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  1. Appears that there are two Great Whites out in the Gulf of Maine now, keep your eyes peeled and stay safe. Interested in seeing if hey do a segment about the delay attack in Maine last year on Shark week which starts July 11 I believe!
  2. This is a huge problem, and the fleet has Dan in their pockets…. Won’t ever stop unless it gets shut down.
  3. So here we go again.... Massachusetts is looking to Propose this Crazy mayhem........ the slide literally also says “a fisherman” soooo we’re gonna change the fishery around to Cater to a suggestion of ONE commercial fisherman that wants to harvest and kill more bass for profit???? While the entire East Coast would most definitely be in favor of Lesser harvesting of the declining big Breeder Striped Bass. Please write in to the MASS DMF and let them know how terrible an idea like this is.... thank you!
  4. Catch and release works, look at species like the Tarpon. Works great, stripedbass can do the same and hopefully will in the near future. Yes I believe that and I guarantee the majority of the east coast would as well
  5. Incorrect, 52 is a bigger number then 48. Both numbers are mortality so regardless of what/how they die they die. Period. 52 goes away then the fish species rebound. So what’s right and save the species instead of trying to decimate it. thats gonna be it for me, god bless…..
  6. I’m sure that ensuring a Species thrives instead of decimating it would be much more welcome….. but like I said your not gonna change your outlook so don’t know why your bothering
  7. Not the way to do it, get rid of the majority problem which is the 52% harvest to fix the fishery. Problem solved!
  8. Just in case people don’t think there’s commercial bycatch, and yes I know Mass isn’t net, but this still effects the fishery:
  9. Clearly there’s no changing your mindset, Harvest mortality of stripedbass makes up 52%(commercial and Rec) of the mortality of stripedbass… so take that away and then the species will rebound. And you do know that there is mortality from bycatch from commercials as well….
  10. How not so? It worked for many gamefish fisheries. The second there’s a price tag put on a species it’s bad for the fish. Period.
  11. Better then a harvest industry
  12. Hearing lots of reports of commercials poaching this year on Sunday then putting in the catch on Monday, and they’re still only at 24% siloed quota…. This should be shut down.
  13. Would you sell just 15,16? If so I may be interested
  14. If 3,4,10 fall through let me know, great plugs!
  15. Looks like there was a large shark feeding on a whale carcass pretty close to shore! Awesome!
  16. Last shot at $45 Shipped for the lot before I close this up!
  17. Lot of Older style Cordell Pencil Poppers(used) I find they fish better then the newer generations. $55 Shipped(USA) for the LOT. Any payment is ok with me. Thank you!
  18. I’m sure there are more then two
  19. Price drop to $50 Shipped(USA) for the LOT
  20. All but one are like 6.5” and the one smaller one is a little over 5.5”
  21. Hopefully the owners don’t mind me sharing their photos but they posted them on a FB fishing page so I assume they wouldn’t. I guess one was actually caught on a sluggo
  22. They should show the guys face
  23. There’s been two very large sea runs caught this year, I think both on Mack chunks of I remember correctly.
  24. There’s some people that should consider doing this still hahahaha
  25. It’s sad man, lot a people don’t realize what the fishery use to be