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  1. If you split I will take the bag for $20
  2. What a great trip. Thank you for sharing
  3. That is one beautiful reel.
  4. Here’s to swimmin with bow legged women
  5. Another option for you is to fedex a box with your gear right to where you are staying and ship it back.
  6. Just to add to what Roddy is saying, the plastic cap is used to lock and hold the nut you tightened in place. You will need the replacement cap and screw to keeping handle tight.
  7. I installed them on my Sustain FG 4000s and I recommend the upgrade. The factory felt washers started to get sticky resulting in too much initial drag pressure when hooking up. Much smoother and more consistent with the drag washer upgrade.
  8. Go pick up a 1 gallon can of WD40 for $20 and completely submerge the pliers. Work them by hand and put them back in the WD40, just keep doing that. You might just get them loosened up.
  9. I would soak them in rust penetrant and keep working them by hand before taking them apart.
  10. I am in. Thank you.
  11. Does this mean I am not getting the $1,000 Walmart gift card. Lol
  12. Thank you for the opportunity
  13. I am in
  14. I also recommend trying the shrinkwrap, it works and feels great. You can order it with a X grip pattern or smooth. It's very cheap and you can do it yourself, if you don't like it then just cut it off and do the foam.