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  1. All fish
  2. Ok sounds good.sending PM
  3. Final price drop to $38 Shipped
  4. Price drop to $45 Shipped
  5. Thanks for the offer but gonna have to pass. My only white one left
  6. Tough to find 7” Rough Sided Redfin In decent shape. $55 Shipped(USA) any payment is ok with me. Thank you
  7. Hopefully some day commercial harvest of striped bass for profit won’t be a thing anymore
  8. They are All around 7”, the one on the right is more like 6”.
  9. Sounds good thanks.
  10. Yeah for sure, but the mayhem that’s happening now a days…. I wouldn’t put anything past anyone…. Best we all keep our eyes open and ensure things stay the same
  11. As long as fishing is still allowed that’s good, but I didn’t like how one article phrased it as “for now fishing, fowling, navigation is allowed” makes it seem like there will be a push to change that. Just mind blowing that people in theory could yell at a boat at high tide on the water and say the are trespassing…… freedoms are getting smaller and smaller
  12. Ok one last price drop to $30 shipped for the LOT before I close it up
  13. Last shot at $25 Shipped for the lot if anyones interested
  14. Nah a lot of the same, fishing just ain’t what it use to be