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  1. From the album Abu 6500c3 spool pinion

  2. It seems like its stripped out.
  3. From the album Abu 6500c3 spool pinion

  4. Thanks for the design, I made a quick model something like yours and I have my first lure spinning currently.
  5. Thanks a lot, I think Ill be building one of these in the coming weeks.
  6. Jessie can you post a picture or two of your dryer so I can get a better idea of what youre working with?
  7. Does anyone know if you could melt down Gulps and re-pour them? After a few fish they're pretty torn up and they cost more than regular soft plastics. If you could re-pour them it would make more sense than just throwing them away or letting them dry up.
  8. Once your old ones get all torn up I would think you would be able to just melt them and pour new ones.
  9. How did you make the two part mold in your resin molding video? I just started molding Mirrolures and I was wondering if a two part mold would be better. Also, there should be more black metal in your videos.