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  1. Saw that they were looking to extend the ice fishing season past March 31st, guess northern ME still has fishable ice, Incase anyone wants to drill a few last minute holes
  2. Diawa has some great stuff, love the rods I got from them!
  3. Price drop to 30 shipped for the LOT
  4. 2nds if deal falls through, great lures!
  5. Now that I think about it I believe they are Gags.
  6. I forget the name
  7. Mixed Lot of used Plastics. $32 Shipped for the LOT. PayPal Prefered. Thank you.
  8. Ok, Pm sent thanks
  9. Very cool! Love owls!
  10. I like to use plug bags and lure stand kinda stuff for displays
  11. All have been fished. $25 Shipped for the LOT
  12. I’ve got a handful of them, I’ll send some pics when I get a chance to dig through some stuff this weekend( shoot me a reminder in case I forget )
  13. Sounds good thanks! Sending Pm now. Thread closed.
  14. Some builders make copies of older plugs and they do a hell of a great job, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, the artwork is great. But if someone down the line buys one then posts it for sale they may be mistaken.
  15. Crab flies can be excellent, as for crabs as bait, I haven’t tried many times, I occasionally will toss a few chunks of bait, and I’ve caught a few smaller sized calico crabs and tossing them back in the water off the dock you could see the schoolies grab them as they floated to the bottom. A lot of times sight fishing flats you’ll see bass having a stand off with a crab, pretty cool