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  1. I know, if it's not pro-Trump it's weak.
  2. I still make English Muffin Pizzas when I have just a little sauce left
  3. Who's the SS next year?
  4. yep. Eff the Sox!
  5. Gullible is more like it
  6. Even if he's an American oligarch...
  7. Not this leftie. I've no interest in this guy.
  8. Not too sticky. I lost one sinker & zero hooks. No need for jewelry. 10oz on a rough as hell day. I kept a Limit of BSB & Scup. If I go again this year I'll likely fillet a porgy for strip bait.
  9. Soviet Russia tried communism in the beginning. Under Stalin it became just another totalitarian dictatorship.
  10. 4/0 gami octopus is plenty small for scup. No need to go with the tiny hooks; which may lose the Sea Bass for you. I fished S of the "windmills" last week. The problem you may have is keeping the bait down there long enough to catch the Biscuits when using clam baits. I really should have brought some squid heads. That's Sea Bass candy. A good idea for the 2/0 hooks is you may possibly catch some small bergalls which you can then fillet for strip baits. That also will catch you the big Sea Bass. If they move off into slightly deeper water you'll have a better shot at Cod.