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  1. fake tits, fake feet. what's the dif?
  2. Looks like a sweet bay rig for a couple of people. The freeboard is looks a little short for my taste though.
  3. correct. The was no "Bird era".
  4. right now a 2018 niro. Not sure what tires. They came with it 55k ago. They're are rated for 40 max. Hot they're running ~38. Gas mileage with cruise control & warmer temps is well over 50 on the hwy.
  5. Joe doesn't care about the Clintons or Obama. Trump had control of the entire gov't for two years & did nothing except make a lot of noise. Either he missed his chance or there is nothing to "lock her up" about. If & when the indictments come we'll see how it goes. I have no vested interest in the Clintons. If they're guilty of a crime they should pay the price. Nobody here has ever "heard" me defending them.
  6. If you have to ask these questions you haven't been paying attention. Let's see... Is it better for me if someone I hate & hates me is POTUS or vice versa? duh!
  7. This isn't brain surgery. If there is even a hint of a wisp of a rumor that any foreign gov't was in bed with any candidate it is worthy of an investigation. Note that my position, (easy to find here) has always been that Trump was merely a fortunate recipient of Putin's hatred for Hillary.
  8. The grocery union is worthless to all except for the few full-timers. Most are PT & they get squat for their dues.
  9. Rabbit
  10. The Holiday Inn is decent & close to the mall
  11. yes
  12. I like to keep the pressure within 5lbs or less of the max when HOT. I drive more than most (173/day just commuting) & rarely buy tires.
  13. This is certainly a valid point. The EC was at least in part the first of the first of many concessions to the slave states.