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  1. I’ll take them if he is passing
  2. Actually if he passes let me know I’ll take them for 200 if you would take another form other then pp. thanks
  3. .
  4. How bad is the smack it chipped?
  5. That’s the most frustrating part is they are all laughing their way to the bank at the expense of the fishery
  6. Can’t post the link but it seems that Omega company feels they don’t have to obey the laws, which sway their way anyway. Their “penalties” seem to have been delayed, they are trying to skate by.... it’s ridiculous that big companies like this just try and take all the fish they can and don’t care about the future....... they keep saying that there’s tons of Bunker in VA all year but each year that goes on they keep having to go to other states to find them..... just sad to see this happening. Hope that the VA big cheeses will step in but hard to believe they aren’t involved themselves.
  7. Well hope they don’t open the Can of worms, if they do well all be taking up golf......
  8. Seems like a pretty high number, doesn’t seem like the average rec angler fishing from shore would hit the numbers very fast, the Ridiculous party boats that go out 7 days a week and Gaff shorts could be the reason the rec kill numbers are so high.
  9. Good at least it seems like The EEZ will remains Closed, hope that stays true. And also the wording seems like they’re dragging their feet until May??? There must be a financial reason for that.......
  10. Stocks are falling and reduce it the harvest can only help, hope that they act soon
  11. Offer $40 for lot 2 and 4, can do a check. Bare with me, been sick this week but should be able to get it in the mail tomorrow or Friday
  12. Awesome hope I can snag some!
  13. $85 for the remaining stuff?
  14. Sure I could prob swing that