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  1. Are you prejudiced against other vowels? I understand consonants...
  2. If this is in the office & IT doesn't already have stuff for this in place they should be fired If it's an offsite employee with a company tablet & IT doesn't have this in place they should be fired
  3. I've been misquoted!
  4. A lot of them think they know about freedom of speech too. Like when they're getting censored on websites like FB for being aholes.
  5. minimum wage was what ~2.35?
  6. I blew blower gasket on a detroit diesel once. It started to "run away". I got it shut down before it threw rods through the bottom of the boat..
  7. yep, but still a good reminder of the law of gross tonnage
  8. $2.00/day working on my dad's milk truck If I didn't hit the ground before the truck stopped there was hell to pay. I was 6
  9. but not as much fun as grabbing them by the nose
  10. I keep looking for a big multi-disc CD player in the yard sales. I've got a ton of CDs. Many new cars don't have them anymore.
  11. Hearing "voices" is always a sign...
  12. 60 is not so subtly creeping up on me