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  1. Thought you would fall in love with that thing by now. Guess it just proves that they are not suited for the surf, but great if you love the motorboat
  2. If you happen to find out if there have been any advances in the cosmetic finish, please let me know. Asked Shimano on fb and nothing. Looks to be the same coating and I have too much trouble with my Stellas and Saltigas to drop that kinda coin early in the release to destroy another reel. Will wait for the year or two in discounts if nothing has changed before I upgrade my 6k if not.
  3. As far as I have been told by my friends in the rod business, shipping rates doubled in the last year or so. Get Bit doesn't carry a very popular 9ft inlet rod that me and my buddy had input on because shipping is cost prohibitive anymore, and it was one of there best sellers. Companies like Rainshadow no longer produce 9ft and went to 8'10" years back. I just went to UPS and the max length on a package was 108 in. To ship it to PA the quote for ground shipping for 108in was $189 and some change for a 4" × 4" × 108" box at 3lbs. Tell me that isn't a killer on a $200 blank that I have to pay double to get it to my door and they say they won't even ship it over 108"? Pricing like that alone wipes out your entire arsenal 9ft and up. Then shipping rates alone went up across the board = less profit. No large dealer network, no private shipping network, no one even knew that Surfmaster 250 was John because he didn't shove his rods down your throat or advertise, and no prostaff advertising presence and it is very easy to see how shipping alone can take out a small quality company and anger people like Billy40 who knew how much time and dedication John had to his rods. Centuries cost much more than FSC rods did btw Brian, and the price increased much faster. When I was looking at a Sling Shot years back the blanks cost half of what the do now, and that is 2pc.
  4. Plenty of youtube videos on this
  5. The internet itself has been detrimental to the local shop and retailer, but corporate seems to be as much to blame as anyone else. Hard to convince the consumer that the Isla was worth paying $800 for after Alan Hawk's review stated the only difference was the handle and you could source a Catalina for around half that. Same goes for the same Stella SWB that is $750 online but $1059 retail. Slammers were just on sale on Amazon for more than 50% off I believe. I know nothing about imports, tariffs, US vs JDM divisions and all that good stuff but someone supplies these online retailers and guessing it wouldn't be hard to find out who does so if there was a high concern from corporate. If I know about these online sales and retailers, pretty sure a big corporation could find out and police supply if they wanted to. My sister owns a baitshop in Naples, FL and I am someone who frequently pays more for the same products at small local shops even though I could find cheaper online or order wholesale through friends, but you will never convince the consumer to pay large sums of money to support local shops when corporations allow reels to be sold at deep discounts online.
  6. I just bought a 4500 when they were on sale for $125 just for a backup weeks back. Said it wouldn't ship for 3 weeks, but got it in 3 days
  7. They are probably calling and talking to the service department rather than just sending it in. I don't know anyone, and know quite a few people who order regularly from plat and digitaka, who ever had any issues. If they have parts they end up servicing it, and there is no difference between say Stellas bought here or from Japan, as long as the models match up to US models despite what some have been told. Similar thing happened to my buddy with the Isla/Catalina when he called Daiwa, they would not service a JDM reel. The 4 friends that sent their Catalinas in got them serviced just fine. Think they both try to BS the consumer into paying $300 more for the same item you can get online from Japan, with the service scare tactic personally
  8. Lemme know if you get his inventory. Texted John the other day after I heard the news on ig/fb. Hard to imagine myself without a 1087 in my lineup, but wasn't going to ask him about backups when he just announced his closure. Know he put alot of work into those rods, so it is sad to see shipping as the main hurdle to drive a quality rod company and good person out of the rod business. Fished alot of stuff by now, and his lineup is my go to for all around versatility.
  9. Hard to recall off hand but think I could get about 325 of 30 invisa on my 4k and 300 on the 6k. Jerry Brown Hollow will lay flat under high tension so you should be able to get 300 of 40 on there. I don't like to use hc on spinners though because it twists up like a mofo. Was in a pinch so put 50lb threadlock on a spinner last week, and after half hour of spoon chucking with a swivel my braid was braided
  10. I didn't have any bail issues logging hundreds and hundreds of hours on my 5500, so is surprising to hear this. Usually keep my handle in the down position on the cast if that matters
  11. Depends on what I am doing, but for the most part I typically like the leader the length of the drop to the lure/bait. I'm not a big fan of knots going through my guides, even with the fg, because most of my rods use small runners and you loose some distance and beat up and occasionally knock out inserts. When I am using a sliding sinker I always tie on a short topshot because a sinker sliding on braid kills integrity quick, my pompano rods where the braid gets drug through the sand and surf moreso have a 20ft topshot, and when I fish heavy structure where I'm getting broke off alot I run a 20lb flouro line topshot. It definitely extends braid life but you have minor casting drawbacks, knots getting beat up, and possible insert issues so it's a give and take
  12. It is very durable in my experience. Stuff I used was so rough like sandpaper that it made my casting finger hurt on repetitive casting, so I only ever used it once since I don't like finger protection that dulls the bite detection for me. It lasted several months which is a while for me, and changed die to low line level. Haven't used an 8 strand, that I find as durable as stuff like Yozuri Super and rougher 4 strands like diamond which is why I would recommend those specifically for abrasion resistance. Hopefully this Grand stuff has the fishing aspects of an 8, with durability better than a 4 and will be ideal for what I want if it is as advertised.
  13. Kastmasters have gotten so expensive that I prefer the Mastercast knockoffs. Hard to retrieve and fast rates from elevated angles which is where I prefer the kroc type or clark/drone spoon for a better action, often having to put a trolling sinker infront of the clarks. Don't find the kastmasters to produce across the board like others for Florida Species who tend to like a fast retrieve where clarks excell
  14. Not really for abrasions in my experience. Gets beat up just as fast despite the Gore. Good all around line though
  15. 4 strand handles abrasion better in my experience not the 8 strand, that gets fluffed up and beat up easiest in sand, against rocks, structure, etc. Is typically much coarser and suited better towards abrasions best. Haven't tried the new Daiwa J-Braid Grand that is supposed to be a better suited 8 carrier for abrasion, but can vouche for Yozuri Superbraid that is 4 carrier in 30lb. The new Izanas braid like the Shimano stuff pictured is supposedly the best against abrasion, just haven't used in yet which J Grand is. Have been fishing 20lb Yozuri for a few weeks on a rod that blew out 4 inserts, and notice little to no line abrasions with it so far, and is one of my favorites overall against abrasions which I get tons of where I fish. Very economical strong line