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  1. I have a 10wt penn battle, ordered a 8wt and when the 10 arrived I said whatever Ill keep it. Is this suitable for puppy drum, trout and schoolies up to 7 or 8 pounds? Or is it too big?We seldom get stripers over that where I fish in the elizabeth river.
  2. What do you call a truck full of bison? A buff-a-load.
  3. Alright cool, I ordered the parts suggested earlier in the thread. I just need to figure out how the order the parts go in when I get them. Haha.
  4. The one I ordered was 19373, it doesn't seem to be grinding or anything.is this the right one?
  5. I changed the spool pinion and it was definitely stripped or something because the new one pops in and stays in. I am going to order some of the other parts you guys have suggested. Thanks for the help.
  6. Havent been able to reply, busy with work and school. I appreciate the help . Explain what you mean about the shoulder washer for me.
  7. Does this appear to be worn? Also, the star just appears to rest on the bearing, it doesnt feel like it catches in the race. There also appears to be a drag washer missing underneath the main gear? Or at least your drawing shows one and there isnt one on the reel.
  8. I appreciate the assistance, this is the first one Ive taken apart and its hard to determine whats what from the exploded diagram. Ill try to figure it out when I get home. Ill keep you informed.
  9. It spins freely with the sideplate off. I put the sideplate on and get no spin on my worm gear. I dont know if these are what youre asking for or not. I tried to angle this one so you can see the teeth on the spool.
  10. I definitely have the anti-reverse dog and It was slipping, I bent the tab up and now it engages much better. The spool pinion appears to slip when I apply pressure to it. I assume its not supposed to slip when the other gear on the sideplate meets up with it, right?
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