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  1. Shad pick up these flies pretty well? I know when they run teasers like down in NJ a lot of Shad get caught
  2. I’d have to say that was a promising meeting this evening, hopefully the next one continues with this trend...
  3. Sure, any chance you had any more Docs too? Was bummed I missed the other one lol
  4. Offer 15 for the Orca
  5. I hate to be that guy, lol but just in case you wanted to split at some point I’d be interested in “the Greek” spook, never fished one and looks cool! Thanks and good luck with your sale! Good looking plugs!
  6. Yeah if you check the website I believe they will have the Webinar link
  7. Will be very interested in seeing how the ASMFC reacts to the overwhelming input for more Conservation of Striped Bass.... if you can tune in please do!
  8. No worries, thanks for considering. If you change your mind let me know, my offer stands. Tight Lines!
  9. Offer 80 for the lot without the knucklehead.
  10. I like the mojo it has, got plenty others to toss at the hungry fish instead
  11. This has been through absolute hell and Tons and tons of fish over the years, so it hangs in my fishing room now. Love those spooks!
  12. One of my favorites, that’s caught ridiculous amounts of bass and still fishable, kinda lol but it’s retired at the moment
  13. Can’t go wrong with either
  14. Sure why not, thanks. Sending pm now
  15. Price drop to $125 Shipped