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  1. I agree. The health part I sympathize with and that sucks. Been going thru it myself, off social media of course. Flyangler's support for a friend that means something to him, I totally understand. Didn't mean to distract from that and didn't see that was really what this was about
  2. I do apologize to you because I missed the intention of this post at first, not reading through. All I have seen is a reach out for sympathy all over social media. Thought I even saw donations at one point. Do I believe Josh's intentions are genuine, the kid I liked that I confronted way before about what he was doing and he didn't care about anyone but him, not a chance in hell. There were multiple conversations between us about it and I read it to the T, because it all came true and happened. That need for fame changed him. That's why you hear the stories and gotta open up with a disclaimer, and the motive along with this thread was strange. In the spirit of tmi, I told my side. I may of expressed my disgust about Josh before but I never explained why. It's hard to sit back and watch guys destroy everything I loved with ignorance and self promotion, and sit idle anymore while people sing their praise and further promote ignorance. If you have witnessed the sharp decline in everything that land based fishing culture was due to a few key individuals with selfish agendas, you would wanna do something about it too. I had to get into it on the tarpon out the water post and ruin any relationship with Kil, because I won't stand for their fake bs. As a person he is a very nice guy, as a fishermen he is clueless and spotburns and uses everyone he can to promote his rods. Then you come and defend everything that you don’t know crap about, promote bad fishing and release tactics, and cover up the fact that you do everything you can for pictures to promote always putting the fish second, then you don't have a place in my life.
  3. I'm very busy and gotta fish soon so will respond when I have time to address outta respect for you and this cause. Your intentions are good and sorry for letting my ignorance get I'm the way of what you intended
  4. Hopefully when he beats it he will take the time to come visit us then. I don't wanna see anyone go thru this. Sitting in a dr office right now getting over kidney issues, going to hospital to see my grandma after surgery next on the way to meet my partner. I already know everything I said is true. I lived it. I have the references to back everything on. Bring it on and find out who was looking at for the fishing community and what they have done for Sebastian. You believe whatever narrative you want, I got nothing to hide.
  5. I confronted him first to his face, multiple times and every youtuber knows exactly how I feel because I was the one trying to explain it before it happened. They don't care the effects if it helps them. Ask Victor, Ryan, Joey and any other popular one from my zone and they will know. Only Joey remains my friend because of it. Done more behind the scenes than anyone teaching kids and helping fishermen than 99.9% of people, while you sit online and believe whatever agenda your pushed. I'm a pretty big boy with a fighting background to be an online coward, and can defend my mouth very well. Sorry you can't handle the truth and compare me posting my nephew as a proud uncle and someone who leaves very little trace you're swinging for the fences. This cause is a good one for men and fishermen, but I don't pray for the devil
  6. This whole thing is strange. Tmi on a public forum? I used to really like Josh when he was younger. Clueless yet ambitious, and was always nice to everyone on the jetty. Then he started making videos. Is known for his big shark video start at the inlet. Comes back few years later and shows me his new 11ft custom Juno rod bragging he had sponsored, guide train all messed up, whippy tip rated for maybe 2oz trying to throw a 3oz spoon to catch jacks and can't load or time his cast to get 50 yards with backwind. Can't catch a fish to save his life as me and my friends are every cast 100yds out with 9fters. I'm commercial trying to make a living working my butt off to get these in and they want jacks to fish goliaths and can't even catch a damn jack. Sees people giving them to me and goes up to them and asks and they say no, and he says you know he is selling those jacks to make money. 3 of my close friends out there that know why and throw it in his face because he is pouting and can't catch anything. He goes and steals a fish out another guys bucket and gets his butt handed to him and broke off in seconds. Then the guy finds out his fish was stolen and almost causes a fight. Comes back for weeks to get a video because he can't land anything. Next time I see him he is getting big time popularity, all these new kids shark fishing tangling everyone up out there, kids getting busted in the face goliath fishing with no experience and he is out there with a camera guy now trying to film redfish. Denny just playing around hooks something next to him and he tells the camera guy to start filming. I immediately get pissed and tell him to stop filming. I'm explaining myself Josh you don't get it. You film the background, blow up the bite next day, I've spent years learning this, ect. Well it's big, very very big and it took me forever to get it in, couldn't get it in the net and he is gazing saying that is the biggest redfish he has ever seen once it hits deck. He asks if he can take a picture. Out of spite I pick it up look him in the eyes and say "No, this fish needs to go back, and real fishermen don't need pics." Throw the biggest redfish I've seen in the last 20 years back without a pic and were last words ever spoken to Josh. Now he is the most well known tuber making it big time. Stories flooded in off all the people he has used to get where he has, blown up spots and bites, leave a trail of destruction for views, old friends upset because he became arrogant, see him year or so ago and he turns his head at me and doesn't talk to anyone on jetty, on and on. Then the conservation tarpon stance when you clearly say we can land this fish and pull a huge tarpon out the water so you can get glory pics, and the internet destroyed him. EVERY long term fishermen and local despise him and what the new generation has become because of the social media movement yet every googan thinks he is a fishing "legend" The nice kid I knew turned into a pos to get what he wanted in life with no regard for other fishermen, and proved it over and over again thru my network of friends. Now he has ball cancer and the fishing community is supposed to support him in this cause? Its all over my social media. Really weird strange I hope this provides some context flyangler
  7. Pardon me for researching insight from guys like Scooby-Doo, Ged and the rest of SOL to learn about a reel while I'm layed up in bed with bad weather and kidney drama. Comment on a location I spent more time at than anyone the last 10 years than with certainty yet I'm stupid enough to keep engaging you for 10 years thinking you might learn commen sense and derailing every post
  8. Few days every few weeks to I did not fish yet, is about as suspect as this vsx2. All that money to be a snowbird and travel, and all you care about is warranties and breaking a rod. You do seem like a very fishy individual so I'm sure you will catch 1000s
  9. You get any snook at the inlet this year btw? Alot of trips you surely figured them out good with all your vast knowledge and wisdom of the fishing world
  10. No problem bud. Appreciate the last 10 of yours too. Buy croakers and catch snook at Juno all summer it's less of a drive
  11. If you get bored and need some extra retirement money or somebody to fish with you can always start guiding.
  12. Was there a 3 times this week snook fishing by land, but haven't fished much commercially by land since 2020. Covid and Social media took the fun away so had to make a real living. Didn't know you started creeping up soo much. Must know all the same people right?
  13. Had to join the owners group just to see what people were sending me lol. I don't know Pete personally but he started land based guiding my local inlet after fishing it for a very short time from up North. Now fb is clear to buy because it's not a real life issue. Sink away lol
  14. Influencers are the testers, and the best fishermen I consider locally don't even have facebook. There is no excuse like Shipwreck said having done Architecture my whole 20's. When you final review plans there was a triple check system we used and first glance seeing one at Icast the new rotor stood out. It passed the check on every level and Craig probably won't get a bonus this year.
  15. They probably just sent their reels to Florida for testing and Toad is getting too old and doesn't test anymore.