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  1. Heard of one small blue caught, where the hell are they????
  2. Unfortunately I don’t think the cycle thing is reliable, I’ve heard the same thing but the numbers don’t seem to add up, I’m sure we’ll see less next year with the greedy harvesting of them this year :/
  3. Need to get out there and push for better regulations!
  4. Nice! Where’s the pictures?
  5. No problem he can take them, thank you bud!
  6. Could offer 45 for lots 4+5 if it helps, no worries if not, thanks!
  7. Well done on some good fish, fishings really hit and miss on the bait schools unfortunately, but looks like you got a few nice ones to take, Congrats on the releases as well!
  8. Very situational especially in an enclosed body of water, this is a touch example to show that catch n release is a “bad thing”, if you were catching and releasing invasives like pike or something that’s a different story
  9. The amount of spot burning on social media has hurt the sport so badly over the past year or so it’s insane
  10. Like said above put up a post in the plugs what to buy section
  11. Of course we are, they cater to the lobstermen because ME= Lobster, that’s why the Pogies quota jumped up a million percent to cater to the fleet
  12. Unfortunate to hear MD trying to smoke screen harvest reductions by preaching the C&R mortality rates and their “weather alerts”
  13. It’s so out of control, and the fines could be a little stiffer, 8k is a lot of money to a lot of people but 50 Bass! Should be seized property of some kind as well
  14. Which is weird because NJ had a decent spring run of blues maybe the increase of commercial harvest is taking its toll
  15. Heard of some decent ones in the down by the Cape cod canal