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  1. Is the top a spook? Would you sell just that one?
  2. Did all the spooks sell?
  3. lol true
  4. Would be great if they migrated up here to spawn then they’d be safe from the gauntlet of over harvesting
  5. Possible but probably unlikely of any consistency
  6. Liked the look of these, they had some neat stuff, I think I still have a few of their spooks.
  7. A post in the tackle collectors section may help you out!
  8. Would be nice to see MD follow suit, but still good to see that some people are realizing the state of the fishery
  9. If so I’ll take one, can pay by check if that works for you let me know, thanks
  10. Any Bone left?
  11. Sweet yeah I love those!
  12. Def interested in walkers( spooks right?)
  13. Great pics! Love the look of owls!
  14. Was a blast fishing there, let us know how it goes
  15. Dang nice grab! Let me know if the deal falls through
  16. Yeah I wish MD would, they put a big dent in the little schoolies. but hey drastic times call for drastic measures!
  17. Final Price Drop to $50 shipped for the LOT
  18. Two Scabellys Poppers and an outcast pencil, light use on the white popper, others just carried. $60 Shipped(USA)for the Lot. PayPal Prefered. Thank you.
  19. All rough sided?
  20. Man that’s cool, if you change your mind at all about splitting let me know. Thanks
  21. Price drop to $55 Shipped for the LOT
  22. Sure what’s 5 between fellow fishermen. Thanks sending PM. thread Closed
  23. Old Cordell sea Hag with Box. $35 Shipped(USA). PayPal Prefered. Thank you
  24. Sorry going to have to withdraw my offer, glws!
  25. Sounds good, thanks. Sending PM