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  1. Shoot sorry didn’t see the picking up only part, a long drive from ME
  2. I’d be interested in Lots 3 and 9 if still available
  3. What’s left?
  4. So the commercials said they don’t want to have a reduction in harvest numbers. It seems that the cuts would come on the rec side possibly anyway, but Then the party boats/ for hires said that “we shouldn’t have to take cuts either”.... so they don’t want to be part of the commercial quota but want to be along side the commercials in avoiding cuts? That shouldn’t happen there should be reduction in harvest across the board. And it is total BS that we can’t have a Coastwide limit for the entire coast and MD and VA just have to get on board, their reasoning for keeping 18” fish: “well the big fish don’t stick around here for long” yeah well hey that’s life, fish migrate.
  5. Big meeting today! Lots of things coming up for August!
  6. Offer 20 for Lot 5, and can pay with another form( like check) other then pp so you don’t have to pay fees
  7. Is the top a spook? Would you sell just that one?
  8. Did all the spooks sell?
  9. lol true
  10. Would be great if they migrated up here to spawn then they’d be safe from the gauntlet of over harvesting
  11. Possible but probably unlikely of any consistency
  12. Liked the look of these, they had some neat stuff, I think I still have a few of their spooks.
  13. A post in the tackle collectors section may help you out!
  14. Would be nice to see MD follow suit, but still good to see that some people are realizing the state of the fishery
  15. If so I’ll take one, can pay by check if that works for you let me know, thanks