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  1. Made it about 30 seconds in when he called the Ballistic Daiwa's flagship reel
  2. I stopped reel testing for anyone once I realized the politics involved. Companies really don't want to give you reels to post an unbiased opinion, they want people willing to sing praise, advertise and post pictures for free stuff. Highlight the good, leave out the bad. Even when they would allow you to post freely, it's hard to consciously post anything that can be perceived as badmouthing and may potentionally hurt sales. It is really only suitable for the Youtube crowd who can monitize reviews and purchase a bunch of reels or get loaners for breakdown. I always wanted to give solely a fishermen's perspective after months of torture testing, but even found out that isn't practical because I wouldn't be using it otherwise and just put time on what I want to fish with. My collection of reels in daily use is basically limited to flagship Shimano and Daiwa, so the sample size would be very small. That and reviews take alot of time and I really just want to fish. Have barely been able to be involved on Sol much anymore with my fishing schedule, let alone produce a thorough review lol.
  3. Kid is pretty much clueless when it comes to reels, shouldn't even be mentioned in the likes of Scooby and A. Hawk. *went and watched his recent review and clueless was a little harsh. Seems he has been learning. Was basing it off of early reviews I had seen and personal conversations that weren't recent
  4. Welcome to Florida where VS are jewelry and the boat fishermen are elite lol. Can't tell you how many times I've hooked mystery fish that will dump you, so get used to being able to cup the spool or lose all your line. Bring a glove/towel if you have too to react quickly and don't want to be spooled or Staal scalded. Mantas, Massive southern and eagle rays, Sharks, Frisky Goliaths, Manatees, Dolphins, etc. all can dump you without hesitation.
  5. I wouldn't of read 65 pages of posts if I didn't care, just haven't seen a great arguement against what CWitek has posted based on actual data and understanding of the total fishery and an abundance of ignorance against the commercial side based on assumptions of their conduct. Florida banned gillnetting inside state waters in 1995 and every year the fishery gets more restrictive. Our flounder just went through a size minimum increase of 2" and the bag limit was cut in half, plus they closed a month and a half of peak season recreationally but kept commercial open at reduced limits. Local facebook fishing groups were in uproar and the recreationals were pissed. The misinformation that was written blaming commercial for the decline was staggering. Flounder locally hasn't been commercially viable in many years and you barely see them brought into market. They blamed commercial gigging and as someone who was on the water every day 9 out of 10 boats doing it are recreational. Out of the hundreds of guys lining the rocks at Sebastian, and the boats flooding and blocking the channel during the run, none of them were commercial. The recreational sector pounded the local population and the people most pissed about it were the recreational poachers selling on the side and double dipping limits.
  6. If it were so important then you would think there would be a better factual argument than heresay and fabricated stock depletion assesments from the recreational side. A poll from primarily recreational fishermen, some who have made it very evident they want more fish for personal benefit and financial gain, is hardly a good measure of what the commercial sector brings to the table either. Every fresh seafood market and restuarant, distributor, commercial fisherman, baitshop, commercial tackle supplier, etc has to go because they are the problem why I suck at fishing. Not the best arguement
  7. Think everyone got your point the other 4 times you posted it
  8. Never heard of anything like this. If the federal limits differ from state, like federal cobia being possesion being 2 fish and the state possesion of 1 fish, you are not allowed to stop and fish in state waters with your catch or are liable to state regulations. Same as gill netters bringing in a load, they cannot stop or fish state according to fwc. I know Florida has tried to make effort that size requirements line up with federal to alleviate issues, but have never heard of any transport issues across lines. Our gps track was checked twice by fwc last year during federal closure, and according to the officer if caught fishing federal they can confiscate the head unit and pull the date/time info on the track to prosecute.
  9. Guess I am pretty dumb when the guy who can't even put a complete sentence together is calling me out.
  10. So recreational fishermen do not pay for a license in NJ and commercial fishing had $6.2 billion in fish sales?
  11. I'm sure the data is as flawed as people persistent that commercial fishing is the only reason for stock decline. The ole bootstraps are mindless destroyers of everything. My fishing partner wasn't a former marine or a sheriff who left the police force because he would rather fish than protect and put his life on the line for country full of ignorance. Commercial guys aren't avid recreational fishermen as well. Blame the problems on what we perceive to be the issue, regardless of what the data to protect it says.
  12. You would have to go to fisheries management for that. Being on the water 300+ days a year it is hard to deny the impact that recreational anglers have on certain areas and fisheries here with my own eyes. If you account cryptic mortality and poaching into the equation, it compounds issues drastically. If you really want fish populations to rebound, ban social media not commercial fishing.
  13. That is the problem. The "stewards" sit back and complain on social media and everything goes by the wayside. Calling law enforcement often allows them to escape unscaithed. The real stewards know what is involved in confronting poachers and still have the balls to do it. I've found that when you confront someone publically on wrong doing with eyes around, then 99% of the time the right thing is done without serious confrontation and the fish goes back and lives. That fear of getting caught sets in or in some cases they don't know the regulations and easily comply. If you do it when eyes aren't around or confront someone who has no regard, then you better be willing to fight for it. Sitting back and complaining does nothing, so chose your battles.
  14. Because commercial fishermen are easier scapegoats when your shortsided to the overall decline because they are allowed more take per individual. Public resources should only be allowed to be ruined by recreational fishermen and recreational poachers. It is up to the commercial fishermen to police themselves and do the right thing for stock control, not the overseeing authorities. If you are commercial, then you only fish for monetary gain and do not respect the resource nor care about it's decline. That is pretty much what my research has gathered in this thread lol.
  15. They are sold as food value. Spanish the way it is headed will be under a permit system in the coming years not open to anyone holding a FL commercial license with a restricted species endorsement. Too many fishermen doing it now. If they eliminated the cast net/ gill net aspect of it and went to hook and line only, it would stabilize the price, fish stock, and make it profitable for hook and line fishermen. When you have calm weather and the gill nets getting 3500lb limits and the cast netters getting big loads the market tanks. Despite law enforcement really cracking down on the 500lb limit after federal quota is met, and a quota, the fishery isn't what it used to be due to the shear number of guys doing it.
  16. Yeah, that bycatch waste turns my stomach. Even with the turtle devices and bycatch reduction devices with shrimping there is still an abundance of waste here. I much prefer to hook and line everything. We do roe and finger mullet and in peak season of mackerel you are basically forced to castnet for a paycheck anymore. Can't compete with gill netters and the flood of the castnet market with hook and line or your killing yourself trying to catch fish for 12hrs straight what you can net in a few hours, getting paid 1/3 of what you do the rest of the year. Luckily boat rebuilds saved my back from that this year.
  17. There is no accurate way. It is all based on data collection. Surveys, estimations, wildlife officer catch reports at the dock that are very common locally, boarding checks, and whatever other fancy formulas they use. Even on the commercial level, where you report your catches, it is not accurate. It tracks fish sold that are reported through the proper legal channels, but how many fishermen sell off the books. How many fish markets report 100% accurate data. Who gives a few to their family, friends and neighbors. There is no way to truely tell. Yes I commercial fish and chose that as a profession. Left a successful career in Architecture because it's what I love to do. People may not understand that and idgaf. I know where I stand morally with what I do, I just am taken back on how hypocritical these discussions get. Ban commercial fishing but I still want to buy my bait, support my local baitshop, and just ordered the catch of the day for lunch lol. If you have the anti commercial mindset you are very naive to think that the recreational sector isn't headed straight down the same path to depleting the resource as well.
  18. According to the other thread there are a bunch of recreational guys profiting off a public resource. If you could add up the black market, there is a huge percentage of take that many are oblivious to. I know alot of fishermen, clean and dirty, and without a doubt know and hear more rumors of poaching and illegal sales coming from the recreational sector throughout my network. It is obvious that commercial fishermen take alot more per individual. They also pay higher license fees, permits, create taxable income from market, distribution, and retail. Any individual fish going to market is worth more to the economy than you taking it home to eat. When talking about sustainability if the commercial sector is taking 25% of any given species that is being overfished and 75% is taken by recreational is the best solution for that species to rebound to eliminate the commercial aspect? You can ban that species commercially and it is just a matter of time until this thread turns into "Is it time to ban fishing" unless something proactive is done on both ends.
  19. All natural resources are finite. If you cut down trees to build with faster than you replant them and grow to maturity that is not sustainable. Oil industry will dry up eventually. They just set trusses at the house next door and I had to fill up to get to work today. All in your perspective. Clearly if something isn't remotely sustainable in the fishing industry it must be evaluated and changed first. The gill netters had to adapt in Florida after the net bans years ago. I deal with fishery changes every year and have to adapt. My initial point was that people still gripe about the commercial decline aspect on species where over 75% of the take are recreational. Seems pretty hypocritical to want to ban commercial fishing when recreational is over 75% of the problem and depleting over 3/4 of the resource wouldn't you say?
  20. Price is based on size of spanish and can fluctuate drastically based on overall catch. Fish under 2lbs go from anywhere from .50 to 1.50, 2-3lbs from 1-2.50, and 3+ from 1-3.50 sometimes more and sometimes less. $1, $2, $3 is a good average. Limit starts at 3500lb, reduces to 1500 at 75% quota, then goes to 500lb once federal water quota is met per vessel. Federal Waters and Gill Netting close at 500lbs. Stays 500 like it is now until March 1st when quota renews. If they are chumming then they are hook and lining, netting you use electronics. Bluefish are also a target but mainly secondary.
  21. I would google Capt. Matt Budd. He runs Jupiter Fishing Academy which specializes in taking kids out all summer so is well versed with youngins. Second generation guide out of Jupiter, new bay boat, very knowledgable, fun to fish with, is a product tester with a ton of good gear, and is very in tune with fishing this time of year.
  22. I don't know the fishery there, most likely cod trawling and the fluke are regulated bycatch. With the shrimp trawls here there is a ton of bycatch that gets shoveled over the sides. Baby flounder, croakers, menhaden, on and on. Either way it isn't a sustainable method of take with a large amount of waste imo but people want fresh local shrimp. You can regulate the amount of fish you can sell but it does little to nothing if you don't do anything about the method knowing it produces significant bycatch waste