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  1. Funny that there has been about 5 people in the park at that time as of late. I like the misconceptions, it keeps people that can't deal with people away lol
  2. Gotcha, his post makes sense now after I visited BST. Thanks
  3. A shrimp typically tries to evade it's predator before it gets eaten or gets ambushed and gobbled up swimming naturally, would duplicate those two senarios
  4. That wasn't directed at me was it? Didn't see where anyone was selling an 08
  5. While I like my tigas, I have no fear of beating the crap outta my Stellas. Both my Saltigas are sitting broken because I can't really afford to fix them yet. Gears aint cheap. Service is what separates Stellas in my eyes
  6. I'm probably gunna buy one eventually, but my 13s are still the best reels I have ever owned. Until they fail me, sticking with them. My biggest issues with any reel are bail, roller bearings, and gear wear. Both my 08s, 5hg and 8pg, feel like crap after extensive heavy use and become coffee grinders, and I've had many more bail and roller bearing issues with them than the 13s, 6kpg and 8khg. 13s are mainly bail issues from neglect and crunchy salt deposits with some random failures but all in all they always feel better in hand and have suffered alot more punishment overall and provide more torque without gear replacement. Maybe I'm just lucky with the 13s, and don't know why the on paper downgrades haven't affected me, but with platinum service on Stellas I would take my chances on the new one if they ever come out with a 6khg based on my experiences with the 13s. Once platinum no longer supports 08 parts, I'm going with a newer model regardless for my daily reels.
  7. Not all flouro is the same, that is bs. If so just use the line as leader. Blue is very good for fish that fray especially when you want to drop down to the lightest poundage possible. One of the hardest flouros and strong imo, and I notice a better hit ratio in clean conditions.
  8. Use his stuff daily. Only bait net I like a little bit better is the Humpback because they use double salvage (double mesh) at the horn and leadline, and the leadline has more tieoffs between weights. If I didnt get those at cost through family, all my stuff would be Tim because he customizes everything for me and his net designs always throw very well.
  9. Castnetting is a huge part of my daily routine, and I own about 20 nets. Quality is everything for me and use various mesh sizes for the target species. All boils down to what you are targeting, and Tim's advice was pretty much spot on although the 1.5 isn't a necessity imo but rather based on depth, net size, and mesh size. That said 90% of my nets are 1.5 because it is the most versatile weight for where I fish in heavy current where the fast sink rate is important, but most guys throw 1.25. The ceramic weight nets mentioned are throwaways for me. Lead lines fall apart quick, don't sink as fast, and they are paired with cheap springy mesh, bad rope, light tuck lines and they don't hold up, tangle and tear easily. Would avoid personally but can get the job done if you wanna be cheap. High quality offerings are available from West Coast, Barracuda, Betts, Lee Fischer (Humpback is what I personally use mainstream), Black Pearl, and a few others. Best bang for buck that I have found is a Florida maker named Tim Wade that will ship anywhere, and last 8ft I bought was around $130. He can be researched easily if that is in your budget.
  10. I'm not a fan of St. Croix surf selection for what I do due to the breakages I have seen, but they have always been top notch when it comes to service. If the rod is under warranty they will take care of you, the addon you speak of goes above and beyond standard warranty claims
  11. I abuse my gear severly, but this was one of the quickest Stellas I owned to show major damage. Spread like cancer once I neglected it. Clear coat flaked off quickly, salt got under paint, and caused major pitting/paint bubbles throughout entire reel. Not sure if it is Alum or Magnesium Frame, but it acted like the later. It just went missing a few weeks ago, or would post pics. Highly recommend you wash and wipe this reel after every use if you want it to last, and salt likes to get trapped around the top of spool and on bail joints in my experience. Seen another two like mine that weren't taken care of like Jets, so would maintain meticulously
  12. Wash it after every use or it will be destroyed cosmetically in a few months, atleast that was my experience
  13. Was a pleasure meeting you. The crowds and tangles get old, but fishing while having the ability to converse and joke around all day and constantly meet new people make up for it and make fishing there worth it. If you ever make it down again, lmk and we can fish next time. Take care!
  14. I'm probably not the best person for long term evaluations because I go through so much line dealing with structure, snags, and googan tangles but rate it better than both PP. Recently used J Grand and that is another I strongly urge you to try, nothing bad to say about that stuff so far and held up to strong abuse in a short period. I will definitely trying more than the 30lb I tried
  15. Been using it for a while now. Has some coil memory, isn't very smooth but doesn't hurt fingers, casts very good, very strong with good abrasion, and most importantly you get all that for cheap money. Urged people to try it for while now, because like the above comment you get many different opinions on braid, but I think it is one of the best economical braids, if not the best, I have used