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  1. You’ve got that right, fisheries so mismanaged up and down the coast
  2. Sure why not, what’s a few bucks between SOL members. Thanks sending PM. thread closed thanks SOL and Crew!
  3. Price Drop to $27 Shipped
  4. Yup
  5. About 6” and weights 1.8oz without hooks so prob 2oz ish with hooks
  6. Believe it or not Chug Bugs are pretty good
  7. Still some small potatoes left out there, getting slim
  8. Green Mackerel Cordell Big O, used but in pretty good shape still. $30 Shipped(USA) any payment is ok with me. Thank you
  9. Know the approx weights?
  10. Those mid 30s fish were very spotty for many people this year, seems like whole year classes are missing, sucks those are the fish that the commercial fishery targets, once they start tough to get many of them up our way
  11. Bump, this is very important, once this happens there’s NO going back! Please let your voice be heard!
  12. Yeah it sucks I love catching gator blues
  13. Last I heard they were trying to INCREASE the commercial harvest of bluefish........ makes sense right?? Just like they are trying to do with a bass, when a species begins to decline then you should definitely increase the harvest lol systems got a few kinks in it it would seem :/
  14. Nice, was cold and slooow today managed a few dinks but dang froze doing it, the fish were moving in slow motion it seemed like, won’t be long until they’re just a memory
  15. As a last resort if you do split I may be interested in a few, glws, great Lot should sell!