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  1. I'll have this shipped right to your door for the reel....
  2. Hello, interested, Box/bag? I have a New in box VR125 Gen2 or VS150 black for possible trade. Would like to see some pics....
  3. Thanks! PP sent.... Brian
  4. Would you do $50 for the two dark swimmers shipped?
  5. @dannyplug1 @VanStaalSteve I was thinking about loading some NB Jr's this week and came across this thread. I see you guys loaded some up with 8ccs. Wouldn't that add ~7grams (not an 1/8oz)? Not doubting your findings, just always thought 1cc= a gram. It's been about a year, was wondering what you found to be the best load, and any other insight you can provide befor I ruin some plugs. Thanks in advance....
  6. I will take it, can meet up in MC this weekend.... Brian
  7. +1 for Saltwaters, only place I'm going from now on.....
  8. Thank you for the offer, I will pass.
  9. Thanks, was hoping to avoid pp and shipping. I'm in Staten Island, NY......good luck.
  10. Hello, Where are you located?
  11. Theresa lot of good apps....I use US Tides (for Android phones)
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by crazybellringer How late would you stay on the water? Would you get there at 9 pm and yak for a couple hours or is that dangerous? Hehehe You ask good questions...wondering the answer too. I got a kayak but havent took it in the saltwater yet. I'm not sure how ballsy to get....
  13. .........not until May 1st