type of fishing. What was a standard release years ago is not supposed to be anymore, as the regulations evolved for further protection. Anglers who recognize the conservative benefit of the tarpon and laws surrounding it for protection have adapted their practices and methods. Some have refused to do it. Do you think that it is coincidence that they have a vested interest in the plug of choice being on the prostaff? I think not. Do you think that fish is perfectly lined up for the photo showing the rod, reel, and lure and it just coincidentally happened that way? I think not. Do you think that the overall concern is for the well being and interest of the fishes livelihood and proper release by getting it in fast and getting in back in the water quickly if you are going against regulations and recommendations just to fish this way? I think you are "special" if you believe that regardless of what anyone says happened.
  5. He is holding the tail out of the water, yet the whole arguement to support any defense you have is regarding if the fish is in the water or not. No matter what, there will be an arguement. Ask someone who agrees that this fish is in the water if it's tail is in the water, and your likely to get some theory about mist droplets created by crashing waves that constitute enough water so that it's tail is still encased in water, therefore it's still in the water. The arguement only makes sense to people if it fits their needs and agenda, not common logic, yet this has gone on for days.
  6. There again you support your theory of general practice by showing one of the biggest social media fame seekers out there, and exactly what goes on despite the regulations and practices of most anglers as I mentioned in my reply to Lureman. It wasn't coincidence that he was pictured with your other prostaff doing the same thing on the goliath post and defending their reasoning, because it is always the picture and glory seekers that are repeat offenders as I mentioned. Those conditions were perfectly suited to get in the water behind the break of the waves in chest deep water, release the fish, and do what is COMMON PRACTICE by anyone who gives a crap. No we had to pull it out, get our pictures, lift it, take different angles, and put ourselves before the fishes well being when it wasn't necessary at all. Behind the smoke show of social media and their supportors, people that do this are despised in the real fishing community. Supporting bad ethics, publicizing bad ethics for millions of followers, and causing more people to follow suite and ultimately for more tarpon corpses to wash up on the beach every year for their desire to be internet famous. The bottom line is to release safely, yes. The regulations are set up to ensure that, along with recommendations to assist that. Even if you can skate by without getting a ticket by using the interpretation that in the water means in 1" of water and wet sand with it's gills shut, you have completely missed the point of doing what is best, and supporting what is best, for a protected species based on the clear information provided to do that. If you are wrong, and it already was provided, then I guess it has to be a matter of getting a violation to see that you were in the wrong before you will be convinced. Not the several people saying they wouldn't buy your products now based on your stance, not the abundance of likes my posts have gotten early in the post trying to clarify it for you, not the several people saying it's stubborn and arrogant, and not by reading the regs as the majority of people do and being an advocate for what is best for the safe release of the fish beyond what is best suited for you. Nobody is asking you to target a tarpon in places or conditions where you can't release to the letter of the law, you are choosing to then trying to justify that by breaking it.
  7. Who is lying about anything? As soon as I got involved in this post I made it clear that this picture was only in benefit of advertisement and for posting, not the fish. I didn't get a threat from someone else not affliated with BH, I did because I called people out on the subject. Not saying Mike B at all, but if you think a picture tells the whole story then you are very wrong. I see crap like this, and stuff much worse all the time. Fish is drug out the water, readjusted in the surf, take a picture from this angle, that angle, pose this way, that way. Take a hundred pictures and post the one that looks best, but in reality when the waves receed it's on nothing but wet sand with no water at all under it. What would be your argument then? I don't know how many tarpon you have dealt with, but can tell you from experience that they are a pita to handle and control, especially when green flopping for their life. The whole point I was getting at is that this is not in the best interest of the tarpon, the reason we have these rules. Put it this way, I grew up my whole life in Florida. Back in the day it was acceptable to lip gaff them to control them, it isn't now. I have fished for them from land, wading, and by boat. From backwater bays, the surf, on jetties, piers, catwalks, from bridges, in inlets, the flats, nearshore, freshwater spillways, private lakes, and rivers. I know plenty of tarpon fishermen beyond the inlet, and guides, and what the general consensus is on proper release. Don't get on a public forum and post a most likely illegal picture assuming you know what is common practice overall and how to target them. Then tell people to use big plugs with trebles which clearly goes against recommendations. If you do that you are going to catch some internet flack as Scooby says. Pushing and persisting your way is the right way when it's clear to a 10 year old, you may not get the answer you were looking for.
  8. This made me laugh. Kil is a nice guy and I really like his rod offerings, fish a few, and will continue to, but am still surprised at his stance and others on the subject after you got the answer I have from fwc and fully expected. The attempt to circumnavigate and word play a regulation that was put in place for the best interest of the species and to justify it to your liking is clearly stubborn and missing the point. Hopefully he gets the answer he is looking for, not the answer you got and is written in the regs because I haven't seen him do himself any favors here with his arguement.
  9. Internet flack lol. I just received my first threat via private message on facebook over this. That is what really happens when you oppose your fellow fishermen and call them out on bad practices
  10. He deserves to know the regulations as they are written and set a better example for everyone else going forward, as well as who reposted the pic, which is the only reason I got involved to begin with. That does far more for the protection of tarpon than fining someone who may of been influenced by others into thinking this is acceptable. It is pretty clear now who wasn't argueing for nothing
  11. Yeah, that's what I was referring to. Luckily I was smart enough to have someone with experience next to me when I tried to open one up for no reason the first time just to learn the internals, or I would of probably made the same mistake many have. My next attempt was dismantling an old broken Shimano at home without documenting anything, and still think I have a bag of parts laying around somewhere lmao.
  12. Google Van Staals locking up while you are at it if this is your first attempt at taking apart a Staal.
  13. Please spare me you are a commercial fishermen so you assume I have a different agenda speech. I started commercial fishing in 2012, a year before the rule you mentioned went into effect, and have avidly fished for tarpon since I was an early teenager in the 90s and still continue to in this day as a recreational angler. Some people care about the recreational resources and the protection of them beyond their means of income, so trying to base and assume my views on my profession is just as ignorant as justifying that beach anglers should be provided special privileges to endanger a fishes life moreso than others because they chose to fish for them in that setting. Nobody is making you fish for tarpon in rough conditions where it isn't in your best interest to get in the water or when they push in the masses followed by lurking preadators, you are choosing to fish for them. If you chose to target them then know the necessary risks involved or don't target them. Making excuses to put the fish through hell and jeopardize it's life moreso because you need the sense of validation to put it on dry land will get nowhere with me on this subject. So to answer your question would I get in the water to release it as a guide in shallow enough water to provide more security and take the risk to get a picture or safe release, then yes. If it jeopardized my safety or the fishes safety completely then I would make him break it off. If he objected to breaking it off and wasn't satisfied that he didn't get to land it just to get a glory picture with it, then I would advise him to quit fishing all together because he is fishing for the wrong reasons
  14. Check the date. I was the the person who defended Kil and advised him to look into the regulations or to reach out to me based on my many conversations with fwc about the subject simply for the fact of not knowing better. That was over 3 years ago and just now the attempt was made to clarify the regulations with fwc after he caught more crap on this post and posted others like it since as I advised him it would. His defensive stance against everyone looking out for the best interest of the survival of the fish, one of whom involved here in this post has probably caught more tarpon than his whole collection of trophy hunters combined, just to support the fact that a tarpon was drug through the wash for a picture session, frankly pisses me off at this point. That is the only reason to bring a fish to the beach or you are not using appropriate tackle to safely release them by the non removal from water regs and want your plug back. It is not standard practice if you give a chit about making sure that fish survives as he persists it is, it is standard practice if you are looking for notirarity for catching that fish and don't know how to target them otherwise. To assume that this is standard practice because the small portion of guys you know like Dennis V, Mike and Lyd, Al, Timmy and Daniel R that chase these fish and pull fish out of the water for pictures is COMPLETE lack of knowledge. They are the minority to the hundreds of guys that follow the beach bait migrations all summer through the mullet run, target them in inlets, and know the complete year round fishery we have beyond how the "trophy hunters" target them and practice different release tactics. To object to someone like myself implying jealousy or not knowing how to target them when I have caught close to 50 tarpon this summer alone, not taking a picture of a damn one, complies that ignorance that you think you know better when you really don't. I hope your viewpoint changes when you get clarification and actually take the time to understand why the regs are that way, because promoting and encouraging poor tactics does nobody any good and just causes more tarpon to wash up on the beach every year.
  15. You are making too many assumptions and don't know what you are talking about. In 2013 the tarpon became moreso protected not allowing removal of fish from the water over 40" in Florida. It wasn't done for fishermen safety, it was done for the further protection of the species and it's immense recreational value to the state to ensure their livelihood. Despite what you think, dragging a large tarpon through the wash onto dry land/wet sand is not what is best for the fish, it is what is best for YOU. The fight is prolonged, it loses it support medium, your flushing sand through it's gills, etc. nevermind the battle it takes to get them to that point. Tarpon have that protection, and if you are going to target them you should understand the necessary risks involved to ensure their survival or don't fish for them. There is a very small percentage of trophy hunters that have objected to this by beaching them and continuing to, and evidently influenced Kil Song into thinking this is the norm, when it is not by any means. The standard practice of beaching them stopped years ago when it became illegal, and now you either get in to release or break them off. I said I do not target them with large plugs with trebles. Why would I want to target them with an expensive plug with treble hooks knowing I wouldn't want that left in a fishes mouth and would have to risk my safety moreso to retreive it? Besides the fact that they don't work nearly as good as soft plastic, bucktail, and other options at a fraction of the cost it isn't in the best interest of the tarpon. There is no doubt in my mind that leaving a hook or bucktail in a fish that will rust out in a few days ensures that it will see another day moreso then prolonging a fight another 30 mins, stressing a fish to complete exhaustion, and beaching it to get it back will. If you want to question my ethics for doing what I feel is best to make sure that fish survives, then have it.
  16. His next catch was chest deep, so maybe something good came from this thread. All for guys in the spotlight setting the right example for the followers who will undoubtedly copy
  17. It is consistent. Everyone who fishes for advertisement photos and pushes their social media agendas on everyone looking for fame or pushes a product, takes these types of pics. You really think it is coincidence most of those tarpon pics from the Florida Forum are from the biggest attention seeker there? Do you think that most Floridians who avidly seek tarpon are using a large profile plug over $20 with trebles when they would hit almost anything of that large profile that moves when they push in inlets? YOU must not fish for tarpon or know the fishery beyond what some transplants think it is if you think the subdarter is one of the best lures for tarpon. They are the minority, but the only ones most people know because they get their name out there fishing for glory and cause the uneducated to follow suite. Meanwhile there is the silent majority, out stocking the beaches and inlets and following regulations that you never hear from, who actually give a crap about the resource and the protection of it.
  18. I need an HG for clark spoon season, got rid of my 6k HG SW, so need something that fits the bill. Trying to do it with my SWB PG last year was exhausting, but after hookup was great. Getting to old to throw a 8k Spinner all day for 1000lbs of fish lol. Hope this guy has $1000 performance for $300 so the arms and pockets can appreciate it
  19. Put a load on it if you can, and lmk if it remains effortless like a Stella or how it compares to the old gosa? Was going to buy one next week when my local shop gets them in to test, but for what I plan on using it for I need the torque, or will be buying a Stella HG come Nov if it doesn't suffice
  20. June 2013, the changes were voted to catch and release only, went into affect months later. The same time the FWC Leuitenant from our district contacted me about spreading word to the locals and what was expected of them under the new regs when they went into effect. I countered all the same points in a lengthy conversation regarding land based angling, net releasing, treble hook removal, getting in the water with a very dangerous fish vs. beaching it, breaking off a fish trailing several yards of heavy leader and line, etc. so they could fully understand the fishermen's aspect. Regardless of my counterpoints, fwc was very adamant that they did not want the fish removed from the water at all based on their studies of mortality. Break it off, otherwise you are in violation if you remove it from the water, which is why "Dennis" knows the law very well and what constitutes removal from the water. There is no surf exemption, no I want a picture clause, no I have seen many guys bring them up so I can do it too, it is enforceable if they chose to as it is written that fish over 40" must remain in the water at all times. The only exemption is with a tarpon tag in pursuit of a record. For 7 years I have had to argue this with people and have them debate otherwise, just like the goliath removal, when my information always came directly out of the horses mouth by the people that enforce it. I'm done trying to advise anyone else because it becomes a chitshow everytime due to lack of knowledge and ignorance.
  21. How am I argueing for nothing? You have continued to post big tarpon on the beach because it looks good to sell rods, when as soon as the gills break water it is against regulations whether you agree with it or not. Something that many Floridians and lifelong tarpon chasers are very adamant about following. Everytime you post something like this somebody says something because they know the regs, and you evidently don't care because you continue to do it bringing negative publicity to your brand. Just like me helping you out to catch fish at the inlet only to find whatever you catch broadcasted immediately over facebook, sol, and every other platform bringing more pressure and exposure, so I stop giving intel. One would expect a lifelong fishermen to understand these things, but I guess I was wrong.
  22. Guess that is the moral argument. I personally don't target them with big plugs so you can break them off if need be, or target them in rough conditions so you can swim out with them like everyone else does who is concerned about what fwc says, but hey what would I know. However you want to justify it to get a good picture is your choice, but it also comes at the price of losing the respect of every serious angler who follows the regulations. If that mattered to you, you wouldn't continue to do it, same as spotburning places for advertisement, but it doesn't so it is it was it is.
  23. Been over this many times with the guys around here, but all the rules seem to go out the window when you are taking pics. Nobody seems to give a crap about it and they will justify it to themselves just so they can post it for advertisement knowing better smh.
  24. 6K and Yes. Was a prototype I'm guessing though. Penn is a big player in that value market if you ask me. My problem is I want my reels to do everything the Japanese flagships can do, and after fishing those for so long it's hard to fish less when it's your livelihood and nothing performs like those. Need a 500 for playing around, so will have to give this guy a try since I can't justify buying a 1000 Stella.
  25. That was the last reel I tested, the HG, through late last year and into early this year. Had to abandon it during mackerel season due to the sharks, and switch back to the Stellas. That was my only finding with that reel from a performance aspect for my type of fishing, otherwise I had no complaints. Got maybe one or two random windknots over several months, drag was smooth, casted good, etc. Under load it stresses, as do all Penns, which I can only recommended increasing the size of the gearing to allow for more torque. Need the hg to work the drone spoons properly. Not a problem for 99% of the fishing population, but when you have 3-4 sharks circling the boat at all times chasing down every hooked fish the amount of stress it puts on your arms is worth $1000 after a few days. Buying the new gosa to try for it this year, because I just traded off my Stella 6K HG for a bunch of boat builds and the conventional stuff I finally got lol.