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  1. Excellent for saute since it has some oil...
  2. Cholula is my regular too. That said, anything mango & habanero is usually pretty good on a burrito. Apple Ass is good too...
  3. It was wild. The guy who won the pool deserved it. He tied himself to the rail & fish overnight while we were anchored over a wreck. Another bad trip was on the Explorer (aka Exploder) out of Sheepshead Bay out to the canyon. Fast fiberglass boat about 65'. They ran it to death; hence "exploder". In any case, 3.5 hours out. Fished for about 3 hours?? & something like 11 in; zig-zagging so we wouldn't take 'em on the beam. Both doors to the heads got ripped off.
  4. I believe it was late October. It's a long time ago... I've occasionally run into someone who was on that trip.
  5. I was on the Viking Starship sometime in the late 80's when it blew 65 overnight. When it got down to 40, Capt. Paul said "Let's go get 'em"
  6. rumors of AZ water shortages. The canal is filled to the brim though
  7. I make a dip out of the blues I smoked.
  8. PHX vs BKN? Both look pretty impressive
  9. I've threatened my son with a one-way trip to the shark grounds more than once
  10. mid-late 70's TS was a Zep cover band with a couple of originals
  11. "Natural wax" . My wife complains about what my oily skin does to the sheets