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  1. Looks like the Mill area is closing up to fishing, could be a good thing for the fish considering the amount of poaching, extremely poor fish handling, littering, and just overall disrespect that goes on there. Many people don’t believe “spot burning” is a problem but it’s things like this that ruin fishing areas and access…..
  2. The whole thing about closed/no targeting seasons just doesn’t work unfortunately. It’s impossible to enforce and law enforcement has said themselves that it just wouldn’t be feasible
  3. 7” Rough Sided Redfin Trout In good shape, very light use $25 Shipped(USA) Any payment is ok with me, if PP please cover the fee or send as F&F. Thank you!
  4. Price Drop to $40 Shipped for the LOT
  5. Great collection, most of the poppers I’d fish for sure!
  6. Lot of Chicken Scratch Poppers, all New. $45 Shipped for the LOT. Any payment is ok with me, if PP please cover the fees or send as F&F. Thank you!
  7. Sure seems like. Lot more 30” class fish this spring and a lack of the much smaller bass, which makes sense due to the dismal spawns over the past several years… which is definitely concerning
  8. If I remember correctly it was EITHER one fish from 20-26 OR 1 fish over 40”. I believe it use to be just one fish but it had to meet the criteria of one of those options. And then it went to One fish 28”+. Then to one fish at 28-35” and Now currently it’s one fish 28-31”. At least that’s my recollection
  9. Lot of 3 Chicken Scratch Poppers, sinking model. $30 Shipped for the LOT. Any payment is ok with me, if PP or Venmo Please cover the fees or send as F&F. Thank you
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