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  1. So here we go again.... Massachusetts is looking to Propose this Crazy mayhem........ the slide literally also says “a fisherman” soooo we’re gonna change the fishery around to Cater to a suggestion of ONE commercial fisherman that wants to harvest and kill more bass for profit???? While the entire East Coast would most definitely be in favor of Lesser harvesting of the declining big Breeder Striped Bass. Please write in to the MASS DMF and let them know how terrible an idea like this is.... thank you!
  2. It’s definitely a concern, good to be cautious when it is a possibility that they are out there as we know
  3. A sign of the times unfortunately, the fish are declining and it’s showing. Just wait until the commercials start taking the bigger fish three days a week now, see less and less in NH/ME.....
  4. Got some foreign territory fishing coming up, Freshwater..... wondering when the Bass generally come off the beds in the Conway,NH area? Want to find some Topwater Smallies
  5. Ah ok thanks, darn so prob won’t be much topwater action
  6. Brown on a Live Mack? Wow!
  7. Remaining two lures for $20 shipped if anyone is interested before I close this up!
  8. Lot of Vintage Lupo metal lips, all used, cloud one has a pretty good gash in it. One of them is missing an eye. I can provide more pics if needed. $58 Shipped(USA) for the LOT. Any payment is ok with me.
  9. Yeah I could do that, just want to make sure you saw ones missing an eye and ones got a good chunk out of it.
  10. Last shot at these before I close this up
  11. Interesting encounter a few days ago, saw several jelly fish and I don’t recall ever seeing them this early in the year, I usually see lots by August but maybe just never noticed? Anyone see them in the springtime frequently?
  12. Last shot at this before so close this down
  13. Musso Painted Mackerel Pichney(used condition) $95 Shipped(USA) any payment is ok with me.
  14. Final Price Drop to $50 Shipped for the LOT
  15. Final Price drop to $80 Shipped!
  16. Price drop to $52 Shipped for the LOT
  17. No problem, thanks! GL in your search
  18. They’re all like 7.5-8”
  19. Price drop to $90 Shipped
  20. Great for arts and crafts projects, rig up teasers or something like that.
  21. Thank the internet spot burn/report chasers for that one
  22. Shad pick up these flies pretty well? I know when they run teasers like down in NJ a lot of Shad get caught
  23. I’d have to say that was a promising meeting this evening, hopefully the next one continues with this trend...
  24. Will be very interested in seeing how the ASMFC reacts to the overwhelming input for more Conservation of Striped Bass.... if you can tune in please do!
  25. Sure, any chance you had any more Docs too? Was bummed I missed the other one lol