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  1. the Constitution exists to codify & protect what some men deemed to be natural rights.
  2. Make it 60 rule to pass a bill. Not allowing a vote unless it's a super-majority is BS.
  3. they are fine eating; at least the only one I ever caught...
  4. good advice from @redfin. High freeboard & transom is a good idea
  5. Correct. The only "rights" one has are those conferred under the laws of the society in which they live. If it were otherwise; many atrocities could never have happened.
  6. Of course. Any god in a public institution = establishment of a "national religion"
  7. Just keep your god out of my public institutions. Other than that MEH
  8. Mine too 7%
  9. I can't remember where I saw it; but I remember some stats that showed a correlation that confirms this. It was quite some time ago...
  10. yep. The extreme left & right are killing us.
  11. when people don't vote; they can't bitch about the law
  12. hammered diamond jig. silver & gold
  13. the machine could easily be programmed for that