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  1. Thanks, but 65 is all I can spend at the moment, no worries if you can’t just figured I’d offer it thanks! Good luck with your sales!!
  2. I could offer 65 for the remaining 3 lots, if that helps at all. Thanks for considering
  3. Ok, say the part that said if you split it would be a two plug minimum so I figured I’d ask. Thanks
  4. If the sluggos are factory tandem rigged I’d take it
  5. Be interested in the two RMs possibly
  6. I’ll take lot 2
  7. You got it, thanks. Thread closed. thanks SOL and Crew!
  8. The fact that the corruption is out there is a scary factor, it’s what can push species to the brink for sure.
  9. Bump Needlefish still available
  10. No problem, thanks
  11. Thanks but gonna stick at $25 for this one.
  12. Older baits
  13. Cap’n bills
  14. Final bump!
  15. Last shot at the Needlefish Lot at $20 shipped before I close this up.