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  1. Lol, good question. I coincidentally haven't had that happen yet though... I know Ron Redingfin, fills his modded lures with expanding foam to keep the water out. That might work.
  2. I should have mentioned I used BBs. I've seen a lot of people mentioning water intrusion on stock NBs, and had one myself fill with water, so it would stand to reason, loading with mineral oil, or any other liquid would leak. If you're going to load with BBs, shoot some WD40 in there before you seal it up. I used a chopstick to plug the hole, and covered it with Sally Hard as Nails. **Disclaimer- I probably got all these ideas from this site, so not taking any credit....
  3. Look, the guy asked an honest question, and he deserves an honest answer. We all started somewhere .... They overwinter in Miami.
  4. Looks like this is sewn up, but can I ask, what's a deep bottle?
  5. If you have an XL or L left after Tog and Hooked get there's, I'd take it.... Thanks, Brian
  6. Offer 70 if shirt is unworn. Thanks, Brian
  7. I've had success loading NB Jr's with a 1/4 ounce. When I tried more it kind of hampered the action, and wouldn't really return to surface.
  8. This is what I do. Because I use BBs, and require a bigger hole, I use chopsticks. Plus the tips tapered so it wedges in nicely.
  9. Sounds good, ring me up pls.... Pls send PP info... Brian
  10. Probably a long shot, but would you do $40. Thanks, Brian
  11. Also, agree about that middle hook....
  12. Thanks, Ring me up.... Pls send PP info. Brian
  13. Want to buy Super Strike E.T. bottle swimmers.... (That's the chartreuse /jersey killer one). Thanks, Brian
  14. Would you do $40 for the #2shop special herring cloud bottle ? Thanks, Brian
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