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  1. 1 min ago, MAArcher said:

    How is stopping 48% waste not ensuring the species thrives or decimating it?  Why would anyone change their mind from reasonable to unreasonable?


    You are a lot like Z-man, you make things up in your head to reaffirm your narrative if it doesn't stand up to logic and reason.  In this case, you're making up a scenario where if we only eliminate 48% waste instead of 52% utilization, that somehow in our delusion equates to decimation.  Or do you know that its not true and say it anyway?


    I'm bothering in hopes of changing your outlook brother, not mine.   Do what's right and eat what you kill instead of wasting it.  Its not a big ask.

    Incorrect, 52 is a bigger number then 48. Both numbers are mortality so regardless of what/how they die they die. Period. 52 goes away then the fish species rebound. So what’s right and save the species instead of trying to decimate it.


    thats gonna be it for me, god bless…..

  2. 3 mins ago, MAArcher said:

    I see that you reference God in your tag line.   How would you answer St. Peter if, before unlocking the pearly gates, he turns to you and asks "Why did you kill the fish for fun, and for sustenance you instead chose a way that desecrated the Lords creation?"

    I’m sure that ensuring a Species thrives instead of decimating it would be much more welcome…..

    but like I said your not gonna change your outlook so don’t know why your bothering

  3. 3 mins ago, MAArcher said:

    Yes, the commercial discard is in the numbers.   And if you do away with the 48% catch and release waste, not only will the species rebound, we get to keep all the benefits of wild fish consumption instead of suffering the consequences of their waste.  

    Not the way to do it, get rid of the majority problem which is the 52% harvest to fix the fishery. Problem solved! 

  4. 15 mins ago, MAArcher said:

    How not so? Catch and release fishing wastes more fish than commercial fishing consumes.  In pure numbers, catch and release fishing kills 6x more fish than commercial fishing, so catch and release is worse.  That's how not so.  


    Striper are not a gamefish (and no fish should be).   Putting a price tag on a wild animal is the only way to save them, unfortunately.  But to be clear, we both are putting a price tag on them.  As others have already stated, there is economic benefit when striped bass are used as a gamefish.  Commercial fishermen put a literal price tag on them.   Recreational catch and keep fishermen make them valuable for their economic activity as well.   In modern times its when no one makes a dime off a wild thing that it gets wiped out.

    Clearly there’s no changing your mindset, 

    Harvest mortality of stripedbass makes up 52%(commercial and Rec) of the mortality of stripedbass… so take that away and then the species will rebound. And you do know that there is mortality from bycatch from commercials as well….

  5. 2 hours ago, EarningStripes207 said:

    The fishing for ME this June has been awful compared to last, and I don't just stand on the same rock every morning, afternoon and night and complain that the fish aren't swimming past my feet. I fish different times of day, different spots and different stages of tide at both sides, If there is a code I haven't cracked it yet. The fishing is just bad. I am catching, But stumbling into two fish during a trip has become a good day.. I have been flailing around with a fly rod a lot but my fishing pals have been using tried and true plugs along with testing new techniques and the results are still lacking. Haven't made it north of Portland or south of Wells so I can't speak for those areas. I don't think the bass are at risk of going extinct but they are a far cry from abundant where I am fishing. Feel free to call me a big baby who sucks at fishing all you want.

    It’s sad man, lot a people don’t realize what the fishery use to be