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  1. Ranch
  2. never go on that boat again!
  3. It's about time. Each ump having his own strike zone is BS
  4. Why the hell isn't there a float to shut it down if the pan isn't draining? I had one of the units in a computer room shut down because the pump died. The float shut it down.
  5. just way more left of center than the crowd around here
  6. Jeez you're a freaking idiot.
  7. Many years of successful coaching experience disagrees.
  8. Horse hockey. TARP was signed into law by W. Obama didn't have any need to save his skin. he inherited a freaking disaster.
  9. It has exactly ZERO to do with Obama. We've had the same issues (other than QE; which absolutely was needed) since before Greenspan. I believe it started with Volker.
  10. I believe they could if it was called. These days everything has to at the knees or below because it's the only place you can get these guys out if you can't throw higher than the waist.
  11. Good stuff. As I said at the time. The economy was going to recover no matter who was president. That said; the buck always stops at the white house. Trump has kept it going. Though he is certainly trying to crash the world economy because he thinks it will benefit the US. Remember why the US became the dominant economy after WWII... We were the only industrialized country that did not have it's infrastructure destroyed by the war..
  12. Push the fences back &/or raise the mound. I also like the "robo-ump" that the Atlantic League used in it's all star game. If the umps called the strike zone by the book the game would be different. Especially the high strike. Very few can catch up with 95+ around the numbers on the inside corner even if it's "straight".
  13. Surely you jest. Baseball is simple. VERY little strategy. You throw the ball. You catch the ball. You hit the ball. There's a ton more thinking involved in Football, Basketball & Hockey.
  14. Arena