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  1. The buck still stops at the office of the putz; er excuse me potus
  2. Didn't have time for this one earlier
  3. I certainly did. As I said... LAWS are the gov't forcing folks to do the "right" thing. If the Constitution gets amended then the LAW is changed.
  4. Certainly no more idiotic that the stuff that was said about Obama. Just flinging some poo back across the aisle
  5. Clinton lied so he got what was coming. Still it was a waste. Most would lie about a BJ. The rest is "tinfoil hat" stuff.
  6. That's what I was doing there. I was a sound man in another life (early 80's)
  7. dp
  8. Same price/coupon on Long Island. Got mine yesterday
  9. Crustini - I make 'em with thin sliced whatever cheap steak I happen to have. Grilled with horseradish sauce & a few capers. I usually make garlic bread for the crustini.
  10. Heroin
  11. Nice guy. He was a regular at "The Playpen"